Yttrocrasite-(Y), Chloritoid, Hematite, Pyrophyllite

Specimen ID: DN9-L2X

Yttrocrasite-(Y) : (Y,Th,Ca,U)(Ti,Fe)2(O,OH)6
Chloritoid : (Fe2+,Mg,Mn2+)Al2(SiO4)O(OH)2
Hematite : Fe2O3
Pyrophyllite : Al2Si4O10(OH)2
As recorded:
Grubependity Lake cirque, Grubependity Lake, Maldynyrd range, Kozhim River Basin, Komi Republic, Russia
Mindat locality:

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Yellow-orange rhombic sections of prismatic yttrocrasite-(Y) crystals along the fissure in almost black chloritoid agregate. Associating minerals are light-grey hematite crystal section (in the center, below yttrocrasite) and marine-blue pyrophyllite (in the upper left corner of the picture). Polished specimen. FOV is ~5x4 mm. Collected by Sergei Surenkov in 1999. Pavel M. Kartashov collection and photo.
Pavel Kartashov - 12th August 2006
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