Bendadaite, Arsenopyrite, Mansfieldite-Scorodite Series

Specimen ID: DE7-NAM

Bendadaite : Fe2+Fe3+2(AsO4)2(OH)2·4H2O
Arsenopyrite : FeAsS
Mansfieldite-Scorodite Series : AlAsO4 . 2H2O - Fe2+AsO4 . 2H2O
Mindat locality:
12mm x 11mm
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Modified by CombineZP Minute,not indentfyable neither 90 x, dark green to black crystals, in several groups, with Arsenopyrite, and over, groups of yellowish Mansfieldite-Scorodite series Te great article in Mineralogical Magazine, June 2010, Vol 74(3), pp 469-86, by U.Kolitsch and al., punctually explain Bendadaite from Bendada, and their companions; only Scorodit is not here.It is in others of my Bendadaite' speciments Photos by Nikon Coolpix 4500 and Kyowa binocular Microscope SDZ-TR-P and through-focus th Combine ZP program
Angel Roldán Herrero - 18th March 2015
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