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Ca2Mn52+Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
Brown, red, orange, ...
Sub-Vitreous, Resinous, Greasy
Named in 1914 by František Slavik in honor of Mr. Woldemar Roscher [1866-1934], a pharmacist and mineral collector of Ehrenfriedersdorf, Saxony, Germany. Redefined as a beryllium-bearing mineral in 1958 by Marie Louise Lindberg.
Dimorph of:
Isostructural with:
Roscherite Group.

Occurs in cavities in granite or in complex zoned granitic pegmatites. Many roscherite localities are actually greifensteinite localities.

Classification of Roscherite

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)

D : Phosphates, etc. with additional anions, with H2O
A : With small (and occasionally larger) cations

7 : (AB)2(XO4)Zq·xH2O

19 : Phosphates
3 : Phosphates of Be and Mg

Physical Properties of Roscherite

Sub-Vitreous, Resinous, Greasy
Diaphaneity (Transparency):
Transparent, Translucent
Brown, red, orange, greenish gray; yellowish green to brown in transmitted light
May exhibit abnormal interference colours. Distinctly green roscherite may be iro-rich and be greifensteinite
Hardness (Mohs):
n {001}, good; on {010}, distinct.
May be slintery due to radial fibrous aggregates
2.90 - 2.97 g/cm3 (Measured)    2.77(8) g/cm3 (Calculated)

Optical Data of Roscherite

Biaxial (-)
RI values:
nα = 1.624 - 1.628 nβ = 1.639 - 1.644 nγ = 1.643 - 1.650
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.019 - 0.022
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness) and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
r > v very strong, crossed dispersion
Optical Extinction:
X=b, Y^c - -15°to 24°
X = Yellow to olive green
Y = Yellow-brown, greenish brown
Z = Chestnut brown
2V measured: large.

Chemical Properties of Roscherite

Ca2Mn52+Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
Elements listed in formula:

Crystallography of Roscherite

Crystal System:
Class (H-M):
2/m - Prismatic
Space Group:
Space Group Setting:
Cell Parameters:
a = 15.88 Å, b = 11.90 Å, c = 6.62 Å
β = 94.7°
a:b:c = 1.334 : 1 : 0.556
Unit Cell Volume:
V 1,246.79 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Short prismatic [001], with an eight-or six-sided cross section; also or flattened on {100} or {010} thin tabular, and elongated [010], with forms {010}, {110}, and {111}. Spherical to botryoidal aggregates and crusts with an internally firbous structure; pulverulent massive.
Monoclinic Space Group: C2/c, β = 94°42'. May be triclinic with space group C-1, with a = 15.921, b = 11.965, c = 6.741. α = 91°04', β = 94°21', γ = 89°59.5'.
X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data:
9.51 (90)
5.95 (100)
4.84 (40)
3.17 (80)
3.08 (2b)
2.788 (60)
2.644 (40)
Similar to zanazziite

Occurrences of Roscherite

Type Occurrence of Roscherite

Place of Conservation of Type Material:
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic: #6472. The Staatliche Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden
Natural History Museum, London, England: #1914,1381. U.S. National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C., USA: #R6219.
Geological Setting of Type Material:
Associated Minerals at Type Locality:

