Pottsite, Clinobisvanite

Specimen ID: 44L-0GV

Pottsite : (Pb3xBi4-2x)(VO4)4·H2O (0.8 < x < 1.0)
Clinobisvanite : Bi(VO4)
As recorded:
Linka Mine, Spencer Hot Springs Mining District, Lander Co., Nevada, USA
Mindat locality:

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Fine example of this very rare vanadate of lead and bismuth (only three localities in the world, two in Nevada) from the type locality. It is with another rare related species, Clinobisvanite, which is easy to distinguish from the Pottsite either by its reddish color or by its fluorescence.Linka Mine, Spencer Hot Springs, Lander County, Nevada, USA.Clinobisvanite fluorescent short UVType localityFound in ±2000Specimen size: 2.3 × 1.6 × 1 cm = 0.9” × 0.6” × 0.4”
Jordi Fabre - 11th May 2011
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