Specimen ID: 8V6-AMW

Brookite : TiO2
As recorded:
Kharan District, Balochistan, Pakistan
31mm x 23mm x 17mm
A dramatic thumbnail specimen, featuring a stunning 1.3 cm long Brookite crystal group with a notably unusual modified termination sitting aesthetically on a small group of colorless, sharp, lustrous Quartz crystals on matrix. The Brookite is a actually a composite group of a few intergrown crystals, but it has created one of the more bizarre crystals in terms of morphology that I've seen from any world locality. The color is a rich reddish-orange hue with a thick black "phantom" running the length of the Brookites. The Brookite is doubly-terminated, and in superb condition, though I can see a tiny bit of roughness along the upper right edge. You just don't see Brookite crystals so beautifully exposed like this as the only point of the attachment is a thin bit on the corner where it grew from the underlying Quartz. A spectacular large thumbnail / toenail sized piece that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality or aesthetics.
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