Gmelinite-Ca, Chabazite-Ca

Specimen ID: 260-YTA

Gmelinite-Ca : Ca2(Si8Al4O24]·11H2O
Chabazite-Ca : (Ca,K2,Na2)2[Al2Si4O12]2·12H2O
Mindat locality:
5cm x 7.6cm
Previous data
Name withheld


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A round "ball" of calcium rich gmelinite sits on a 5 x 7.62 cm matrix of bright orange ca-chabazite. In the Charles Creekmur collection.
Charles Creekmur - 30th November 2000

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A round "ball" of gmelinite sets on a 5 x 7.6 matrix of orange chabazite in the Creekmur collection.
Charles Creekmur - 12th July 2009
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