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Minerals of Britain and Ireland - Book Review

Last Updated: 12th Dec 2017

By Jolyon & Katya Ralph

For several years those of us with an interest in the mineralogy of the UK and Ireland have been eagerly awaiting the new reference on the mineralogy of these isles, written by Andy Tindle, a Senior Project Officer in the Open University's Department of Earth Sciences. Those of us who know Andy were frequently treated to glimpses at sections, proofs and printouts showing the progress of the project, and as each UK mineral show came and went, the question would always be asked "Hey Andy, when will your book finally get published?". Well, that day has finally come, and I have in my hands now a copy of the completed book.

I think at first it was a worry for many of us that Andy had attempted to do too much - the mineralogy of these islands had not been thoroughly researched and published in a single reference book for 150 years (Greg and Lettsom published their reference work in 1858 - which can be read online here) - but we were very quickly reassured once we started to see the book start to take shape.

And the final book is most certainly worth the wait. And at 624 pages hardbound, it is no lightweight reference.

The book is, primarily, an alphabetical list of minerals reported from the UK and Ireland along with an 18 page introduction and a series of tables and appendicies.

The Introduction

The introduction which discusses the major mineralogical areas of the country and also details the very tricky subject of the Kingsbury frauds. Much has been written about this already, however it is now beyond reasonable doubt that this very emminent mineralogist of the mid part of the 20th century fradulently re-labelled foreign mineral species as British and wrote many scientific papers reporting these 'discoveries'. A lot of work has been done since revalidating the species originally reported by Kingsbury but now regarded as highly suspicious. Many of these errors have been recirculated into even very recent books and publications.

We are then provided with seven major maps showing the mineralized areas and major localities of the UK and Ireland along with descriptions of the mineralogy of the areas and a little information about the more important localities. A section of one of these is shown to the right. Although it would have been nice to see this extended to provide further information about some of the major mineral localities, I can understand that there is a limit as to what can reasonably fit into a book, and that to start doing detailed descriptions of major UK localities would be in many ways a duplication of efforts that have already been undertaken in books such as "Minerals of Scotland" by Livingstone, "Minerals of Devon and Cornwall" by Embrey and Symes, "A Mineralogy of Wales" by Bevins, "Minerals of the English Lake District: Caldbeck Fells" by Cooper and Stanley and, of course, the brand new book "Minerals of Northern England" by Symes and Young.

The introduction continues with a discussion on British mineral societies and ends with a page detailing the 2008 changes to the IMA-CNMMC nomenclature. However, the new nomenclature isn't used by default in the main part of the book, for example, you need to go to F for Fluorapatite rather than A for Apatite-(CaF). This could have been understood if the new IMA guidelines were too late for the production of the book, but they clearly were not, and it seems a little bit like a stubborn refusal of the author not wanting to accept the changes. Of course, there may be a technical reason for this to do with the layout of pages. Moving big sections around the book at the last minute is probably a book publisher's nightmare.

The Alphabetical List of British and Irish Minerals

At the time of publication of the book there were 1046 confirmed mineral species found within the British Isles, with another 154 unconfirmed. Adding in the varietal and group names, there are a total of 2268 entries within the main section of the book. They vary from a single sentence for something such as a varietal name mentioned in an old reference to several pages (over four pages for the Arsenopyrite entry, for example). Colour photographs are included throughout, in-line with the text and in context rather than as seperate colour plate pages as cheaper books have done. The use of full-colour printing throughout certainly added to the cost of each book, but is most certainly worth the extra.

Photos are excellent, from a variety of private photographers along with some classic specimens from Natural History Museum photographs. Where appropriate, thin section or SEM photographs are used. Colour reproduction and image quality are excellent throughout.

Here is an example of three entries from one column on half a page of the book. These are relatively short entries, many entries are significantly longer than these. The section on Galena is 12½ pages long!

Quality of Information

No project of this size can be without errors, and it is important to note that although Andy has worked hard to validate and/or discredit older reports of mineral occurrences in the UK, the book is still primarily a reference of minerals reported in the UK rather than a statement of fact about the validity of every reported species.

One error I did spot quite quickly was a managanese oxide/hydroxide dendrite photo being listed under Pyrolusite, along with several references to 'dendrites' in the Pyrolusite section. This is a common mistake - see this article in the American Mineralogist which states:

We have found no dendrites with pyrolusite mineralogy. The general term "pyrolusite dendrite" is a misnomer and should be discontinued.

There are other more minor errors of omission, or in the case of Scorodite calling the occurrence at the Hemerdon Mine an "isolated occurrence" without further detail. The opencast workings here have produced by far the best Scorodite crystals in the UK, and rank very highly amongst the best in the world. This is however significantly mitigated by the photo that Andy has chosen to illustrate Scorodite - a fine specimen from the Hemerdon Mine!

Similarly, Gypsum is reported from a bore-hole at Mountfield in Sussex (the report being from 1905), but the book does not mention the incredible Gypsum crystals that came out of the more recent Gypsum mine worked in that locality, again quite possibly the best Gypsum crystals from the UK.

