Malachite, Azurite

Specimen ID: T71-QNW

Malachite : Cu2(CO3)(OH)2
Azurite : Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2
As recorded:
Chessy Copper mine, Chessy-les Mines, Le Bois d\'Oingt, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France
Mindat locality:
51mm x 31mm x 30mm
A remarkable classic with documented history. A very old Chessy Les Mines piece, from the collection of Wallace Gould Levison, which he obtained in 1865 from mineral dealer Chas. S. Stone of Brooklyn NY. We include for the buyer a photocopy of the handwritten journal entry for this piece. Aside from the early vintage, the specimen is quite fine in its own right, well crystallized with rare electric blue color and clustered bladed rosettes. While not critically perfect, The condition is impressively good despite a century and half of handling. Most of what at a glance look like bruises are in fact undamaged. In 1865, 15 years before Bisbee began to produce these were treasured as the worlds best Azurites. This is still a nice specimen with very good luster and form.
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