Tetrahedrite, Hübnerite, Quartz

Specimen ID: 97Y-MQJ

Tetrahedrite : Cu6[Cu4(Fe,Zn)2]Sb4S13
Hübnerite : Mn2+WO4
Quartz : SiO2
Mindat locality:
92mm x 61mm
weight: 137g

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A crowd of metallic tetrahedrite crystals, the biggest of which is 25 mm on edge, is perched on a large cluster of colorless quartz crystals. The major of these is 86 mm tall, and they are mostly transparent with a somewhat frosted surface making it translucent white. As a little surprise a hübnerite crystal can be spotted just at the geometrical center of the photo, partly overlapping the white main quartz. It is 17 mm long and 7.5 mm wide, and is embedded between quartz and tetrahedrite. When backlit in the right way it shows the typical deep red color. The whole specimen weighs 137 g and measures 92 mm x 61 mm.
Carles Millan - 2nd September 2017
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