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Ba(Si3Al2)O10 · 4H2O
4 - 5
Member of:
For Scottish mineral collector James Edington (1787-1844).
Zeolite Group. Edingtonite Subgroup.

Most edingtonites are orthorhombic (space group P212121), while some are tetragonal (space group P-421m) and called 'tetraedingtonite'. Orthorhombic edingtonites have (Si,Al) order, while tetragonal edingtonites are characterised by (Si,Al) disorder (symmetry increase due to disorder).

Classification of Edingtonite

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)

9 : SILICATES (Germanates)
G : Tektosilicates with zeolitic H2O; zeolite family
A : Zeolites with T5O10 Units – The Fibrous Zeolites

1 : Zeolite group - True zeolites

16 : Silicates Containing Aluminum and other Metals
12 : Aluminosilicates of Sr, Ba and Zn

Physical Properties of Edingtonite

Hardness (Mohs):
4 - 5

Optical Data of Edingtonite

Biaxial (-)
RI values:
nα = 1.538 nβ = 1.549 nγ = 1.554
Calculated: 66°
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.016
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness) and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
r < v moderate

Chemical Properties of Edingtonite

IMA Formula:
Ba(Si3Al2)O10 · 4H2O
Elements listed in formula:
X-Ray Powder Diffraction:
Image Loading

Radiation - Copper Kα
Data Set:
Data courtesy of RRUFF project at University of Arizona, used with permission.
X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data:
3.576 (100)
6.51 (80)
2.741 (75)
5.38 (60)
4.79 (50)
4.69 (50)
2.589 (45)

