Specimen ID: Y32-YYV

Opal : SiO2·nH2O
As recorded:
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Mindat locality:
36mm x 33mm x 15mm
Wow, I was impressed when I saw this piece as the sheer aesthetics are almost unheard of for the material. Typically itâ??s impossible for these Hyalites to form in such a pleasing three-dimensional shape, but this piece breaks the mold. Not only is it incredibly showy, but it has a wide range of colors starting with a fiery orange-red hue on one end which grades across the specimen into nearly colorless / pale golden color and is actually opaque WHITE at the base. The gemmier portions of the piece have great luster and that classic â??glass-beadâ? like appearance that is well known in Hyalite. For an added touch, thereâ??s even a contrast of textures on the piece, where some of the globules are smooth and glassy, while other have a coarse surface. Lastly, the richer colored areas are a textbook example of the â??Blood Vessel Opalâ? from this locality where the iron oxide inclusions have formed thin lines near the surface to give it an almost organic appearance. Very good quality and highly displayable. Only a little damage mostly on the back / sides of the piece.
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