However, I had to work hard to find these omissions, every other idea I had for an unusual or rare British mineral that might not be listed in the book was there. And some of the sections had a huge amount of new information that I have not seen elsewhere. For example, the section detailing Corundum in the UK, and in particular sapphire localities in Scotland, was extremely interesting to me as not only did it fill in some gaps in my knowledge of the localities, it also had some information about the geological environment for the sapphires in these different localities.

Having gone through a large number of the entries in the book in some detail now, I have to say the information is of an extremely high quality throughout.

The appendices

There are a series of tables, including minerals named after British and Irish citizens, discredited minerals and varieties named after British and Irish citizens, a very important list of museum collections of British and Irish minerals, a glossary of terms and a very thorough and enormously useful bibliography of books and articles relating to British and Irish mineralogy.

Minerals Referenced

To give you an idea of what a comprehensive book this is, here is a list of all mineral species, group and varietal names referenced in the book:


abhurite, abichit, abriachanite, acadialite, acanthite, acerdèse, achroite, acmite, actinolite, adamite, adelite group, adularia, aegirine, aegirine-augite, aegirite, aenigmatite, aenigmatite group, aerugite, aeschynite-(Y), afwillite, agalmatolite, agardite-(La), agardite-(Y), agaric mineral, agate, agnesite, aheylite, aikinite, ajoite, akaganéite, akermanite, alabandite, alabaster, albite, aleksite, algodonite, allagite, allanite-(Ce), allanite-(Y), alleghanyite, allemontite, allevardite, alloclasite, allophane, alluaudite, alluaudite group, almandine, alstonite, altaite, alum, aluminite, aluminocopiapite, alumino-ferro-edenite, alumino-ferrohornblende, alumino-ferropargasite, alumino-ferrowinchite, aluminokatophorite, aluminosadanagaite, aluminotschermakite, aluminowinchite, alumo-berezovite, alumohydrocalcite, alumotungstite, alumyte, alunite, alunite group, alunogen, alurgite, amalgam, amazonite, amblygonite, amblygonite group, amblystegite, amesite, amethyst, amethystoline, amianthus, ammonian muriate, amphibole group, analcime, anatase, ancylite-(Ce), andalusite, andersonite, andesine, andradite, andrewsite, anemolite, anglesite, anhydrite, anilite, ankerite, annabergite, annite, anophorite, anorthite, anorthoclase, antarcticite, anthophyllite, anthraconite, antigorite, antimonblüthe, antimonial lead, antimonial ochre, antimonite, antimonpearceite, antimonsaures bleioxide, antimony, antimony glance, antimony oxide, antimony sulphuret, antlerite, antrimolite, apatite group, aphanèse, aphrosiderite, aphthitalite, apjohnite, aplome, apophyllite, apyre, aquamarine, aragonite, aragonite group, arcadialite & arcadiolite, ardennite, arfvedsonite, argent natif, argent rouge, argent sulfuré, argentite, argentite, argentojarosite, argentopentlandite, argentopyrite, argentotennantite, argyrodite, arhbarite, armenite, arragon spar, arrojadite, arsendescloizite, arseniate of copper, arseniate of iron, arseniate of lead, arseniate of lime, arseniate of nickel, arsenic, arsenic group, arsenic oxide, arsenical cobalt, arsenical copper pyrite, arsenical iron, arsenical nickel, arsenical silver, arsenikblüthe, arseniosiderite, arsenite, arsenkies, arsenogoyazite, arsenolite, arsenopyrite, arsenopyrite group, arsenpolybasite, arsentsumebite, arthurite, arthurite group, asbestos, asbolane, ashoverite, asparagus stone, astrapia, atacamite, attapulgite, augite, aurichalcite, auriferous pyrite, aurostibite, autunite, autunite group, aventurine, aventurine feldspar, awaruite, axinite group, azurite


babel-quartz, babingtonite, baddeleyite, baltimorite, balvraidite, banalsite, bannisterite, baotite, barbertonite, barbosalite, baricalcite, bariopyrochlore, barite, barite group, barium-pharmacosiderite, barkevikite, baroselenite, barroisite, barstowite, baryte, baryt-flusspath, barytocalcite, barytocelestite, baryto-fluate of lime, barytstrontianite, basaluminite, basanite, bassanite, bassetite, bastite, bastnäsite-(Ce), bauerite, bauxite, bavalite, bavenite, bayerite, bayldonite, bazhenovite, bazirite, beaverite, bechererite, becquerelite, beekite, beidellite, bell-metal ore, bementite, benleonardite, benstonite, beraunite, berg-crystal, bergmannite, berryite, berthierine, berthierite, bertrandite, beryl, beryllonite, berzelianite, berzelite, betafite, beta-quartz, betekhtinite, beudantite, beudantite group, beyerite, bhreckite, bialite, biaxial mica, bicalcareo-carbonate of barytes, bicchulite, bieberite, binarkies, bindheimite, binnite, biotite (series), birnessite, bisilicate of manganese, bismite, bismoclite, bismuth, bismuth carbonate, bismuth glance, bismuth ochre, bismuth sulfuré, bismuthinite, bismutite, bismutoferrite, bitterkalk & bitterspar, bixbyite, black band, black copper, black hematite, black jack, black lead, black oxide of copper, black tin, blaubleibender covellite, bleicarbonat, bleiglanz, bleihornerz, bleilazur, bleinierite, bleisulfat & bleivitriol, blende, blister copper, blixite, bloodstone, blue calamine, blue carbonate of copper, blue iron earth, blue john, blue lead, blue malachite, blue stone, blue vitriol, bobkingite, boehmite, bogoslovskite, bohdanowicztite, böhmite, bole, boleite, boltwoodite, bonamite, boracite, bornite, botallackite, botryolite, bottinoite, boulangerite, boulder, bournonite, bowlingite, brackebuschite group, braggite, brainstone, brammallite (series), brandtite, brannerite, brass, braunite, brauspath, bravoite, brazil, breadalbanite, bredalbanite, bredbergite, bredigite, breithauptite, breunnerite or breunnerite, brevicite, brewsterite-Ba, brewsterite-Sr, brewstoline (liquid), brianyoungite, bright white cobalt, brinrobertsite, brochantite, brockite, bromlite, bronzite, brookite, brown hematite, brown linnets, brown ochre, brown spar, brownlite, brucite, brucite group, brugnatellite, bruiachite, brunsvigite, brushite, bukovskyite, buntkupferez, bustamite, buttgenbachite, byssolite, bytownite