Type Occurrence of Edingtonite

Relationship of Edingtonite to other Species

Member of:
Other Members of Group:
AlflarseniteNaCa2Be3Si4O13(OH) · 2H2O
AmiciteK2Na2Al4Si4O16 · 5H2O
AnalcimeNa(AlSi2O6) · H2O
Barrerite(Na,K,Ca0.5)2[Al2Si7O18] · 7H2O
Bellbergite(K,Ba,Sr)2Sr2Ca2(Ca,Na)4[Al3Si3O12]6 · 30H2O
BikitaiteLiAlSi2O6 · H2O
BoggsiteCa8Na3(Si,Al)96O192 · 70H2O
Brewsterite-Ba(Ba,Sr)[Al2Si6O16] · 5H2O
Brewsterite-Sr(Sr,Ba,Ca)[Al2Si6O16] · 5H2O
Chabazite-Levyne SubgroupA subgroup of the Zeolite Group.
ChiavenniteCaMnBe2Si5O13(OH)2 · 2H2O
ClinoptiloliteNote on the distinguishing differences between clinoptilolite and heulandite (hhttp://rruff.
CowlesiteCaAl2Si3O10 · 6H2O
Dachiardite-Ca(Ca,Na2,K2)5Al10Si38O96 · 25H2O
Dachiardite-Na(Na2,Ca,K2)5Al10Si38O96 · 25H2O
DirenzoiteNaK6MgCa2(Al13Si47O120) · 36H2O
EpistilbiteCaAl2Si6O16 · 5H2O
ErioniteThis name now refers to a group of related minerals.
Faujasite SubgroupA subgroup of the Zeolite Group.
FerrieriteZeolite Group.
FerrochiavenniteCa1-2Fe[(Si,Al,Be)5Be2O13(OH)2] · 2H2O
Flörkeite(K3Ca2Na)[Al8Si8O32] · 12H2O
Garronite-CaNa2Ca5Al12Si20O64 · 27H2O
GaultiteNa4Zn2Si7O18 · 5H2O
Gismondine-BaBa2Al4Si4O16 · 4-6H2O
Gismondine-CaCaAl2Si2O8 · 4H2O
GmeliniteIn 1997, gmelinite was split into Gmelinite-Ca, Gmelinite-Na and Gmelinite-K.
GobbinsiteNa5(Si11Al5)O32 · 11H2O
GoosecreekiteCa[Al2Si6O16] · 5H2O
GottardiiteNa3Mg3Ca5Al19Si117O272 · 93H2O
Harmotome(Ba0.5,Ca0.5,K,Na)5[Al5Si11O32] · 12H2O
HeulanditeNote on the distinguishing differences between heulandite and clinoptilolite (http://rruff.
LaumontiteCaAl2Si4O12 · 4H2O
LovdariteK2Na6Be4Si14O36 · 9H2O
MaricopaitePb7Ca2(Si,Al)48O100 · 32H2O
Mazzite-Mg(Mg,K,Ca)5(Si26Al10)O72 · 28H2O
Mazzite-NaNa8[Al4Si14O36]2 · 30H2O
Merlinoite(K,Na)5(Ca,Ba)2Al9Si23O64 · 23H2O
Montesommaite(K,Na)9Al9Si23O64 · 10H2O
Mordenite(Na2,Ca,K2)Al2Si10O24 · 7H2O
MutinaiteNa3Ca4Si85Al11O192 · 60H2O
NabesiteNa2BeSi4O10 · 4H2O
Natrolite SubgroupA subgroup of the Zeolite Group.
OffretiteKCaMg(Si13Al5)O36 · 15H2O
PahasapaiteLi8(Ca,Li,K)10.5Be24(PO4)24 · 38H2O
ParthéiteCa2(Si4Al4) O15 (OH)2•4H2O
Paulingite-Ca(Ca,K,Na,Ba,◻)10 (Si, Al)42O84•34H2O
Paulingite-K(K2,Ca,Na2,Ba)5[Al10Si35O90] · 45H2O
Paulingite-Na(Na2,K2,Ca,Ba)5[Al10Si35O90] · 45H2O
PerlialiteK9Na(Ca,Sr)[Al2Si4O12]6 · 15H2O
PhillipsiteZeolite Group.
Pollucite(Cs,Na)2(Al2Si4O12) · 2H2O
RoggianiteCa2Be(OH)2Al2Si4O13 · 2.5H2O
StelleriteCa4(Si28Al8)O72 · 28H2O
Stilbite-CaNaCa4[Al9Si27O72] · nH2O
Stilbite-Na(Na,Ca,K)6-7[Al8Si28O72] · nH2O
Terranovaite(Na,Ca)8(Si68Al12)O160 · 29H2O
Thomsonite-CaNaCa2[Al5Si5O20] · 6H2O
Thomsonite-SrNa(Sr,Ca)2[Al5Si5O20] · 7H2O
Tschernichite(Ca,Na2)[Al2Si4O12] · 4-8H2O
TschörtneriteCa4(Ca,Sr,K,Ba)3Cu3[(OH)2|Al3Si3O12]4 · nH2O
WairakiteCa(Al2Si4O12) · 2H2O
WeinebeneiteCaBe3(PO4)2(OH)2 · 4H2O
Wenkite(Ba,K)4(Ca,Na)6[(SO4)3|(Si,Al)20O39(OH)2] · 0.5H2O
WillhendersoniteKCa[Al3Si3O12] · 5H2O
YugawaraliteCaAl2Si6O16 · 4H2O
Structurally related to group(s):
9.GA.05Gonnardite(Na,Ca)2(Si,Al)5O10 · 3H2O
9.GA.05MesoliteNa2Ca2(Si9Al6)O30 · 8H2O
9.GA.05NatroliteNa2(Si3Al2)O10 · 2H2O
9.GA.05ParanatroliteNa2(Si3Al2)O10 · 3H2O
9.GA.05ScoleciteCa(Si3Al2)O10 · 3H2O
9.GA.10Thomsonite-CaNaCa2(Al5Si5)O20 · 6H2O
9.GA.10Thomsonite-SrNaSr2Al5Si5O20 · 6-7H2O
16.12.6CymriteBa(Si,Al)4(O,OH)8 · H2O
16.12.9HarmotomeBa2(Si12Al4)O32 · 12H2O
16.12.12ArmeniteBaCa2(Al6Si9)O30 · 2H2O
16.12.13Wellsite(Ba,Ca,K2)Al2Si6O16 · 6H2O
16.12.14MerlinoiteK5Ca2(Si23Al9)O64 · 24H2O
16.12.17SauconiteNa0.3Zn3(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2 · 4H2O

