Gugiaite, Aegirine, Analcime, Helvine

Specimen ID: PVL-XHN

Gugiaite : Ca2Be(Si2O7)
Aegirine : NaFe3+Si2O6
Analcime : Na(AlSi2O6)·H2O
Helvine : Be3Mn2+4(SiO4)3S
Mindat locality:
75mm x 60mm x 40mm
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A 3 mm aggregate of disc-shaped Gugiaite crystals on Analcime from the Thorstein quarry, E. of Hallevannet in the Langesundsfjord-area, Vestfold, Norway. (Collected in the early 1980s and identified as leucophanite, but recent studies at the Oslo University Mineralogical Museum have correctly identified the mineral as Gugiaite. But hydroxyl was not determined and as with other previously analyzed gugiaites, it could be the newly described mineral hdroxylgugiaite).Specimen and photo: Knut Eldjarn.
Knut Eldjarn - 23rd April 2006
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