cacholong, cacoxenite, cairngorm, calamine, calaverite, calcio-ancylite-(Ce), calciopalygorskite, calciostrontianite, calciovolborthite, calcite, calcite group, calcium-catapleiite, calc-spar, caledonite, calomel, campylite, cancrinite, cancrinite group, canfieldite, cann, cannilloite, cantonite, carbonate-cyanotrichite, carbonate-fluorapatite, carbonate-hydroxylapatite, cardenite, carminite, carnallite, carnelian, carnotite, carpholite, carphosiderite, caryopilite, cassedanneite, cassiterite, cathkinite, cawk or caulk, cebollite, celadonite, celestine, celsian, centrallassite, cerargyrite, cerasine, cernyite, ceruleite, cerussite, cervantite, cervelleite, cesarolite, ceylonite, chabazite (series), chabazite-Ca, chabazite-K, chabazite-Na = (herschelite), chalcanthite, chalcanthite group, chalcedony, chalcoalumite, chalcocite, chalcodite, chalcolite, chalcomenite, chalconatronite, chalcophanite, chalcophyllite, chalcopyrite, chalcopyrite group, chalcosiderite, chalcotrichite, chalilite, chalybite, chamosite, chenevixite, chenite, chenocoprolite, chernovite-(Y), chert, chessylite, chesterite, chevkinite, chiastolite, childrenite, china clay, chloanthite, chlorapatite, chlorargyrite, chlorite group, chloritoid, chloropal, chlorophaeite, chlorophane, chlorophyllite, chlorospinel, chloroxiphite, chlorspath, chondrodite, chonicrite, chrisstanleyite, christianite, christophite, chrome ochre, chrome-diopside, chrome-spinel, chromic iron, chromite, chrysoberyl, chrysocolla, chrysolite, chrysoprase, chrysotile, churchillite, churchite-(Y), cimolite, cinnabar, cinnamonstone, citrine, claudetite, clausthalite, clayite, cleavelandite, cleiophane, cliftonite, clinoatacamite, clinochlore, clinochrysotile, clinoclase, clinoenstatite, clinohumite, clinohypersthene, clinojimthompsonite, clinoptilolite-Ca, clinosafflorite, clinotyrolite, clinozoisite, clintonite, clousonite, Cl-tyretskite, cluthalite, coalingite, cobalt bloom, cobalt pentlandite, cobalt pyrites, cobaltite, cobaltite group, coccolite, coeruleolactite, coffinite, cog-wheel ore, collieite, collophane or collophanite, collyrite, colophonite, coloradoite, columbite, compreignacite, comptonite, condurrite, congolite, conichalcite, conistonite, connellite, cookeite, cooperite, copalite, copiapite, copiapite group, copper, copper glance, copper mica, copper nickel, copper pyrites, copper vitriol, copperas, copper-uranite, coquimbite, cordierite, corkite, cornetite, cornubianite, cornubite, cornwallite, coronadite, corrensite, corundophyllite, corundum, cosalite, cotterite, cotton-stone, cotunnite, coulsonite, covellite, cowlesite, craigtonite, crandallite, crandallite group, creaseyite, crednerite, crichtonite (honourable mention), crichtonite group, cristobalite, crocalite, crocidolite, crocoisite, crocoite, cromfordite, cronstedtite, crossite, crucilite, crucite, cryptolite, cryptomelane, cryptomelane group, cubanite, cube ore, cumengéite, cummingtonite, cupreous calamine, cuprite, cuproadamite, cuprorivaite, cuprosklodowskite, cuprotungstite, cupro-uranite, cuspidine, cuspidine group, custerite, cyanite, cyanosite, cyanotrichite, cylindrite, cymrite, cyrilovite


dahllite, damourite, danalite, danburite, daphnite, datholite, datolite, davidsonite, dechenite, delafossite, delessite, dellaite, demidoffite, derbyshire spar, descloizite, descloizite group, desmine, devilline, devonite, devonite, deweylite, dewindtite, diabantite, diaboléite, diackethyst, diaclasite, diadochite, diallage, dialogite or diallogite, diamond, diaspore, diatomite, dichroite, dickite, digenite, dimagnetite, diopside, dioptase, dipyre, discachatae, disthene, djurleite, dnepnoskite, dog-tooth spar, dolianite, dolomite, dolomite group, domeykite, dopplerite, doranite, doyleite, dravite, dreelite, dudgeonite, dufrénite, dufrenoysite, duftite, dumortierite, dundasite, duporthite, durangite, dypingite, dysclasite, dyscrasite


