Magnetite, Andradite (Var: Melanite)

Specimen ID: 9PK-PLN

Magnetite : Fe2+Fe3+2O4
Andradite (Var: Melanite) : Ca3Fe3+2(SiO4)3
Mindat locality:
3.3cm x 2.1cm x 1.2cm

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I recieved this in partial trade for a Perky Oganja Cuprite (ex Carl Acosta) from Cal Graeber at the 2008 TGMS. (the other part was an Norway anatase from Leonard Himes) I showed it around to quite a few people and only one person questioned the "perovskite" label; Rick Kennedy (Earth's Treasures). He is an expert on this location, and told me that I should test it with a magnet, because he suspected that it was acutally magnetite. Since returning home, I have done just that... and "TADA!"... it is Indeed magnetic. The reason I wanted it in the first place is because we collected in the San Benito region for a couple days (with Rick Kennedy at the Gem Mine), and I LOVE IT UP THERE. It has one of my favorite type of eco-system, the Pine Desert. Add that to the tons of blue and green serpentine and crystal clear streams, and you have the back drop for any Mark Ryden painting. 3.3cm x 2.1cm x 1.2cm B. Naugle Mineral Collection
Brandy Naugle - 19th February 2008
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