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About FluorophlogopiteHide

Pale yellow
Vitreous, Resinous
2 - 3
Specific Gravity:
2.83 (Calculated)
Crystal System:
Named in 1935 by D. P. Grigoriev in allusion to being fluorine dominant phlogopite.
Mica Group.
The fluorine analogue of Phlogopite and the Mg analogue of Fluorannite.

Classification of FluorophlogopiteHide

Approval Year:

9 : SILICATES (Germanates)
E : Phyllosilicates
C : Phyllosilicates with mica sheets, composed of tetrahedral and octahedral nets

Physical Properties of FluorophlogopiteHide

Vitreous, Resinous
Pale yellow
2 - 3 on Mohs scale
on {001}
Brittle to malleable
2.83 g/cm3 (Calculated)
From single crystal data

Optical Data of FluorophlogopiteHide

Biaxial (-)
RI values:
nα = 1.543 nβ = 1.568 nγ = 1.569
Measured: 17° (2)
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.026
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness)
and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:

Chemical Properties of FluorophlogopiteHide

IMA Formula:

Crystallography of FluorophlogopiteHide

Crystal System:
Class (H-M):
2/m - Prismatic
Space Group:
Cell Parameters:
a = 5.3094(4) Å, b = 9.1933(7) Å, c = 10.1437(4) Å
β = 100.062(3)°
a:b:c = 0.578 : 1 : 1.103
Unit Cell V:
487.51 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Thin lamella
1M polytype

X-Ray Powder DiffractionHide

Powder Diffraction Data:
9.990 Å(8)
3.369 Å(10)
3.324 Å(10)
3.121 Å(8)
2.610 Å(8)
2.426 Å(8)
1.663 Å(8)
1.532 Å(8)

Type Occurrence of FluorophlogopiteHide

Synonyms of FluorophlogopiteHide

Other Language Names for FluorophlogopiteHide

Varieties of FluorophlogopiteHide

Zincian Manganoan FluorophlogopiteFrom peralkaline phonolites of Ukraine, in a groundmass together with hendricksite. Has some tainiolite component in composition.

Relationship of Fluorophlogopite to other SpeciesHide

Other Members of this group:
AnniteKFe2+3(AlSi3O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
FluorotetraferriphlogopiteKMg3(Fe3+Si3O10)F2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
OxyphlogopiteK(Mg,Ti,Fe)3[(Si,Al)4O10](O,F)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
PhlogopiteKMg3(AlSi3O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m

Common AssociatesHide

Associated Minerals Based on Photo Data:
23 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with CalciteCaCO3
13 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with HematiteFe2O3
4 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with UmbrianiteK7Na2Ca2[Al3Si10O29]F2Cl2
3 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with Warwickite(Mg,Ti,Fe,Cr,Al)2O(BO3)
3 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with Fluoro-edenite{Na}{Ca2}{Mg5}(AlSi7O22)(F,OH)2
3 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with PseudobrookiteFe2TiO5
3 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with GraphiteC
3 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with PyriteFeS2
3 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with Pargasite{Na}{Ca2}{Mg4Al}(Al2Si6O22)(OH)2
3 photos of Fluorophlogopite associated with MagnetiteFe2+Fe3+2O4