earthy cobalt, eastonite, ecandrewsite, ecdemite, edenite, edingtonite, eggletonite, ehlite, eisenkiesel, eisen-nickelkies, elaeolite, elbaite, electrum, ellonite, elpidite, elyite, embolite, emerald, emerald nickel, emery, emmonite, emplectite, enargite, endellionite, endellite, endiopside, enstatite, enysite, eosite, epichlorite, epidote, epidote group, epinatrolite, epistilbite, epsomite, erdmannite, ericaite, erinite, erionite (series), erionite-Ca, erionite-K, erionite-Na, erlichmanite, erubescite, erythrite, erythrite (of Thomson), erythrosiderite, eskolaite, essonite, ettringite, ettringite group, eucairite, euchroite, euclase, eucolite, eucryptite, eudialyte, eudidymite, eudnophite, eulite, eulytite, euxenite-(Y), evansite, evansite, ewaldite


fahlerz, fairfieldite, fairfieldite group, famatinite, fargite, faröelite, faserkiesel, fassaite, faujasite (series), faujasite (series), faustite, fayalite, feather-alum, feldspar group, felsobanyaite, ferberite, fergusonite-(Y), feroxyhyte, ferri-actinolite, ferric-nyböite, ferricopiapite, ferrierite, ferri-ferrowinchite, ferrihydrite, ferri-magnesiohastingsite, ferri-magnesiohornblende, ferrimolybdite, ferritchromit, ferrite, ferritungstite, ferri-winchite, ferro-actinolite, ferroaugite, ferro-axinite, ferrobarroisite, ferrobrucite, ferrobustamite, ferrocalcite, ferrocolumbite, ferrocordierite, ferro-eckermannite (honourable mention), ferro-edenite, ferroglaucophane, ferrohastingsite, ferrohedenbergite, ferrohornblende, ferrohortonolite, ferrohypersthene, ferrokaersutite, ferrokesterite, ferropargasite, ferropericlase, ferropigeonite, ferropyrophanite, ferrorichterite, ferrosalite, ferrosilite, ferrostrunzite, ferrotantalite, ferrotapiolite, ferrotapiolite group, ferrotschermakite, ferrowinchite, ferrowollastonite, fersmite, feruvite, fibroferrite, fibrolite, fichtelite, fire-opal, fischesserite, flèches d'amour, flint, flokite, florencite-(Ce), flos ferri, fluellite, fluoborite, fluor, fluorapatite, fluorapophyllite, fluor-elbaite, fluorite, fluor-schorl, fluorspar, foitite, fool's gold, fornacite, forsterite, foshagite, fraiponite, francevillite, franckeite, francolite, freibergite, freieslebenite, freirinite, friedrichite, fritzscheite, frondelite, froodite, fuchsite, fuller's earth, fülöppite, funkite


gadolinite group, gadolinite-(Y), gahnite, galactite, galena, galenite, galenobismutite, galmei, ganophyllite, garnet group, garnierite, garronite, gartrellite, gastaldite, gaylussite, gearksutite, gedrite, geerite, gehlenite, geikielite, genkinite, genthelvite, genthite, geocronite, georgeite, gersdorffite, geversite, gibbsite, gibsonite, gigantolite, gilbertite, gilpinite, girasol, gismondine, gladite, glauberite, glaucocerinite, glaucodot, glauconite (series), glaucophane, glimmer, glockerite, glottalite, glushinskite, gmelinite (series), gmelinite-Ca, gmelinite-Na, gobbinsite, godlevskite, goethite, gold, goldmanite, gonnardite, goose-dung ore, gorceixite, gorlandite, gortdrumite, goslarite, göthite, goyazite, graftonite, gramenite, grandidierite, grandite, graphite, grastite, gratonite, graubraunstein, green calamine, green earth, green john, green vitriol, greenalite, greenite, greenockite, greenovite, gregorite, greifensteinite, greigite, grenatite, grey antimony, grey copper, groddeckite, grossular, grothite, groutite, grovesite, grünerde, grunerite, grünlingite, guanajuatite, gudmundite, guitermanite, gunningite, gurolite, gustavite, gyps, gypsum, gyrolite


