Aragonite, Sulphur

Specimen ID: 7XW-PHG

Aragonite : CaCO3
Sulphur : S8
As recorded:
Giumentaro Mine (Capodarso Mine), Capodarso, Enna (Castrogiovanni), Enna Province, Sicily, Italyi
72mm x 105mm x 45mm
weight: 212g
Here's a very different type of Italian sulphur specimen from a rare location: the Giumentaro Mine. Unlike the aragonite found in other Italian sulphur mines, this one has columnar, pale-green aragonite crystals. Embedded among the aragonite crystals are a handful of small, yellow, sulphur crystals. The matrix is the regular form of white aragonite, and this specimen has growth on all sides, There is even a cavity on the left side in which more of the pale-green crystals are growing.
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