Quartz (Var: Pseudocubic Quartz)

Specimen ID: KNJ-PJW

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"Pecos Diamonds" are quartz crystals that are found along the Pecos River valley, either weathered out of or still inside a selenite rock matrix of the Permian Seven Rivers formation in south-eastern New Mexico. They are authigenic quartz crystals that grew inside the matrix and not in a pocket. They come in different shapes and habits, this one is a "pseudocubic" quartz that is dominated by very large r-faces. It is not really a cube because the angles between the rhombohedral faces are not 90° but 85.2° and 94.8°, respectively, so the "cube" is slightly skewed. The edges of the crystal are 10-15mm long. Found and donated by John Kashuba.
Amir C. Akhavan - 17th January 2010

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Same specimen, different view. The tip of the crystal is in the upper left corner. Crystal edges about 10-15 mm.
Amir C. Akhavan - 17th January 2010
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