Specimen ID: JKF-7KP

Wavellite : Al3(PO4)2(OH,F)3·5H2O
Mindat locality:
This is a "Figured specimen". Mindat photo 8099 published in Ron Cleevley's paper on "The Barnstaple Zeolite". (Ref: Cleevely, R.J. "Discovery of the Barnstaple zeolite:a minor geological controversy in the early 1800s." Devonshire Association, Report & Transactions, 2007)
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Acquisition date:
22nd Nov 1997
Name withheld


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Radiating wavelite (split spherules) on joint surface, f.o.v. ~30 x 25 mm. Photo by Pete Nancarrow; Olympus C-1400 XL digital (+ macro extension lens), overcast daylight. Pete Nancarrow collection, purchased specimen, collector unknown.
Peter Nancarrow - 30th November 2000
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