Other Names for Edingtonite

Name in Other Languages:

Other Information

Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for Edingtonite

Reference List:
Haidinger W, Turner E (1825): Description of edingtonite, a new mineral species. The Edinburgh Journal of Science 3, 316-320.

Brush G J, Dana E S (1879): On the mineral locality in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with the description of two additional new species. Second Paper, American Journal of Science and Arts 17, 359-368.

Acta Crystallographica: B32: 1623-1627.

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Internet Links for Edingtonite URL:
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Localities for Edingtonite

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
(TL) indicates type locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) indicates first recorded locality for everything else. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
  • Cochabamba Department
    • Ayopaya Province
A.R. Kampf
  • São Paulo
    • Cajati
No reference listed
  • British Columbia
    • Golden Mining Division
Edingtonite and Natrolite from Ice river, British Columbia, Grice, Gault, 1981; Mineralogical Record 12 221-226; Zeolites of the World, R. Tschernich, 1992 (142,143,360,361); Jennifer Pell (1994) Carbonatites, Nepheline Syenites, Kimberlites and Related Rocks in British Columbia. Brithish Columbia Ministry of Energy Bulletin 88.; Canadian Mineralogist Vol.22, pp. 253-258 (1984)
  • New Brunswick
    • Gloucester Co.
      • Bathurst Parish
        • Bathurst Mining Camp
Tschernich, R. (1992): Zeolites of the World, p.143; Canadian Mineralogist Vol.22, pp. 253-258 (1984)
  • Québec
    • Montérégie
      • La Vallée-du-Richelieu RCM
        • Mont Saint-Hilaire
Horváth, L & Gault, R.A. (1990), The mineralogy of Mont Saint-Hilaire Quebec. Mineralogical Record, 21, 284-359. Tschernich, R. (1992): Zeolites of the World, p.52,143,
  • Yukon
    • Watson Lake Mining District
      • Itsi Mt.
        • Wilson Lake
Gunnar Farber
  • Gansu Province
    • Jiuquan Prefecture
      • Guazhou Co. (Anxi Co.)
Jianguo Yang, Jinyuan Zhai, Hongwu Yang, Xiaohong Wang, Chunlin Xie, Xing'an Wang, and Bingchen Ren (2010): Geotectonica et Metallogenia 34(2), 246-254
Czech Republic
  • Moravia (Mähren; Maehren)
    • Vysočina Region
      • Havlíčkův Brod (Německý Brod; Deutschbrod)
Duda, Rejl, Slivka: "Mineralien", 1991
  • Honshu Island
    • Kanto Region
      • Tokyo Metropolis
        • Nishi-Tama-gun
          • Okutama-cho
Matsubara & Kato (1991): Ganseki-Kobutsu-Koshogaku Zasshi, 86, 273-277; Matsubara S, Miyawaki R, Yokoyama K, Shimizu M, Imai H (2004) Tokyoite, Ba2Mn3+(VO4)2(OH), a new mineral from the Shiromaru mine, Okutama, Tokyo, Japan. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 99, 363-367
  • Eastern-Siberian Region
    • Sakha Republic (Saha Republic; Yakutia)
[World of Stones 12:49]
        • Aldan
          • Inagli Massif
Pavel M. Kartashov data (2012)
  • Northern Region
    • Murmanskaja Oblast'
      • Kola Peninsula
        • Afrikanda
