Eldragónite, Clausthalite, Krut'aite

Specimen ID: 6E6-FLH

Eldragónite : Cu6BiSe4(Se2)
Krut'aite : CuSe2
Mindat locality:

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From the type locality El Dragón Mine: extremely rare eldragónite euhedral to subhedral floater crystal groups (light-brown) in association with quijarroite (creamy), penroseite (pale-pink), klockmannite (blue-grey), and clausthalite (bright) cementing fragments of krut'aite-penroseite solid solution (light-grey). Reflected light digital image in air. Width of image 0.2 mm. G. Grundmann collection and photo.
Dr. Günter Grundmann - 15th October 2019
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