haarkies, haema-ovoid-agate, haematite, haidingerite, halite, halloysite, halotrichite, halotrichite group, hämatit, hammarite, harkerite, harmotome, harringtonite, hastingsite, hatterel, hauchecornite, hauchecornite group, haughtonite, hausmannite, haüyne, hawleyite, haytorite, heavy spar, heazlewoodite, hedenbergite, hedleyite, hedyphane, heliotrope, helminthe, helvite, hematite, hematite group, hemimorphite, hemloite, hentschelite, henwoodite, hepatic pyrite, hepatite, hercynite, herderite, herrengrundite, herzenbergite, hessite, hessonite, hetaerolite, heterogenite, heteromorphite, heulandite (series), heulandite-Ba, heulandite-Ca, heulandite-K, heulandite-Sr, hexahydrite, hexahydrite group, hibbertite, hibschite, hidalgoite, hiddenite, hilgardite, hillebrandite, hinsdalite, hisingerite, hislopite, hitchcockite, hodrushite, högauite, högbomite, hollandite, hollingworthite, holmbushite, honessite, honey blende, hongshiite, horn silver, hornblende, hornstone, horseflesh ore, hortonolite, hovite, hübnerite, hudsonite, hullite, humboldtilite, humboldtine, humite, humite group, hureaulite, hyacinth, hyaline quartz, hyalite, hyalophane, hyalosiderite, hydrargillite, hydrated labradorite, hydro-andradite, hydrobasaluminite, hydrobiotite, hydrocalcite, hydrocalumite, hydrocerussite, hydrodolomite, hydrogarnet, hydro-glockerite, hydrogrossular, hydrohematite, hydrohetaerolite, hydrohonessite, hydrolite, hydromagnesite, hydromica, hydromuscovite, hydronephelite, hydronium jarosite, hydrophane, hydrophilite, hydroplumbite, hydroscarbroite, hydrotalcite, hydrotalcite group, hydrotungstite, hydrowoodwardite, hydroxyapophyllite, hydroxylapatite, hydrozincite, hypersthene, hypostilbite, hystatite


ice, iceland spar, idaite, iddingsite, idocrase, igelströmite, ikaite, ikunolite, illite (series), ilmenite, ilmenite group, ilmenorutile, ilsemannite, ilvaite, imogolite, indicolite, indigo copper, ingersonite, ingodite, inverarite, iolite, irarsite, iridium, iridosmine, iron, iron vitriol, iron-alum, iron-boracite, iron-cordierite, iron-corundum, iron-glance, iron-mullite, iron-pyrites, iron-wollastonite, iserine, isoferroplatinum, isomertieite, isopyre, isostannite, ixiolite, izoklakeite


jacobsite, jade tenace, jahnsite, jalpaite, jamborite, jamesonite, jarosite, jarrowite, jaskolskiite, jasper, jasper opal, jeanbandyite, jelletite, jenaite, jenkinsite, jimthompsonite, johannite, johannsenite, johnsomervilleite, johnstonite, johnstonotite, johnstrupite, jordanite, jordisite, joseite-A, joseite-B, julgoldite-(Fe2+), junkerite, jurinite


kaersutite, kahlerite, kainosite-(Y), kakochlor, kalcglimmer, kalinite, kalk or kalkspath, kalk-uranite, kammererite, kampylite, kankite, kaolin, kaolinite, kaolinite-serpentine group, karstenite, kashinite, kasolite, katharite, katophorite, kegelite, keilhauite, keithconnite, kentrolite, kerargyrite, kerasine, kerate, kermes, kermesite, kerolite, kesterite, khmaralite, kidney ore, kidwellite, kieselmalachite, kieselzinkerz, kieserite, kieserite group, kilbrickenite, kilchoanite, killalaite, killinite, kilmacooite, kinoshitalite, kintoreite, kipushite, kirwanite, klaprothite, klockmannite, knebelite, kobellite, koechlinite, kongsbergite, konilite, koninckite, koodilite, köttigite, kotulskite, kröhnkite, krupkaite, krutovite, ktenasite, kunzite, kupferblau, kupferglimmer, kupferkies, kupfernickel, kupferuranite, kupfervitriol, kuramite, kutnohorite, kyanite


labradorite, lady's slipper, laitakarite, lanarkite, langbeinite, langite, lanthanite-(Ce), lapis ollaris, larnite, larsenite, latrobite, laumontite, laurionite, laurite, lautenthalite, lavendulan, lawsonite, lazulite, lazulite group, lead, lead chlorocarbonate, lead glance, lead spar, lead vitriol, leadhillite, ledikite, leedsite, lehuntite, leonhardite, lepidocrocite, lepidolite (series), lepidomelane, leptochlorite, lettsomite, leuchtenbergite, leucite, leucochalcite, leucophanite, leucophosphite, leucopyrite, leucoxene, levyne (series), levyne-Ca, levyne-Na, levynite, libethenite, liebigite, liebnerite, lievrite, likasite, lime, lime uranite, limnite, limonite, linarite, lindackerite, lindgrenite, lindsleyite, lindströmite, linnaeite, linnaeite group, linsenerz, liparite, liroconite, liskeardite, litharge, lithionglimmer, lithiophilite, lithiophorite, lithomarge, livesite, lizardite, loganite, löllingite, löllingite group, lonchidite, lorettoite, ludlamite, ludwigite, ludwigite group, lunnite, lussatite, lutecite, luzonite, lydian stone, lyellite