Chakhmouradian A.R., Zaitsev A.N. (2002) Calcite–Amphibole–Clinopyroxene rock from the Afrikanda complex, Kola peninsula, Russia: mineralogy and a possible link to carbonatites. III. Silicate minerals. - Canadian Mineralogist, Vol.40, pp. 1347-1374.
        • Khibiny Massif
Kozyreva, L.V., Zorina, M.L., Romanova, T.S. [Козырева, Л.В., Зорина, М.Л., Романова, Т.С.] (1976): A find of cryolite and dawsonite in the Khibiny massif [Находка криолита и давсонит в Хибинском массиве]. In: Minerals and parageneses of minerals of rocks [Минералы и парагенезисы минералов горных пород]. Nauka [Наука], Leningrad, pages 67-70 (in Russian); Nadezhdina, T.N., Pobedimskaya, E.A., Khomyakov; A.P. [Надежина Т.Н., Победимская Е.А., Хомяков А.П.] (1984): Crystal structure of tetragonal edingtonite from Khibiny [Кристаллическая структура тетрагонального эдингтонита из Хибин]. Mineralogicheskiy zhurnal [Минералогический журнал], 6, 5, 56-63 (in Russian); Yakovenchuk, V.N., Ivanyuk, G.Yu., Pakhomovsky, Ya.A., Men'shikov, Yu.P. (2005): Khibiny. Laplandia Minerals Ltd. (in association with the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland), Apatity, 468 pp.; Zaitsev, A.N., Men'shikov, Yu.P., Yakovenchuk, V.N. [Зайцев, А.Н., Меньшиков, Ю.П., Яковенчук, В.Н.] (1992): Barium zeolites of the Khibiny alkaline massif [Бариевые цеолиты Хибинского щелочного массива]. Zapiski Vserossiiskogo Mineralogicheskogo Obshchestva [Записки Всероссийского Минералогического Общества], 121, 2, 54-61 (in Russian); Yakovenchuk, V.N., Ivanyuk, G.Yu., Pakhomovsky, Ya.A., Men'shikov, Yu.P. (2005): Khibiny. Laplandia Minerals Ltd. (in association with the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland), Apatity, 468 pp.
          • Valepakhk Mt.
Pavel M. Kartashov data
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      • Northern Karelia
  • Västergötland
    • Karlsborg
      • Undenäs
GFF 17, 597
Sandström, F. (2002): Mangangruvor och -skärpningar i Karlsborgs kommun, Västergötland. Litiofilen. 14 (1), 22-38
  • England
    • Shropshire
      • Hope-Shelve District
        • Moreswood
          • Disgwylfa Hill
BMS Database
  • Northern Ireland
    • Co. Down
Moles, N.R. (2007) J. Russ. Soc., Vol. 10, p. 40-6.
  • Scotland
    • Highlands
      • Tomich
Journal of The Rusell Society (2008) Vol 11, pp73-79.
    • Strathclyde
      • Beith
Haidinger W, Turner E (1825) Description of edingtonite, a new mineral species, The Edinburgh Journal of Science 3, 316-320
  • Wales
    • Powys
      • Old Radnor
        • Wethel
UKJMM Vol.29 p.14; Cotterell TF et al (2011) The mineralogy of Dolyhir quarry, Old Radnor. Powys, Wales. UKJMM 32:5-61
  • California
    • Fresno Co.
      • Big Creek-Rush Creek District
        • Rush Creek deposit
          • Big Creek
    • Mendocino Co.
      • Pieta
        • Ash Creek
Murdoch, Joseph & Robert W. Webb (1966), Minerals of California, Centennial Volume (1866-1966): California Division Mines & Geology Bulletin 189: 114, 173; Pemberton, H. Earl (1983), Minerals of California; Van Nostrand Reinholt Press: 373; Tschernich, R. (1992): Zeolites of the World, p.51
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