Wollastonite, Grossular, Vesuvianite, Diopside, Calcite, Tremolite, Scheelite

Specimen ID: GH0-D0U

Wollastonite : CaSiO3
Grossular : Ca3Al2(SiO4)3
Vesuvianite : Ca19Fe3+Al4(Al6Mg2)(☐4)☐[Si2O7]4[(SiO4)10]O(OH)9
Diopside : CaMgSi2O6
Calcite : CaCO3
Tremolite : ☐{Ca2}{Mg5}(Si8O22)(OH)2
Scheelite : Ca(WO4)
Mindat locality:

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Calc-silicate rock with wollastonite (white), grossular + vesuvianite (reddish), diopside (grey-green). Greyish mass (left) replacing red and green material is calcite + tremolite. Accessory scheelite is not visible. Polished slab, field of view 13 cm, sample ST40 (AN415). Collected 1999(?) by Franz Bernhard, photo and collection Franz Bernhard.
Franz Bernhard - 29th March 2005
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