Specimen ID: G7U-ANV

Dolomite : CaMg(CO3)2
Mindat locality:
23cm x 20cm x 10cm
Collected by:
Previous data
Acquisition date:
6th Sep 2015
Collection date:
6th Sep 2015
Name withheld


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Dolomite spherules Qualitative EDS analyzed by Mr. Kerry Day of Kaygeedee Minerals, Ottawa, Canada. Hello Michel: The following spectra were created with a Cambridge S100 SEM, a XR-100-CR pin diode detector and DTSA software. Xray counts are on the vertical axis and Xray voltage is on the horizontal axis. For various reasons peak heights are not directly comparable. The accelerating voltage was 25 KeV. This setting exaggerates the higher voltage peaks. #1 = Dolomite. Some admixed silica of some kind (Quartz).
Michel Gadoury - 6th December 2019
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