Related Minerals - Nickel-Strunz GroupingHide

9.EC.05MinnesotaiteFe2+3Si4O10(OH)2Tric. 1 : P1
9.EC.05TalcMg3Si4O10(OH)2Tric. 1 : P1
9.EC.9.EC.VoloshiniteRb(LiAl1.51.5)(Al0.5Si3.5)O10F2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
9.EC.10PyrophylliteAl2Si4O10(OH)2Tric. 1
9.EC.15CeladoniteK(Mg,Fe2+)Fe3+(Si4O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.15Montdorite(K,Na)2(Fe2+,Mn2+,Mg)5(Si4O10)2(OH,F)4Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.15MuscoviteKAl2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
9.EC.15RoscoeliteK(V3+,Al)2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
9.EC.15ChromphylliteK(Cr,Al)2(AlSi3O10)(OH,F)2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
9.EC.15FerroaluminoceladoniteK(Fe2+,Mg)(Al,Fe3+)(Si4O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.15FerroceladoniteK(Fe2+,Mg)(Fe3+,Al)(Si4O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20AnniteKFe2+3(AlSi3O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20HendricksiteKZn3(Si3Al)O10(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20NorrishiteKLiMn3+2(Si4O10)O2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20PhlogopiteKMg3(AlSi3O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20PolylithioniteKLi2Al(Si4O10)(F,OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
9.EC.20FluorotetraferriphlogopiteKMg3(Fe3+Si3O10)F2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20Wonesite(Na,K)(Mg,Fe,Al)6((Al,Si)4O10)2(OH,F)4Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20TrilithioniteK(Li1.5Al1.5)(AlSi3O10)(F,OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
9.EC.20ShirokshiniteKNaMg2(Si4O10)F2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20ShirozuliteKMn2+3(Si3Al)O10(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20AspidoliteNaMg3(AlSi3O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20Suhailite(NH4)Fe2+3(AlSi3O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20YangzhumingiteKMg2.5(Si4O10)F2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.20OrloviteKLi2Ti(Si4O10)OFMon. 2 : B2
9.EC.20OxyphlogopiteK(Mg,Ti,Fe)3[(Si,Al)4O10](O,F)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.35Anandite(Ba,K)(Fe2+,Mg)3((Si,Al,Fe)4O10)(S,OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
9.EC.35BityiteLiCaAl2(AlBeSi2O10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/b
9.EC.35ClintoniteCa(Mg,Al)3(Al3SiO10)(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.35Oxykinoshitalite(Ba,K)(Mg,Ti,Fe3+,Fe2+)3((Si,Al)4O10)(O,OH,F)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.35FluorokinoshitaliteBaMg3(Al2Si2O10)F2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.40Beidellite(Na,Ca0.5)0.3Al2((Si,Al)4O10)(OH)2 · nH2OMon.
9.EC.40Kurumsakite(Zn,Ni,Cu)8Al8V5+2Si5O35 · 27H2O (?)Orth.
9.EC.40Montmorillonite(Na,Ca)0.33(Al,Mg)2(Si4O10)(OH)2 · nH2OMon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.40NontroniteNa0.3Fe2((Si,Al)4O10)(OH)2 · nH2OMon.
9.EC.40VolkonskoiteCa0.3(Cr,Mg,Fe)2((Si,Al)4O10)(OH)2 · 4H2OMon.
9.EC.40Yakhontovite(Ca,Na)0.5(Cu,Fe,Mg)2(Si4O10)(OH)2 · 3H2OMon.
9.EC.45SaponiteCa0.25(Mg,Fe)3((Si,Al)4O10)(OH)2 · nH2OMon.
9.EC.45SauconiteNa0.3Zn3((Si,Al)4O10)(OH)2 · 4H2OMon.
9.EC.45SpadaiteMgSiO2(OH)2 · H2O (?)
9.EC.45SwineforditeLi(Al,Li,Mg)4((Si,Al)4O10)2(OH,F)4 · nH2OMon.
9.EC.45ZincsiliteZn3(Si4O10)(OH)2 · 4H2OMon.
9.EC.45FerrosaponiteCa0.3(Fe2+,Mg,Fe3+)3((Si,Al)4O10)(OH)2 · 4H2OMon.
9.EC.50VermiculiteMg0.7(Mg,Fe,Al)6(Si,Al)8O20(OH)4 · 8H2OMon. 2/m
9.EC.55Baileychlore(Zn,Fe2+,Al,Mg)6(Si,Al)4O10(OH)8Tric. 1
9.EC.55ClinochloreMg5Al(AlSi3O10)(OH)8Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.EC.55Cookeite(Al2Li)Al2(AlSi3O10)(OH)8Mon. 2/m
9.EC.55FranklinfurnaceiteCa2Fe3+Mn2+3Mn3+(Zn2Si2O10)(OH)8Mon. 2 : B2
9.EC.55DonbassiteAl4.33(AlSi3O10)(OH)8Mon. 2 : B2
9.EC.55GlagoleviteNa(Mg,Al)6(AlSi3O10)(OH,O)8Tric. 1 : P1
9.EC.60AliettiteCa0.2Mg6((Si,Al)8O20)(OH)4 · 4H2OMon.
9.EC.60Corrensite(Mg,Fe)9((Si,Al)8O20)(OH)10 · nH2OOrth.
9.EC.60HydrobiotiteK(Mg,Fe2+)6((Si,Al)8O20)(OH)4 · nH2OMon.
9.EC.60Karpinskite(Ni,Mg)2Si2O5(OH)2 (?)Mon.
9.EC.60Rectorite(Na,Ca)Al4((Si,Al)8O20)(OH)4 · 2H2OMon.
9.EC.60TosuditeNa0.5(Al,Mg)6((Si,Al)8O18)(OH)12 · 5H2OMon. 2 : B2
9.EC.60BrinrobertsiteNa0.3Al4(Si4O10)2(OH)4 · 3.5 H2OMon.
9.EC.70BurckhardtitePb2(Fe3+Te6+)[AlSi3O8]O6Trig. 3m (3 2/m) : P3 1m
9.EC.75Ferrisurite(Pb,Ca)2.4Fe3+2(Si4O10)(CO3)1.7(OH)3 · nH2OMon.
9.EC.75Niksergievite(Ba,Ca)2Al3(AlSi3O10)(CO3)(OH)6 · nH2OMon.

