Rowleyite, Mottramite, Quartz

Specimen ID: C7E-AHA

Rowleyite : [Na(NH4,K)9Cl4][V5+,4+2(P,As)O8]6·n[H2O,Na,NH4,K,Cl]
Mottramite : PbCu(VO4)(OH)
Quartz : SiO2
As recorded:
Rowley Mine, Theba, Painted Rock Mining District, Painted Rock Mountains, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA
Mindat locality:

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Rowleyite crystals (black) on mottramite (olive green) and quartz Minerals were identified by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 2020 Curator's Pick Rowleyite is likely the most porous naturally occurring framework structure known. Rowleyite was awarded the 2017 Mineral-of-the-year by the International Mineralogical Association.
Aaron Celestian - 15th January 2020
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