Celadonite, Quartz (Var: Chalcedony), Quartz

Specimen ID: YAU-24Y

Celadonite : K(Mg,Fe2+)Fe3+(Si4O10)(OH)2
Quartz (Var: Chalcedony) : SiO2
Quartz : SiO2
As recorded:
Mamuju area, Sulawesi Barat Province, Sulawesi, Indonesia
91mm x 73mm x 32mm
An attractive medium purple color group of botryoidal Chalcedony from the new find in Indonesia. Associated moss-green Celadonite makes for a great contrast, and both the purple and the green are not at all muted or grey like so many from this discovery. The upper edge has a contact along with the bottom where it was clearly removed from the pocket, hence the reduced price, but overall itâ??s showy, and the size of the individual spheres is larger than the majority of pieces Iâ??ve seen from the find.
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