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Mg6Fe23+(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
Yellow to ...
Vitreous, Waxy, Pearly
Named in 1865 by Lars Johan Igelström from the Greek πυρ -οζ for "fire" and Latin aurum for "gold" in allusion to the golden-yellow color assumed by the mineral on heating at relatively low temperatures. Pyroaurite was first found at Långban, Värmland, Sweden..
Later, XRD studies of the type material showed it to contain coexisting hexagonal and rhombohedral phases (Aminoff and Broome 1933). Frondel (1941) reserved the name pyroaurite for the hexagonal phase and Sjögrenite was introduced for the rhombohedral phase.
In 2012, the hydrotalcite super-group was redefined by S. J. Mills, A. G. Christy, J. M. R. Genin, T. Kameda, and F. Colombo. Pyroaurite was redefined incorporating the former sjögrenite with two polytypes, pyroaurite-3R (formerly pyroaurite, sensu lacto) and pyroaurite-2H (formerly sjögrenite). Both polytypes may occur in a single crystal, with the 2H phase at the core and the 3R phase at the rim (Almann 1968, cited after Mills et al 2012).
The Fe3+ analogue of Hydrotalcite, Stitchtite and Desautelsite, and forms solid solutions with these minerals. Sjögrenite (now pyroaurite-2H) is now considered a polytype (Mills et al., 2012).

See also the related Coalingite and brugnatellite.

Commonly originates as a low temperature alteration product of Magnetite In serpentinites.

May also be an alteration product of iowaite.

Classification of Pyroaurite

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)

D : Carbonates with additional anions, with H2O
A : With medium-sized cations

6 : AmBn(XO3)pZqxH2O & with (m+n):p = 8:1

11 : Carbonates
13 : Carbonates of Fe

Physical Properties of Pyroaurite

Vitreous, Waxy, Pearly
Diaphaneity (Transparency):
Yellow to brownish-white, white, gray, silver-white, greenish or colourless
Hardness (Mohs):
2.1 - 2.14 g/cm3 (Measured)    2.12 g/cm3 (Calculated)

Optical Data of Pyroaurite

Uniaxial (-)
RI values:
nω = 1.564 nε = 1.543
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.021
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness) and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
O = pale yellowish, brownish, reddish
E = colourless

Chemical Properties of Pyroaurite

Mg6Fe23+(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
IMA Formula:
Mg6Fe23+CO3(OH)16 · 4H2O
Elements listed in formula:
Common Impurities:

Crystallography of Pyroaurite

Crystal System:
Class (H-M)
Space Group:
Space Group Setting:
Cell Parameters:
Unit Cell Volume (calc):
Mg6Fe3+2(OH)16(CO3) · 4H2OMg6Fe3+2(OH)16(CO3) · 4H2O
Hexagonal Trigonal 
6/mmm (6/m 2/m 2/m) - Dihexagonal Dipyramidal3m (3 2/m) - Hexagonal Scalenohedral
P63/mmc R3m
a = 3.113(3) Å, c = 15.61(1) Å
a = 3.1094(2) Å, c = 23.4117(9) Å
a:c = 1 : 5.014a:c = 1 : 7.529
V 131.01 ų
(Calculated from Unit Cell)
V 196.03 ų
(Calculated from Unit Cell)
X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data:
7.6 (10)
3.89 (7)
2.62 (4)
2.33 (4)
1.981 (5)
1.556 (2)
1.526 (2)
Powder pattern indistinguishable from that of desautelsite (Mn3+-analogue).