macaulayite, mackinawite, macphersonite, maghemite, magnesio-anthophyllite, magnesio-arfvedsonite, magnesiochromite, magnesiocummingtonite, magnesiofoitite, magnesiohastingsite, magnesiohornblende, magnesiokatophorite, magnesioriebeckite, magnesiosadanagaite, magnesiotaramite, magnesite, magnesium-diopside, magnetite, mahlmoodite, malachite, malacolite, malaconite, malayaite, mallardite, manaccanite, manasseite group, manganalmandine, manganapatite, manganaxinite, manganfayalite, manganhedenbergite, manganhumite, manganilmenite, manganite, manganocalcite, manganocolumbite, manganomelane, manganosite, manganotantalite, manganpyrosmalite, manjiroite, mansfieldite, marcasite, marcasite group, margarite, margarodite, marialite, marmatite, marmolite, martite, mascagnite, massicot, matildite, matlockite, matlockite (of Chapman), mattheddleite, maucherite, mawbyite, mawsonite, meionite, melaconite, melanite, melanotekite, melanterite, melanterite group, melilite, melilite group, melnikovite, melnikovite-marcasite, melonite, melonite group, menaccanite, mendipite, meneghinite, mercury, mereheadite, merenskyite, merlinoite, meroxine, mertieite-II, merwinite, mesistite or mesitine spar, mesole, mesolite, mesolitine, mesotype, meta-aluminite, meta-autunite, meta-autunite group, metabasaluminite, metacinnabar, metagreenalite, metahalloysite, metakahlerite, metaköttigite, metanatrolite, metanovácekite, metasideronatrite, metastibnite, metastrengite, metatorbernite, metatyuyamunite, metauranocircite, meta-uranopilite, metavariscite, metavivianite, metavoltine, metazeunerite, miargyrite, mica group, michenerite, microcline, microlite, milarite, milk opal, milky quartz, millerite, mimetite, minium, minnesotaite, minrecordite, mirabilite, mispickel, mitridatite, mixite, mixite group, mizzonite, mocha stone, mock lead, modderite, moganite, molybdene, molybdenite, molybdic ochre, molybdite, monazite group, monazite-(Ce), monazite-(La), monazite-(Nd), moncheite, monohydrocalcite, montebrasite, monticellite, montmorillonite, montroseite, moolooite, moonstone, mooraboolite, mordenite, morenosite, morinite, morion, mornite, morvenite, mosandrite, moss agate, mossottite, mottramite, mountain cork or leather, mountain silk, mountain soap, mountain wood, mpororoite, mullite, mundic, murchisonite, muscovite


nacrite, nadorite, nagyagite, nailhead spar, nakauriite, namibite, namuwite, nantokite, nasonite, natanite, natrojarosite, natrolite, natromontebrasite, natron, naumannite, necronite, needle iron ore, needlestone, nemalite, neodigenite, neotocite, neotype, nepheline, nephelite, nephrite, neptunite, niccolite, nickel bloom, nickel glance, nickel ochre, nickel vitriol, nickeline, nickeline group, nickel-skutterudite, nigrine, ningyoite, nisaite, nitre, nitrocalcite, nontronite, norbergite, nordstrandite, norsethite, northupite, nosean, novacekite


oakstone, ochre, octahedrite, offretite, okenite, oligoclase, olivenite, olivine group, olsacherite, omphacite, onegite, onyx, onyx stone, oosterboschite, opacite, opal, orangite, orcelite, orpiment, orthite, ortho-antigorite, orthochamosite, orthochrysotile, orthoclase, orthoferosilite, orthoserpierite, osarizawaite, osmiridium, osmium, osumilite group, osumilite-(Mg), otavite, ottrelite, ourayite


palagonite, palladium, palladoarsenide, palladseite, palygorskite, pandaite, paolovite, para-alumohydrocalcite, paracelsian, parachrysotile, paracostibite, paragonite, parahilgardite, parahopeite, paralaurionite, paralstonite, paramelaconite, paranatrolite, pararammelsbergite, parastilbite, parasymplesite, paratacamite, pargasite, parisite-(Ce), parkerite, parkinsonite, parnauite, parsettensite, pascoite, passyite, paulingite (series), paulingite-K, paulite, peach, peacock ore, pearceite, pearl-spar, pectolite, pekoite, pencil ore, pennantite, pennine or penninite, penroseite, pentlandite, pentlandite group, penwithite, periclase, peridot, perovskite, perovskite group, perrierite-(Ce), perthite, petalite, petitjeanite, petuntze, petzite, phacolite, pharmacolite, pharmacosiderite, phaunouxite, phenakite, phengite (series), philipsbornite, philipsburgite, phillipsite (series), phillipsite-Ca, phillipsite-K, phillipsite-Na, phlogopite, phoenicochroite, phosgenite, phosphohedyphane, phosphorite, phosphosiderite, phosphuranylite, phurcalite, pickeringite, picotite, picrochromite, picrolite, picromerite, picromerite group, picropharmacolite, piedmontite, piemontite, pigeonite, pihlite, pilolite, pilsenite, pimelite, pinguite, pinite, pinnoite, pirssonite, pisanite, pistacite, pistomesite, pitchblende, pitchy copper ore, pitticite, plagioclase, plagionite, plancheite, planerite, plasma, platarsite, platiniridium, platinum, plattnerite, pleonaste, plinthite or plynthite, plombierite, plumbago, plumbo-aragonite, plumbocalcite, plumbogummite, plumbojarosite, plumbonacrite, plumboresinite, plumosite, podolite, polianite, pollucite, polybasite, polyhalite, polylithionite, polyphant stone, polysphaerite, polytelite, portlandite, posnjakite, potarite, potash alum, potash mica, potassic-ferro-eckermannite, potassic-magnesio-arfvedsonite, potassicpargasite, potassium alum, potstone, powellite, prase, prasine, prasolite, prehnite, preisingerite, priceite, prochlorite, prosopite, protolithionite, proustite, przibramite, pseudoboleite, pseudobrookite, pseudogaylussite, pseudo-hypersthene, pseudoleucite, pseudomalachite, pseudomesolite, pseudophite, psilomelane, ptilolite, pumpellyite-(Fe), pumpellyite-(Mg), purple copper, p-veatchite, pycnochlorite, pyrargyrite, pyrite, pyrite group, pyroaurite, pyrobelonite, pyrochlore, pyrochlore group, pyrochroite, pyrolusite, pyromorphite, pyrope, pyrophanite, pyrophyllite, pyrosclerite, pyrosmalite, pyrostilpnite, pyroxene group, pyroxmangite, pyrrhosiderite, pyrrhotite