Other InformationHide

Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for FluorophlogopiteHide

Reference List:
Sort by Year (asc) | by Year (desc) | by Author (A-Z) | by Author (Z-A)
Yoder, H.S., Eugster, H.P. (1954) Phlogopite synthesis and stability range. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 6, 157-185.
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Gianfagna, Antonio, Fernando Scordari, Simona Mazziotti-Tagliani, Gennaro Ventruti, and Luisa Ottolini (2007) Fluorophlogopite from Biancavilla (Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy): Crystal structure and crystal chemistry of a new F-dominant analog of phlogopite. American Mineralogist, 92, 1601–1609.
Lacalamita M, Blassone G, Schingaro E, Mesto E, Mormone A, Piochi M, Venturi G, Joachimski M (2017) Fluorophlogopite-bearing and carbonate metamorphosed xenoliths from the Campanian Ignimbrite (Fiano, southern Italy): crystal chemical, geochemical and volcanological insights. Mineralogical Magazine 81, 1165-1189.

Internet Links for FluorophlogopiteHide

Localities for FluorophlogopiteHide

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.

Locality ListHide

- This locality has map coordinates listed. - This locality has estimated coordinates. ⓘ - Click for further information on this occurrence. ? - Indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. - Good crystals or important locality for species. - World class for species or very significant. (TL) - Type Locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) - First Recorded Locality for everything else (eg varieties). Struck out - Mineral was erroneously reported from this locality. Faded * - Never found at this locality but inferred to have existed at some point in the past (eg from pseudomorphs.)

