Ruifrancoite, Hydroxylherderite

Specimen ID: NF2-DWX

Ruifrancoite : Ca2(◻,Mn)2(Fe3+,Mn,Mg)4Be4(PO4)6(OH)4(OH,H2O)2·4H2O
Hydroxylherderite : CaBe(PO4)(OH,F)
Mindat locality:

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SEM image. Brick shaped and slightly sheaf-like tabular crystals of Ruifrancoite with composition (Ca2.00Ba0.15)2.15(Fe1.74Mn1.14Mg0.63Zn0.44)3.95(Be3.50Al0.50)4.00[PO4]6(OH3.48O0.52)4.00 and balls of Hydrohylherderite with composition (Ca0.99Mn0.01)1.00Be1.00[PO4](OH0.52F0.45Cl0.03)1.00 on Berlinite matrix of ideal composition. Note radial fibrous inner structure of broken hydrohylherderite balls. The most bright in BSE minor phase overgrow terminations of ruifrancoite crystals and dessiminated on them is unidentified uranium mineral. Analytical data are presented on daughter photo ID 213708. Outer appearance of the specimen is accessible on the photo ID 116577. Pavel M. Kartashov analytical data, collection and photo.
Pavel Kartashov - 20th February 2009
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