qitianlingite, quandilite, quartz, quartzine, queitite, quenselite


radiolite, rammelsbergite, ramsbeckite, ramsdellite, rancieite, rankinite, rashleighite, raspite, ratholite, rauenthalite, realgar, rectorite, red copper, red lead, red ochre, red silver, reddle, redgillite, redondite, redruthite, reevesite, reichenbachite, reichite, reinite, resin-opal, restormelite, retgersite, retinite, reyerite, rhabdophane group, rhabdophane-(Nd), rhaetizite, rhodalite, rhodizite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rhoetizite, rhyacolite, richterite, riebeckite, rinneite, ripidolite, riversideite, robinsonite, rock crystal, rock milk, rock
salt, rock silk, rock soap, rockbridgeite, romanèchite, romeite, römerite, rooseveltite, roquesite, rosasite, rosasite group, roscherite, roscoelite, rose quartz, roselite group, rosiaite, rossmanite, rosstrevorite, rozenite, rozenite group, ruarsite, rubellite, rubinglimmer, rubislite, ruby-blende, ruby-silver, rucklidgeite, russellite, rustumite, rutheniridosmine, ruthenium, rutherfordine, rutile, rutile group


sadanagaite, safflorite, sagenite, sahlite, sal-ammoniac, saleeite, salite, salmiac, salmonsite, samarskite, sanidine, saponite, sappare, sapphire, sapphirine, sarcite, sard or sardonyx, satin spar, saussurite, scapolite group, scarbroite, scawtite, schalenblende, scheelite, schiefer spar, schiller spar, schirmerite, schmiederite, schoenfliesite group, schoepite, schorl, schorlite, schorlomite, schröckingerite, schrötterite, schulenbergite, schultenite, scleretinite, scolecite, scorodite, scotlandite, scoulerite, scyelite, segnitite, seifenstein, sekaninaite, selenite, selenium, seligmannite, semseyite, senarmontite, sepiolite, sericite, serpentine, serpierite, serpophite, shattuckite, sheridanite, sicklerite, siderite, sideronatrite, siderophyllite, sideroplesite, siderotil, siegenite, silicite, silicomonazite, sillimanite, silver, silver fahlerz, silver glance, silver mundic, simonkolleite, skaergaardite, skiagite, skutterudite, sloanite, smaltite, smaragdite, smectite group, smithite, smithsonite, smoky quartz, smolianinovite, smrkovecite, soapstone, sodalite, sodalite group, soddyite, sodium illite, sodium-zippeite, sonnenstein, sonolite, spangolite, sparable tin, spathic iron, specularite, spencerite, sperrylite, spessartine, spessartite, spessartite, sphaerodialogite, sphaerodialogite, sphaerosiderite, sphaerostilbite, sphalerite, sphalerite group, sphene, spiessglanzocker, spinel, spinel group, spinelle ruby, spionkopite, spodumene, spurrite, stannite, stannite (of Garby et al.), stannite group, stannoidite, staurolite, steatite, stellerite, stellite, stephanite, sternbergite, stevensite, stibiconise, stibiconite, stibiconite group, stibiluzonite, stibiopalladinite, stiblite, stibnite, stichtite, stilbite (series), stilbite-Ca, stilpnomelane, stilpnosiderite, stokesite, stolzite, stottite group, strashimirite, strengite, stromeyerite, stromnite, strontianite, strunzite, strüverite, struvite, stützite, sulfoborite, sulfur, sulphato-carbonate of baryta, sulphoborite, sulphur, sulphuret of bismuth, sulphuret of molybdenum, sunstone, surinamite, susannite, svanbergite, sweetite, swinestone, switzerite, syelite, sylvanite, sylvinite, sylvite, symesite, symplesite, synchysite-(Ce), synchysite-(Y), szaibelyite, szomolnokite


