Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, Pyrrhotite, Calcite

Specimen ID: 8PW-97F

Pyrite : FeS2
Chalcopyrite : CuFeS2
Pyrrhotite : Fe7S8
Calcite : CaCO3
As recorded:
Trepča Stan Terg Mine, Trepča complex, Trepča valley, Kosovska Mitrovica, District of Kosovska Mitrovica, Kosovo
Mindat locality:

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A matrix of black lustrous sphalerite hosts a 7cm X 4cm layered crystal of pyrrhotite. Over the exposed crystal face there has been significant replacement, and pseudomorphic growth of pyrite and chalcopyrite.The back and top of the specimen has been deposited with spherical manganocalcite and milky stacked rhombs of calcite.
Mark Wrigley (2) - 30th November 2000
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