All localities listed without proper references should be considered as questionable.
  • Eastern Antarctica
    • Queen Maud Land
      • Queen Fabiola Mts (Yamato Mts)
Kimura, M., Lin, Y., Floss, C., Suzuki, A., Mikouchi, T. & Ebihara, M. (2008) Fluorophlogopite in the EH Chondrite Y-82189, pdf#5068: Meteoritics & Planetary Science 43 (Supplement): A75. (July 2008)
  • South Australia
    • Olary Province
      • Bimbowrie Conservation Park
Lottermoser, B.G., and Lu, J. (1997): Mineralogy and Petrology 59, 1-19.
  • Tasmania
    • West Coast municipality
      • Trial Harbour district
R Bottrill 2018 Unpub. MRT report
      • Zeehan district
        • North Dundas
Kitto, P.A., 1994, Structural and Geochemical controls on Mineralisation at Renison, Tasmania. Unpub. PhD thesis, Uni. Tas.
  • Lower Austria
    • Horn District
      • Geras
        • Kottaun
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  • British Columbia
    • Omenica Mining Division
      • Williston Lake
Chakhmouradian, A. R., Reguir, E. P., Kressall, R. D., Crozier, J., Pisiak, L. K., Sidhu, R., & Yang, P. (2015). Carbonatite-hosted niobium deposit at Aley, northern British Columbia (Canada): Mineralogy, geochemistry and petrogenesis. Ore Geology Reviews, 64, 642-666.
  • Nunavut
    • Committee Bay greenstone belt
Groat L, Brand A, Cempirek J, Kleespies P (2014) Emerald mineralization at the Anuri prospect, Nunavut, Canada. 21 st meeting of the International Mineralogical Association. p 284
  • Québec
    • Montérégie
      • La Vallée-du-Richelieu RCM
        • Mont Saint-Hilaire
Can. Museum of Nature specimen
  • Inner Mongolia
    • Baotou City (Baotou Prefecture)
      • Bayan Obo mining district
        • Bayan Obo
Jinsha Xu and Ganfu Shen (2005): Acta Mineralogica Sinica 25(3), 213-216
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    • Puy-de-Dôme
      • Chastreix
Etienne Médard collection
      • Mazaye
Philippe Rémy collection
      • Mont-Dore
P & E Médard collection
P & E Médard collection
      • Murol
P & E Médard collection
      • Saint-Ours-les-Roches
Médard P. et al. (2009) La pseudobrookite du Puy de Tunisset (Puy-de-Dôme). Le Cahier des Micromonteurs 105: 3-11.
  • Rhineland-Palatinate
    • Vulkaneifel
      • Gerolstein
        • Roth
Blaß, G. & Schüller, W. (2012): Der Rother Kopf in der Vulkaneifel. Lapis, 37 (3), 20-29.
A.D. Edgar, Eur. Journ. Mineral. , 1992, 4, pp. 321-330.]
  • Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County
    • Miskolc District
      • Bükkszentkereszt
WDS: Béla Fehér, XRD: Ferenc Kristály
  • Campania
    • Salerno
      • Nocera Inferiore
Balassone, G., Franco, E., Mattia, C.A., Petti, C., Puliti, R. (2002): Re-examination of fluosiderite, an unknown mineral from southern Italy: equal to fluorine-rich chondrodite. European Journal of Mineralogy, 14, 151-155; Lacalamita, M., Balassone, G., Schingaro, E., Mesto, E., Mormone, A., Piochi, M., Ventruti, G., Joachimski, M., (2016): Fluorophlogopite-bearing and carbonate 1 metamorphosed xenoliths from the Campanian Ignimbrite (Fiano, southern Italy): crystal chemical, geochemical and volcanological insights. Mineralogical Magazine, Prepublication, http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/minsoc/mag/pre-prints/content-minmag-1290;jsessionid=2etf74elfv6x4.x-ic-live-02
  • Lazio
    • Metropolitan City of Rome Capital
      • Monte Compatri
        • Laghetto (Laghetto di Montecompatri)
Boari, E., Avanzinelli, R., Melluso, L., Giordano, G., Mattei, M., De Benedetti, A.A., Morra, V., and Conticelli, S. (2009) Isotope geochemistry (Sr–Nd–Pb) and petrogenesis of leucite-bearing volcanic rocks from “Colli Albani” volcano, Roman Magmatic Province, Central Italy: inferences on volcano evolution and magma genesis. Bulletin of Volcanology, 71, 9, 977-1005.
      • Rome
        • Valleranello