tacharanite, tachyhydrite, talc, talcite, tallingite, talmessite, tamarite, tamarugite, tameite, tangeïte, tantalite, tapiolite, tarnowitzite, tavistockite, telargpalite, tellurbismuth, tellurium, tellurobismuthite, telluropalladinite, tennantite, tenorite, tephorite, tephroite, terra ponderosa aerata, tesselite, tetradymite, tetradymite group, tetrahedrite, tetranatrolite, thalite, thaumasite, theisite, thenardite, theophrastite, thinolite, thiospinel, thomsonite (of Squires), thomsonite (series), thomsonite-Ca, thomsonite-Na, thorianite, thorite, thorogummite, thucholite, thuringite, tiemannite, tiger eye, tile ore, tilleyite, tin, tin pyrites, tin-sphene, tin-white cobalt, titanaugite, titanic iron, titanite, titanoferrite, titanomagnetite, tobermorite, tochilinite, todorokite, topaz, topazolite, torbernite, tosudite, totaigite, tourmaline group, towanite, travertine, trembathite, tremolite, tridymite, triphylite, triplite, triploidite, tristramite, trögerite, troilite, trona, trüstedtite, tschermakite, tschermigite, tsumcorite group, tsumebite, tsumoite, tucekite, tuesite, tulameenite, tungstate of iron, tungstate of lime, tungstite, turgite, turquoise, turquoise group, tush, tyreeite, tyrolite, tyrrellite, tyuyamunite


ugrandite, uigite, ullmannite, ulvöspinel, umangite, uraconite, uralite, uraninite, uranite, uranophane, uranopilite, uranospathite, uranospinite, uranthorite, urquhartite, uvarovite, uvite, uytenbogaardtite


vaesite, valentinite, valleriite, vanadinite, vandenbrandeite, vandendriesscheite, vanoxite, variolite, variscite, variscite group, varlamoffite, varvicite, vaterite, vauquelinite, veatchite, velvet ore, verbeekite, verdelite, vermiculite, vernadite, verrucite, vésigniéite, vesuvianite, veszelyite, villarsite, violarite, vishnevite, vitreous copper, vivianite, vivianite group, vochtenite, volborthite, volkonskoite, voltaite, voltzite, volynskite, vreckite


wad, wairakite, wakefieldite-(Ce), walkerite, walpurgite, wapplerite, waringtonite, washingtonite, water spar, wavellite, waylandite, websterite, weddellite, wehrlite, weilerite, weilite, weissigite, wellsite, wernerite, wheel ore, whewellite, white arsenic, white copper ore, white lead, white mica, white mundic, white pyrite, white vitriol, whiteite group, whitemoreite, wicklowite, wickmanite, widenmannite, willemite, williamsite, winchite, withamite, witherite, wittichenite, wodginite, wolfram, wolframine, wolframite, wollastonite, wollastonite (of others), wollastonite (of Thomson), wölsendorfite, wood copper, wood opal, wood tin, woodruffite, woodwardite, wooldridgeite, wroewolfeite, wulfenite, wülfingite, wurtzite


xanthiosite, xanthochroite, xanthoconite, xantholite, xanthophyllite, xanthosiderite, xanthoxenite, xenotime-(Y), xonaltite, xonotlite


yarrowite, yellow arsenic, yellow copper or yellow ore, yellow ochre, yttrotantalite, yugawaralite


zálesíite, zaratite, zavaritskite, zeolite group, zeunerite, zeuxite, zinc, zinc blende, zinc spar, zinckenite, zinkenite, zinnkies, zinnwaldite (series), zippeite, zircon, zirconolite, zirkelite, zoisite, zunyite, zwieselite


Considering the enormous scope of this project, Andy Tindle has defied the odds to deliver a masterpiece on British Mineralogy that is unlikely to be bettered for another 150 years. Everyone seriously interested in British mineralogy will be delighted with the book and should order a copy immediately! Even those who have only a minor interest in British mineralogy will find this to be an invaluable reference to add to their library.

Buying the Book

ISBN-10: 190354422X
ISBN-13: 978-1903544228

The book is also currently being offered at a discounted rate by - Click Here.

The review copy of this book was very kindly supplied by Terra Publishing.

Copyright of images used for this review remains with the author, publisher and photographers involved with this book and are used for review purposes only.

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Mr. Tindle certainly has my admiration. Thanks for the review.

Lyla J. Tracy
17th Jul 2008 4:26pm
A fine book for any mineral collector, not just those interested in British mineralogy.

Well done Andy!.

Steve Rust
18th Jul 2008 4:43pm
This is a really sumptuous book! I have looking through it with great pleasure since I got my copy from Marston Book Services (at the discount price) a week ago. The text is good to look at, the photos are stunning and I have been unable to find more than a couple of minor typos. It is the kind of book that will still be in use for decades to come.
Congratulations to Andy.

Tim Colman
18th Jul 2008 8:59pm
Still not quite available in the states, but I did go to here and they figure July is what they had listed though..Hardcover: 624 pages
Publisher: Terra Publishing (July 31, 2008)
ISBN-10: 190354422X
ISBN-13: 978-1903544228
Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.8 x 1.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.8 pounds

Gail Spann
18th Jul 2008 11:21pm
It is a superb book, I picked up two copies in England and had to displace several worthy
items so that I could carry one of them back.
A must book! Cal Graeber

Timothy Sherburn
25th Aug 2008 11:19pm
It would be helpful to know who wrote this review. It starts out in second person and concludes in first person.

John S. White
21st Jan 2009 2:04pm
Just thought I would add my comments to this thread.
If anyone has any interest in UK minerals, then you cannot be without this text. It is fantastic in its coverage. It provides great reference material and is great reading.
Andy has my admiration for this effort - I'm sure that it was a daunting challenge to him.
Absolutely well done

Keith Compton
16th May 2009 7:11am

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