Graftonite, Alluaudite Group

Specimen ID: 1V6-DCF

Graftonite : Fe2+Fe2+2(PO4)2
Mindat locality:

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Red brown graftonite showing thin exsolution lamellae of triphylite. The main mass of graftonite has a very thin rim of granular bluish black to greenish black alluaudite group mineral. There is a microscopic infusion of the nearly black alluaudite inclusions into the edge of the graftonite mass, but the infusion looks like a black zone when it is only a "stain". The outer zone is white and is composed of fluorapatite plus another white mineral which has a pearly luster on warped cleavages and that mineral is probably a member of the fairfieldite group. Investigation pending. The matrix consists of almandine and annite plus quartz with minor arsenopyrite. Specimen is 5 x 8 cm. Found by Curt Segeler in 1946.
Van King - 30th December 2010
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