Relationship of Roscherite to other Species

Other Members of Group:
AtencioiteCa2Fe32+Mg2Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
FootemineiteCa2Mn2+Mn22+Mn22+Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
GreifensteiniteCa2Fe52+Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
GuimarãesiteCa2Be4Zn5(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
RuifrancoiteCa2(◻,Mn)2(Fe3+,Mn,Mg)4Be4(PO4)6(OH)4(OH,H2O)2 · 4H2O
ZanazziiteCa2Mg5Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
8.DA.05BearsiteBe2(AsO4)(OH) · 4H2O
8.DA.05MoraesiteBe2(PO4)(OH) · 4H2O
8.DA.10ZanazziiteCa2Mg5Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
8.DA.10GreifensteiniteCa2Fe52+Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
8.DA.10AtencioiteCa2Fe32+Mg2Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
8.DA.10RuifrancoiteCa2(◻,Mn)2(Fe3+,Mn,Mg)4Be4(PO4)6(OH)4(OH,H2O)2 · 4H2O
8.DA.10GuimarãesiteCa2Be4Zn5(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
8.DA.10FootemineiteCa2Mn2+Mn22+Mn22+Be4(PO4)6(OH)4 · 6H2O
8.DA.15UraloliteCa2Be4(PO4)3(OH)3 · 5H2O
8.DA.20WeinebeneiteCaBe3(PO4)2(OH)2 · 4H2O
8.DA.25TiptopiteK2(Na,Ca)2Li3Be6(PO4)6(OH)2 · H2O
8.DA.30Veszelyite(Cu,Zn)2Zn(PO4)2 · 2H2O
8.DA.35Kipushite(Cu,Zn)5Zn(PO4)2(OH)6 · H2O
8.DA.35Philipsburgite(Cu,Zn)6(AsO4,PO4)2(OH)6 · H2O
8.DA.40SpenceriteZn4(PO4)2(OH)2 · 3H2O
8.DA.45GlucineCaBe4(PO4)2(OH)4 · 0.5H2O
19.3.1MoraesiteBe2(PO4)(OH) · 4H2O
19.3.5GlucineCaBe4(PO4)2(OH)4 · 0.5H2O
19.3.6FransoletiteCa3Be2(PO4)2(HPO4)2 · 4H2O
19.3.7UraloliteCa2Be4(PO4)3(OH)3 · 5H2O
19.3.9PahasapaiteLi8(Ca,Li,K)10.5Be24(PO4)24 · 38H2O
19.3.10TiptopiteK2(Na,Ca)2Li3Be6(PO4)6(OH)2 · H2O
19.3.11GainesiteNa(Na,K)(Be,Li)Zr2(PO4)4 · 1.5-2H2O
19.3.13FaheyiteBe2Mn2+Fe23+(PO4)4 · 6H2O
19.3.17NewberyiteMg(HPO4) · 3H2O
19.3.18PhosphorrössleriteMg(HPO4) · 7H2O
19.3.19BobierriteMg3(PO4)2 · 8H2O
19.3.20Barićite(Mg,Fe)3(PO4)2 · 8H2O
19.3.22Dittmarite(NH4)Mg(PO4) · H2O
19.3.23Struvite(NH4)Mg(PO4) · 6H2O
19.3.24Hannayite(NH4)2Mg3H4(PO4)4 · 8H2O

Other Names for Roscherite

Name in Other Languages:
Simplified Chinese:水磷铍锰石
Traditional Chinese:水磷鈹錳石

Other Information

Not fluorescent in UV
Other Information:
Soluble in acids.
Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for Roscherite

Reference List:
Slavík (1914) Česká Akademie véd a umĕnē u Praze - Bull. intern. ac. sc. Bohême, no. 4.

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Internet Links for Roscherite URL:
Please feel free to link to this page.

