Quartz (var. Smoky)

Specimen ID: CYC-71M

Quartz (var. Smoky)
As recorded:
Krystal Tips Mine, Petersen Mountain, Hallelujah Junction area, Washoe Co., Nevada, USA
83mm x 32mm x 31mm
A doubly-terminated, sharp, lustrous, well-formed, very gemmy Quartz scepter is perched on a slightly etched, darker-smoky shaft. The scepter shaft displays a sharp, dark internal phantom, and it is fully recrystallized at the base. The luster and quality of the Quartz is exceptional, and it is free of any damage. This specimen was collected by Rick Kennedy in May 2015, displays well from all sides, and is in perfect condition. I went through every flat in Denver and only selected specimens without damage and with interesting aesthetics from this find.
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