Chalcedony (Var: Agate), Quartz (Var: Chalcedony)

Specimen ID: QFG-4FA

Chalcedony (Var: Agate) : SiO2
Quartz (Var: Chalcedony) : SiO2
Mindat locality:

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This extremely rare and unusual formation of agate was one of 5 from the find and is reputed to be the 3rd best of the lot - the 2 better specimens were sold at Tuscon in 2005. The find was made in September 2004. The agate "growth" stands 65mm above its agate and chalcedony base. It has a translucent, pimpled surface and is blue/gray on one side and a dull cream/yellow on the other Overall size:85*84*70mm
Gary (Gazza) Atkinson - 27th September 2006
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