Richetite, Masuyite

Specimen ID: NQM-WR0

Richetite : (Fe3+,Mg)Pb 8.6(UO2)36O36(OH)24•41H2O
Masuyite : Pb(UO2)3O3(OH)2·3H2O
As recorded:
Shinkolobwe Mine, Shinkolobwe, Kambove District, Haut-Katanga, DR Congo
Mindat locality:

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Sony Alpha 7R ii, bellows, Mitutoyo M Plan 20x, aperture, Raynox DCR-250 retro, Stack-Master linear actor, stack shot control. Green to brown transparent Richetite with bright orange Masuyite. Collection and photo: Stephan Wolfsried
Stephan Wolfsried - 23rd June 2008
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