Occurrences of Pyroaurite

Type Occurrence of Pyroaurite

Relationship of Pyroaurite to other Species

Other Members of Group:
DesautelsiteMg6Mn23+(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
DroninoiteNi6Fe32+(OH)16Cl2 · 4H2O
HydrotalciteMg6Al2(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
IowaiteMg6Fe23+(OH)16Cl2 · 4H2O
MeixneriteMg6Al2(OH)16(OH)2 · 4H2O
ReevesiteNi6Fe23+(OH)16(CO3) · 4H2O
StichtiteMg6Cr2(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
TakoviteNi6Al2(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
WoodalliteMg6Cr2(OH)16Cl2 · 4H2O
5.DA.05DypingiteMg5(CO3)4(OH)2 · 5H2O
5.DA.05GiorgiositeMg5(CO3)4(OH)2 · 5-6H2O
5.DA.05HydromagnesiteMg5(CO3)4(OH)2 · 4H2O
5.DA.05WidgiemoolthaliteNi5(CO3)4(OH)2 · 5H2O
5.DA.05UM1986-10-CO:ClHMgMnZnMg5(Zn,Mn)3(CO3)2(OH,Cl)12 · H2O
5.DA.05UM1987-01-CO:HMgSMg4(CO3)2(OH)4 · 6H2O ?
5.DA.10ArtiniteMg2(CO3)(OH)2 · 3H2O
5.DA.10IndigiriteMg2Al2(CO3)4(OH)2 · 15H2O
5.DA.10ChlorartiniteMg2(CO3)(OH)Cl · 2H2O
5.DA.15OtwayiteNi2(CO3)(OH)2 · H2O
5.DA.15ZaratiteNi3(CO3)(OH)4 · 4H2O ?
5.DA.20KambaldaiteNaNi4(CO3)3(OH)3 · 3H2O
5.DA.25CallaghaniteCu2Mg2(CO3)(OH)6 · 2H2O
5.DA.35HydroscarbroiteAl14(CO3)3(OH)36 · nH2O
5.DA.35ScarbroiteAl5(CO3)(OH)13 · 5H2O
5.DA.40CaresiteFe42+Al2(OH)12[CO3] · 3H2O
5.DA.40QuintiniteMg4Al2(OH)12[CO3] · 3H2O
5.DA.40CharmariteMn42+Al2(OH)12[CO3] · 3H2O
5.DA.45Stichtite-2HMg6(Cr,Al)2(CO3)(OH)16 · 4H2O
5.DA.45BrugnatelliteMg6Fe3+(CO3)(OH)13 · 4H2O
5.DA.45ChlormagaluminiteMg4Al2(OH)12Cl2 · 3H2O
5.DA.45Hydrotalcite-2HMg6Al2(CO3)(OH)16 · 4H2O
5.DA.45Pyroaurite-2HMg6Fe23+(OH)16(CO3) · 4H2O
5.DA.45ZaccagnaiteZn4Al2(OH)12[CO3] · 3H2O
5.DA.50ComblainiteNi4Co2(OH)12[CO3] · 3H2O
5.DA.50DesautelsiteMg6Mn23+(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
5.DA.50HydrotalciteMg6Al2(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
5.DA.50ReevesiteNi6Fe23+(OH)16(CO3) · 4H2O
5.DA.50StichtiteMg6Cr2(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
5.DA.50TakoviteNi6Al2(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
5.DA.50UM1998-10-CO:CoHNiCo6Fe2(CO3)(OH)16 · 4H2O ?
5.DA.55CoalingiteMg10Fe23+(OH)24[CO3] · 2H2O
11.13.3Pyroaurite-2HMg6Fe23+(OH)16(CO3) · 4H2O
11.13.4BrugnatelliteMg6Fe3+(CO3)(OH)13 · 4H2O
11.13.5CoalingiteMg10Fe23+(OH)24[CO3] · 2H2O

Other Names for Pyroaurite

Name in Other Languages:

Other Information

Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for Pyroaurite

Reference List:
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Localities for Pyroaurite

