Quartz (Var: Smoky Quartz), Microcline (Var: Amazonite)

Specimen ID: DUV-RPW

Quartz (Var: Smoky Quartz) : SiO2
Microcline (Var: Amazonite) : K(AlSi3O8)
As recorded:
Bartsch Claim, Teller County, Colorado, USA
73mm x 65mm x 90mm
Bob Bartsch and Rock Currier (sadly both deceased) worked this claim in Teller County and found many great specimens. Both Bob and Rock liked to keep most of what they found but on occasion they would let some pieces go. This is one of them from the Ben DeWit collection. There are no repairs on the specimen although the largest of the amazonite crystals in the center has two natural cracks which depending on how the specimen is displayed are not noticeable.
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