Boari, E., Avanzinelli, R., Melluso, L., Giordano, G., Mattei, M., De Benedetti, A.A., Morra, V., and Conticelli, S. (2009) Isotope geochemistry (Sr–Nd–Pb) and petrogenesis of leucite-bearing volcanic rocks from “Colli Albani” volcano, Roman Magmatic Province, Central Italy: inferences on volcano evolution and magma genesis. Bulletin of Volcanology, 71, 9, 977-1005.
    • Viterbo Province
      • Bolsena
in the collection of Christof Schäfer
      • Capranica
Della Ventura, G., Williams, C.T., Cabella, R., Oberti, R., Caprilli, E., Bellatreccia, F. (1999) Britholite-hellandite intergrowths and associated REE-minerals from the alkali-syenitic ejecta of the Vico volcanic complex (Latium, Italy): petrological implications bearing on REE mobility in volcanic systems. European Journal of Mineralogy, 11, 843-854; Oberti, R., Ottolini, L., Cámara, F., Della Ventura, G. (1999) Crystal structure of non-metamict Th-rich hellandite-(Ce) from Latium (Italy) and crystal chemistry of the hellandite-group minerals. American Mineralogist, 84, 913–921.
"Giorgio Bortolozzi (visual identification)". Although not analysed, the attribution is made because all analytical data on phlogopites from other localities of the Vico volcanic complex show that the mineral is fluorine dominant.
      • Làtera volcano
        • Onano
Ciriotti, M.E. & Biagioni, C. (2011): Pot-pourri 2011: identificazioni di minerali di interesse. Micro, 3/2011, 125-133
  • Piedmont
    • Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Province
      • Santa Maria Maggiore
        • Basso Valley
          • Cedo Alp
Boscardin M., Mattioli V., Rocchetti I. (2013): Minerali della Valle Vigezzo. Litotipografia Alcione, Lavis (Trento), 229 pp.
  • Sicily
    • Metropolitan City of Catania
      • Etna Volcanic Complex
        • Biancavilla
Antonio Gianfagna, Fernando Scordari, Simona Mazziotti-Tagliani, Gennaro Ventruti, and Luisa Ottolini (2007) Fluorophlogopite from Biancavilla (Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy): Crystal structure and crystal chemistry of a new F-dominant analog of phlogopite. American Mineralogist, Volume 92, pages 1601–1609. - Sicurella, G., Ciriotti, M.E., Gianfagna, A., Mazziotti-Tagliani, S., Blass, G. (2010): Minerali di Monte Calvario, Biancavilla (Catania, Sicilia). Micro (località), 2/2010, 329-368.
  • Umbria
    • Terni Province
      • San Venanzo
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  • Anosy
    • Amboasary Sud
      • Maromby
  • Hunedoara
    • Simeria
Bojar, H.-P. & Walter, F. (2006): Fluoro-magnesiohastingsite from Dealul Uroi (Hunedoara county, Romania): Mineral data and crystal structrure of a new amphibole end-member. European Journal of Mineralogy 18, 503-508
  • Chelyabinsk Oblast
    • Chelyabinsk coal basin
Sharygin, V. V., & Sokol, E. V. (2010). Metal-phosphide-sulfide association in paralavas from natural fires and burned waste dumps (Kuznetsk and Chelyabinsk coal basins, Russia). In Proceedings of «ICCFR2–Second International Conference on Coal Fire Research». Berlin, Germany (pp. 410-411).
  • Kamchatka Krai
    • Tolbachik volcano
      • Great Fissure eruption (Main Fracture)
        • Northern Breakthrough (North Breach)
Pekov, I.V., Zelenski, M.E., Zubkova, N.V., Ksenofontov, D.A., Kabalov, Y.K., Chukanov, N.V., Yapaskurt, V.O., Zadov, A.E., Pushcharovsky, D.Y. (2012): Krasheninnikovite, KNa2CaMg(SO4)3F, a new mineral from the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia. American Mineralogist, 97, 1788-1795
Pekov, I.V., Zubkova, N.V., Pautov, L.A., Yapaskurt, V.O., Chukanov, N.V., Lykova, I.S., Britvin, S.N., Sidorov, E.G. and Pushcharovsky, D.Y. (2015): Chubarrovite,KZn2(BO3)Cl2, a new mineral species from the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia. Canadian Mineralogist.. 53: 273-284.; Zubkova, N. V., Pekov, I. V., Ksenofontov, D. A., Yapaskurt, V. O., Pushcharovsky, D. Y., & Sidorov, E. G. (2018, March). Arcanite from Fumarole Exhalations of the Tolbachik Volcano (Kamchatka, Russia) and Its Crystal Structure. In Doklady Earth Sciences (Vol. 479, pp. 339-341). Pleiades Publishing.