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
(TL) indicates type locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) indicates first recorded locality for everything else. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
  • New South Wales
    • Darling Co.
      • Barraba
Oskierski, H. C., Dlugogorski, B. Z., & Jacobsen, G. (2013) Sequestration of atmospheric CO₂ in chrysotile mine tailings of the Woodsreef Asbestos Mine, Australia: Quantitative mineralogy, isotopic fingerprinting and carbonation rates, Chemical Geology, vol. 358, 156-169.
  • Tasmania
    • Circular Head municipality
      • Corinna-Savage River district
Bottrill & Taheri, 2008, Savage River mine, Unpub. Rept, Mineral Resources Tasmania
    • Huon Valley municipality
      • Huon-Channel region
        • Weld river district
[Pyroaurite-2H] Bottrill R.S. & Baker, W.E. (2008) A Catalogue of Minerals of Tasmania. Tasmanian Geological Survey Bulletin 73, 254p. (p. 163)
    • Waratah-Wynyard municipality
R Bottrill, unpub MRT rept
Anderson, P., Bottrill, R. & Davidson, P. (2002): Famous mineral localities: The Lord Brassey mine, Tasmania. Mineralogical Record 33, 321-332 .
    • West Coast municipality
      • Trial Harbour district
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      • Zeehan District
        • Dundas mineral field
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        • Mt Heemskirk mineral field
[Pyroaurite-2H] Bottrill R.S. & Baker, W.E. (2008) A Catalogue of Minerals of Tasmania. Tasmanian Geological Survey Bulletin 73, 254p. (p. 163)
        • North Dundas
          • Serpentine Hill
Bottrill R.S. & Baker, W.E. (2008) A Catalogue of Minerals of Tasmania. Tasmanian Geological Survey Bulletin 73, 254p. (p. 144)
    • West Tamar municipality
      • Beaconsfield district
R Bottrill,
  • Western Australia
    • Wiluna Shire
      • Lake Way Station
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      • Mount Keith
Grguric, B.A. (2003) Minerals of the MKD5 nickel deposit, Mount Keith, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Mineralogy, Vol. 9, No. 2 , pg. 55-71.
  • Lower Austria
    • Waldviertel
      • Persenbeug-Gottsdorf
peter neschen collection
Löffler, E. & Kolitsch, U. (2011): Die Mineralien der Loja bei Persenbeug, Niederösterreich (II). Mineralien-Welt. 22 (4): 51-62
  • Styria
    • Bad Radkersburg
      • Klöch
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    • Fischbacher Alpen
      • St. Jakob-Breitenau
        • Eibegggraben
Bojar, H.-P. & Postl, W. (2005)
    • Frohnleiten
      • Kirchdorf
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    • Kirchdorf
      • Traföß
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    • Knittelfeld
      • St Lorenzen bei Knittelfeld
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    • Leoben
      • Kraubath an der Mur
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  • Yambol Oblast
    • Tundzha Obshtina
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  • Nova Scotia
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  • Ontario
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    • Sudbury District
      • Reeves Township
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  • Québec
    • Abitibi-Témiscamingue
      • Abitibi RCM
        • La Motte
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    • Chaudière-Appalaches
      • Les Appalaches RCM
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    • Laurentides
      • Antoine-Labelle RCM
        • Notre-Dame-du-Laus
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      • Argenteuil RCM
        • Grenville-sur-la-Rouge
          • Kilmar
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    • Outaouais
      • Les Collines-de-l'Outaouais RCM
        • Chelsea
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        • Wakefield
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  • Yukon
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  • Western and Inner Finland Region
    • Siikainen
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  • Bavaria
    • Upper Palatinate
      • Winklarn
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  • Lower Saxony
    • Harz
      • Goslar
        • Grane Reservoir
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  • Saxony
    • Erzgebirge
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  • Aosta Valley
    • Montjovet
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  • Emilia-Romagna
    • Piacenza Province
      • Trebbia Valley
        • Coli
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  • Lombardy
    • Sondrio Province
      • Valtellina
        • Malenco Valley
          • Lanterna Valley
            • Lanzada
              • Vallone del Cengiaccio (Cengiaccio; Cengiàsc; Cengiasco)
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  • Piedmont
    • Torino Province
      • Canavese District
        • Léssolo
          • Cálea
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  • Sardinia
    • Cagliari Province
      • Teulada
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  • Trentino-Alto Adige (Trentino-Südtirol)
    • Trento Province
