Quartz, Pyrite, Baryte

Specimen ID: 2Y7-6M0

Quartz : SiO2
Pyrite : FeS2
Baryte : BaSO4
As recorded:
Bou Nahas Mine, Oumjrane mining area, Alnif, Tarhbalt, Er Rachidia Province, Mekn
66mm x 43mm x 17mm
A novelty at Sainte Marie-aux-Mines 2018. Floater aggregate of parallel growths of very sharp thin tabular Baryte crystals, transparent, bright and partially coated by white aggregates of Quartz microcrystals and small Pyrite crystals. The color deserves a separate comment because there is a mixture of reddish yellow, with orange in some areas but mainly concentrated on the edges, and blue locally with greenish hues on the wide main pinacoid faces.
Previous data
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