Specimen ID: 97D-WQM

Opal : SiO2·nH2O
As recorded:
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Mindat locality:
90mm x 51mm x 39mm
A rarely seen matrix specimen of Hyalite from San Luis Potosi, Mexico featuring bead-like gemmy, colorless spheres which are included with a small amount of orange iron oxide to give it the â??blood vesselâ?-like inclusions, hence the nickname â??Blood Vessel Opalâ?. Interestingly enough, the piece has a dual texture effect where some of the globules are perfectly smooth, while others have an â??alligator skinâ? appearance on the surface. One can spend a great deal of time looking at this piece with a loupe! The top portion of the piece is contacted, but this is nearly a cabinet sized piece of this material. The specimen has a three-dimensional flowing appearance as the Opal formed little ridges here and there, giving it a lot of character. Very attractive and just plan different from most of the specimens in this update.
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