      • Lagarina Valley
        • Ala
          • Pilcante
"Giorgio Bortolozzi (visual identification)"
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          • San Valentino Valley
Giorgio Bortolozzi (visual identification)
"Giorgio Bortolozzi (visual identification)"
        • Terragnolo Valley
          • Terragnolo
"Giorgio Bortolozzi (visual identification)"
            • Borcola Pass
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A. Mattiello collection
  • Veneto
    • Vicenza Province
      • Astico Valley
        • Cogollo del Cengio
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        • Valdastico
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      • Laghi
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      • Posina
        • Borcola Pass
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        • Pasubio Massif
          • Punta della Lucche
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          • Sogli Bianchi
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      • Tonezza del Cimone
"Giorgio Bortolozzi (visual identification)"
  • Honshu Island
    • Chubu Region
      • Aichi Prefecture
        • Shinshiro city
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    • Kinki region
      • Mie Prefecture
        • Toba City
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  • Kyushu Region
    • Fukuoka prefecture
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  • Northern Kazakhstan Province (Soltüstik Qazaqstan Oblysy; Severo-Kazakhstanskaya Oblast')
    • Zlatogorsk
      • Zlatogorsk ultramafic intrusion
[Pyroaurite-2H] Pekov, I. (1998) Minerals First discovered on the territory of the former Soviet Union 369p. Ocean Pictures, Moscow
  • Drâa-Tafilalet Region
    • Ouarzazate Province
      • Tazenakht
XRD Paolo Orlandi (Pisa University)
          • Ightem
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  • Buskerud
    • Modum
      • Snarum
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  • Hordaland
    • Bergen
      • Arna
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  • Upper Silesia (Śląskie)
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  • Caraş-Severin Co.
    • Banat Mts
      • Ocna de Fier-Dognecea District
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  • Mehedinti Co.
    • Almas Mts
Gabor Koller specimen
  • Eastern-Siberian Region
    • Prebaikalia (Pribaikal'e)
      • Irkutskaya Oblast'
        • Zheleznogorsk (Korshunikha)
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  • Northern Region
    • Murmanskaja Oblast'
      • Kola Peninsula
        • Kovdor Massif
  • Urals Region
    • Middle Urals
      • Sverdlovskaya Oblast'
        • Asbest
Dana 7:I:654.
    • Southern Urals
      • Chelyabinsk Oblast'
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  • Asturias
    • Salas
      • Carlés
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Sweden (TL)
  • Värmland
    • Filipstad
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No reference listed
      • Persberg district
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Kjell Gatedal
        • Pajsberg
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  • Mediterranean Region
    • Burdur Province
      • Taurus Mts
        • Doganbaba
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  • Scotland
    • Buchan Grampian
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    • Shetland Islands
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[Specimen in the Natural History Museum, London]
        • Baltasound-Haroldswick area
BMS Database
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Dr Stephen Moreton collection.
Dr Stephen Moreton collection.
  • California
    • Fresno Co.
      • Diablo Range
        • New Idria District
          • Archer Camp
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    • San Benito Co.
      • Diablo Range
        • New Idria District
          • Picacho Peak
            • Clear Creek area
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    • San Francisco Co.
      • San Francisco
        • Duboce Street near Market Street
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    • Sonoma Co.
      • Healdsburg
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  • Iowa
    • Sioux Co.
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  • Maryland
    • Cecil Co.
      • State Line District
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  • New Jersey
    • Sussex Co.
      • Franklin Mining District
        • Ogdensburg
          • Sterling Hill
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Peter Chin
  • New York
    • New York City
      • Staten Island (Richmond Co.)
Collected by Steve Okulewicz
  • Pennsylvania
    • Lancaster Co.
      • State Line Chromite District
        • Fulton Township
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        • Little Britain Township
          • Texas
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    • Lebanon Co.
      • Cornwall Borough (Cornwall)
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  • Vermont
    • Orleans & Lamoille Cos.
      • Lowell & Eden
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