      • Mountain 1004
Pekov, I.V., Sandalov, F.D., Koshlyakova, N.N., Vigasina, M.F., Polekhovsky, Y.S., Britvin, S.N., Sidorov, E.G., Turchkova, A.G. (2018): Copper in Natural Oxide Spinels: The New Mineral Thermaerogenite CuAl2O4, Cuprospinel and Cu-Enriched Varieties of Other Spinel-Group Members from Fumaroles of the Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia. Minerals, 8: 498.
  • Murmansk Oblast
    • Khibiny Massif
Pekov, I.V., Yapaskurt, V.O., Polekhovsky, Y.S., Vigasina, M.F., Siidra, O.I. (2014): Ekplexite (Nb,Mo)S2•(Mg1−xAlx)(OH)2+x, kaskasite (Mo,Nb)S2•(Mg1−xAlx)(OH)2+x and manganokaskasite (Mo,Nb)S2•(Mn1−xAlx)(OH)2+x, three new valleriite-group mineral species from the Khibiny alkaline complex, Kola peninsula, Russia. Mineralogical Magazine, 78, 663-679.
    • Lovozersky District
      • Engporr Mountain
Pavel M. Kartashov analytical data (2013)
      • Suoluaiv Mt
Pavel M. Kartashov analytical data (2010)
  • Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
    • Aldan Shield
      • Aldan
Pavel M. Kartashov data
  • Sverdlovsk Oblast
    • Asbest
Erokhin, Y. V., Khiller, V. V., Zoloev, K. K., Popov, M. P., & Grigor'ev, V. V. (2014). Mariinskite from the Bazhenovskii ophiolite complex: The second finds in the world. In Doklady Earth Sciences (Vol. 455, No. 2, p. 408). Springer Science & Business Media.
    • Malyshevo
      • Izumrudnye Kopi area
Kissin, A.; Gottman, I.; Sustavov, S.; Murzin, V.; Kiseleva, D. (2020) The First Find of Cr2O3 Eskolaite Associated with Marble-Hosted Ruby in the Southern Urals and the Problem of Al and Cr Sources. Minerals 10, 101.
  • Murcia
    • Cartagena
      • La Aljorra
J. Viñals http://www.ehu.es/sem/macla_pdf/macla11/Macla11_43.pdf
Fleet, M.E. (2003): Deer, Howie and Zussman - Rock-forming minerals, Micas, Geological Society London, 2003
      • La Celia
P et E Médard collection
  • Donetsk Oblast
    • Azov Sea Region
Sharygin, V.V. (2015): Zincian micas from peralkaline phonolites of the Oktyabrsky massif, Azov Sea region, Ukrainian Shield. European Journal of Mineralogy: 27(4): 521-533
  • Arizona
    • Yavapai Co.
      • White Picacho Mining District
        • Independence Gulch
Josef Vajdak (2002) Mineral News, 18, #1, 6. (Chet Lemanski specimens)
  • California
    • San Bernardino Co.
      • Clark Mts (Clark Mountain Range)
        • Mountain Pass District
          • Mountain Pass
            • Mountain Pass Mine (Mountain Pass deposit; Mountain Pass Mine and mill; Bastnaesite deposit; Bastnäsite deposit; Mountain Pass carbonatite)
Gunnar Färber
  • Colorado
    • Clear Creek Co.
      • Dailey Mining District (Jones Pass Mining District)
Gunow, Alexander J., Ludington, Steve, and Munoz, J. L., 1980, Fluorine in Micas from the Henderson Molybdenite Deposit, Colorado, Economic Geology, 75:1127-1137.
  • New Jersey
    • Sussex County
      • Franklin Mining District
RRUFF samples R040039, R040042
          • Franklin Marble
Palache, Charles (1935) Professional Paper 180.
Dunn (1995)
PJD (1995) analyses; and IMA CNMN Mica nomenclature committee
Dunn (1995) analyses show fluorine>OH
        • Ogdensburg
          • Sterling Hill
Tracy, Robert J. (1991) Ba-rich Micas from the Franklin Marble, Lime Crest and Sterling Hill, New Jersey, American Mineralogist, v76, p. 1683-1693.
        • Sparta
          • Sterling Hill
            • Franklin Marble
Harold Moritz
      • Hardyston Township
        • Rudeville
Volkert, et al. (2005)
  • New York
    • St. Lawrence Co.
      • Balmat-Edwards Zinc Mining District
        • Balmat
Petersen, E., Essene, D., Peacor, D. (1982): Fluorine end-member micas and amphiboles, American mineralogist, Vol. 67, 538-544
Mineral and/or Locality  
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