Localities for Roscherite

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
(TL) indicates type locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) indicates first recorded locality for everything else. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
  • Carinthia
    • Koralpe
      • Moschkogel - Weinebene area
        • Brandrücken
G. Niedermayr, I. Praetzel: Mineralien Kärntens, 1995
  • Minas Gerais
    • Água Boa
Dunn, P.J., Leavens, P.B., Sturman, B.D.,Gaines, R.V. & Barbosa, C. d. P. (1978): Hureaulite and Barbosalite from Lavra do Criminoso, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Mineralogical Record. 9: 147-151
    • Conselheiro Pena
Canadian Mlneralogist Vol. 20, pp. 87-89 (1982)
    • Divino das Laranjeiras
      • Linópolis
Cassedanne, J.P. (1983): Famous mineral localities: The Córrego Frio mine and vicinity, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Mineralogical Record, 14 (4): 227-237
    • Galiléia
      • Laranjeiras
[MinRec 12:69]
      • Sapucaia do Norte
Cassedanne, J.P. & Baptista, A. (1999): Famous Mineral Localities: The Sapucaia Pegmatite Minas Gerais, Brazil. Mineralogical Record, 30: 347-360 + 365.
    • Itinga
      • Jenipapo district
Roberto Bosi collection
      • Monte Belo
      • Taquaral
[MinRec 21:413]; Moore, P. B., & Ito, J. (1978). I, Whiteite, a new species, and a proposed nomenclature for the jahnsite-whiteite complex series; II, New data on xanthoxenite; III, Salmonsite discredited. Mineralogical Magazine, 42(323), 309-323.
  • Haskovo Oblast (Khaskovo Oblast)
    • Mineralni Bani Obshtina
      • Spachievo ore field (Spahievo ore field)
Germany (TL)
  • Saxony
    • Erzgebirge
      • Ehrenfriedersdorf
Slavik, F. (1914): Neue Phosphate vom Greifenstein bei Ehrenfriedersdorf.- Bulletin international de l’ Academie des Sciences de Bohéme, 19, 1-16; Palache, C., Berman, H., & Frondel, C. (1951), The System of Mineralogy of James Dwight Dana and Edward Salisbury Dana, Yale University 1837-1892, Volume II: 783, 969.
      • Schmiedeberg
Frank Zschäbitz, Walter Hajek, Roland Stenzel (2011) Neufunde von Kolbeckit, Hübnerit und Roscherit aus Sadisdorf, Sachsen. Lapis, 36, #7-8, 37-39.
  • Lombardy
    • Lecco Province
      • Colico
        • Piona Peninsula
Vignola, P., Fransolet, A.M., Guastoni, A. & Appiani, R. (2011). Le pegmatiti di Piona. Recenti studi sui filoni Malpensata, Luna e Sommafiume. Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, 1/2011, 30-38
  • Guarda District
    • Sabugal
      • Bendada
Schnorrer-Köhler (1991), Mineral Occurrences.
  • England
    • Cornwall
      • Callington District
        • Calstock
          • Gunnislake
            • Clitters United Mines
Clark, A.M., Fejer, E.E., Couper, A.G., von Knorring, O., Turner, R.W., and Barstow, R.W. (1983): Mineralogical Magazine 47, 81-83; Golley, P., and Williams, R. (1995): Cornish Mineral Reference Manual. Endsleigh Publications (Truro), 104 pp.
  • Connecticut
    • Middlesex Co.
      • East Hampton (Chatham)
        • Cobalt
Rocks & Min.: 70:403
  • Maine
    • Cumberland Co.
      • Baldwin
        • West Baldwin
Thompson, W.B., et,al., 2000, Rocks & Minerals, vol. 75, no. 6, pgs 408-418; Mineral News (2000) 16:1 pp1,4,5
    • Oxford Co.
      • Buckfield
King, V. and Foord, E., 1994, Mineralogy of Maine, V. 1, King, V. (ed.), 2000, Mineralogy of Maine, V. 2.
      • Newry
Dunn, P.J. & Gaines, R.V. (1978): Uralolite from the Dunton Gem Mine, Newry, Maine: A second occurrence. Mineralogical Record 9(2), 99-100
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      • Paris
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      • Rumford
King & Foord, 1994. Mineralogy of Maine, V. 1.; King and Foord, 2000, Addenda to Volume 1, Mineralogy of Maine, v. 2.
  • New Hampshire
    • Grafton Co.
      • Alexandria
Rocks & Minerals (2005) 80:242-261 New Hampshire Mineral Locality Index
      • Groton
Rocks & Minerals (2005) 80:242-261 New Hampshire Mineral Locality Index
No reference listed
    • Sullivan Co.
      • Newport
Rocks & Minerals (2005) 80:242-261 New Hampshire Mineral Locality Index
  • North Carolina
    • Cleveland Co.
      • Kings Mountain District
Am Min 54 (1969), 1467-1469; Rocks and Minerals, (1985) 60:76-82; Carolina Geological Society Field Trip Guidebook 1981, 39-48
    • Gaston Co.
      • Bessemer City
Kenny Gay Collection
  • South Dakota
    • Custer Co.
      • Custer District
        • Fourmile
Rocks & Minerals: 60: 117; Rocks & Minerals: 79: 342.
  • Tennessee
    • Sevier Co.
      • East Fork District
        • East Fork Mine (East Fork manganese mine)
Travis A. Paris (2011) Tennessee mineral locality index. Rocks & Minerals, 86, #4, 300-328.
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