Huanghoite-(Ce), Röntgenite-(Ce), Aegirine

Specimen ID: LW1-DHJ

Huanghoite-(Ce) : BaCe(CO3)2F
Röntgenite-(Ce) : Ca2(Ce,La)3(CO3)5F3
Aegirine : NaFe3+Si2O6
As recorded:
East Mine, Bayan Obo deposit, Bayan Obo, Bayan Obo mining district, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, China
Mindat locality:

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More finegrained and yellow rims of Huanghoite-(Ce) over massive grains of brownish Roentgenite-(Ce) in aegirine metasomatite. FOW ~6x4 mm. Pavel M. Kartashov microprobe identification, collection and photo.
Pavel Kartashov - 24th May 2007
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