Aegirine, Orthoclase, Zircon

Specimen ID: KPF-3YF

Aegirine : NaFe3+Si2O6
Orthoclase : KAlSi3O8
Zircon : ZrSiO4
Mindat locality:
108mm x 51mm
weight: 124g

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Group of black color aegirine crystals with acute edges, showing very lustrous almost mirror-like faces and a rather uncommon (in this locality) sharp pointed habit. Several crystals of colorless orthoclase accompany them on the base and a small zircon crystal can be seen on the back side. Overall size: 108mm x 51mm. Main aegirine crystal: 12mm wide, 92mm tall. Weight: 124g.
Carles Millan - 24th November 2016
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