Fluorite, Quartz

Specimen ID: LKT-096

Fluorite : CaF2
Quartz : SiO2
As recorded:
Le Burg Mine, Tarn, Mid-Pyrenees, France
Mindat locality:
91mm x 48mm x 136mm
The Le Burg Mine, near Tarn, in France’s Mid-Pyrenees has been a one of the most important localities for specimen-quality fluorite in all of Europe over the last 75 years or so. Most specimens are blue in color and are typically associated with quartz and chalcopyrite; however, specimens of yellow, green, yellow/orange, yellow/blue, etc. do occur. The mine was operated hundreds of years ago for copper, lost to time, then rediscovered in 1945 and actively mined for fluorite from 1954 until it finally closed in 2006 (Kosnar, 2013). This grouping of large, bright blue fluorite cubes rests upon a bed of stout, doubly-terminated, white quartz crystals. As with most blue fluorite, the color intensifies in the daylight. The largest cube measures 2.2cm on edge and exhibits multiple generations of intense blue phantoms in its interior, as do all the cubes on this specimen. The contrast with the white quartz makes for a visually striking and very appealing specimen.
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