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Alfred Schoep
(UO2)8O2(OH)12 · 12H2O
Amber-yellow, ...
Adamantine, Sub-Adamantine, Vitreous
Member of:
Named by Thomas Leonard Walker in 1923 in honour of Alfred Schoep (born in Ghent on 6 June 1881, died in Ghent, 1 June 1966) Professor of Mineralogy, University of Ghent, Belgium.
May originate as a dehydration product of ianthinite, and may itself dehydrate to metaschoepite and, subsequently, to paulscherrerite.

Classification of Schoepite

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)

4 : OXIDES (Hydroxides, V[5,6] vanadates, arsenites, antimonites, bismuthites, sulfites, selenites, tellurites, iodates)
G : Uranyl Hydroxides
A : Without additional cations

2 : AXO3·xH2O

7 : Oxides and Hydroxides
16 : Oxides of U

Physical Properties of Schoepite

Adamantine, Sub-Adamantine, Vitreous
Diaphaneity (Transparency):
Amber-yellow, lemon-yellow, or sulphur-yellow
Hardness (Mohs):
{001} perfect; {010} poor
4.8 g/cm3 (Measured)    4.83 g/cm3 (Calculated)

Optical Data of Schoepite

Biaxial (-)
RI values:
nα = 1.690 - 1.700 nβ = 1.714 - 1.720 nγ = 1.735
Measured: 89°
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.045
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness) and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
weak to moderate
Optical Extinction:
X = c = Colourless
Y = b = Lemon-yellow
Z = a = Lemon-yellow

Chemical Properties of Schoepite

(UO2)8O2(OH)12 · 12H2O
Elements listed in formula:

Crystallography of Schoepite

Crystal System:
Class (H-M):
mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) - Dipyramidal
Space Group:
Space Group Setting:
Cell Parameters:
a = 14.33 Å, b = 16.79 Å, c = 14.73 Å
a:b = 0.853 : 1 : 0.877
Unit Cell Volume:
V 3,544.05 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Usually tabular {001}; also equant or short prismatic [001].
P21ca (non-standard setting); pseudo-Pbca (Finch et al., 1997).
X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data:
7.28 (100)
5.08 (70)
3.66 (10)
3.51 (10)
3.44 (20)
3.22 (10)
2.89 (10)
2.54 (19)
ICDD 13-407

Type Occurrence of Schoepite

Geological Setting of Type Material:
Oxidized zone of a copper-uranium deposit

Relationship of Schoepite to other Species

Member of:
Other Members of Group:
MetaschoepiteUO3 · 1-2H2O
Common Associates:
4.GA.05MetaschoepiteUO3 · 1-2H2O
4.GA.05ParaschoepiteUO3 · 2H2O
4.GA.10IanthiniteU4+(UO2)5O7 · 10H2O
4.GA.15MetastudtiteUO4 · 2H2O
4.GA.15Studtite[(UO2)(O2)(H2O)2] · H2O
7.16.3ParaschoepiteUO3 · 2H2O
7.16.4MetaschoepiteUO3 · 1-2H2O
7.16.5MetastudtiteUO4 · 2H2O
7.16.6Studtite[(UO2)(O2)(H2O)2] · H2O
7.16.7IanthiniteU4+(UO2)5O7 · 10H2O
7.16.8CompreignaciteK2(UO2)6O4(OH)6 · 7H2O
7.16.11BecquereliteCa(UO2)6O4(OH)6 · 8H2O
7.16.13AgrinieriteK2(Ca,Sr)[(UO2)3O3(OH)2]2 · 5H2O
7.16.14ProtasiteBa(UO2)3O3(OH)2 · 3H2O
7.16.15BillietiteBa(UO2)6O4(OH)6 · 4-8H2O
7.16.16BauranoiteBa(UO2)2(OH)6 · 1-2H2O
7.16.17Metacalciouranoite(Ca,Ba,Pb,K2)U2O7 · 2H2O
7.16.18Calciouranoite(Ca,Ba,Pb)U2O7 · 5H2O
7.16.24FourmarieritePb(UO2)4O3(OH)4 · 4H2O
7.16.25Richetite(Fe3+,Mg)Pb 8.6(UO2)36O36(OH)24•41H2O
7.16.26CuritePb3(UO2)8O8(OH)6 · 3H2O
7.16.27MasuyitePb(UO2)3O3(OH)2 · 3H2O
7.16.28VandendriesscheitePbU7O22 · 12H2O
7.16.29MetavandendriesscheitePbU7O22 · nH2O n < 12
7.16.30SayritePb2(UO2)5O6(OH)2 · 4H2O
7.16.31Wölsendorfite(Pb,Ca)U2O7 · 2H2O
7.16.32Clarkeite(Na,Ca,Pb)(UO2)O(OH) · 0-1H2O

Other Names for Schoepite

Name in Other Languages:

Other Information

Pale green SW and LW
Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for Schoepite

Reference List:
Walker, T.L. (1923) Schoepite, a new uranium mineral from Kasolo, Belgian Congo. American Mineralogist: 8: 67-69.

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Jang, J.-H., Dempsey, B.A., Burgos, W.D. (2006) Solubility of schoepite: Comparison and selection of complexation constants for U(VI). Water Research: 40: 2738-2746.

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Localities for Schoepite

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
(TL) indicates type locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) indicates first recorded locality for everything else. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
  • Córdoba
    • Punilla Department
      • Tanti
        • Cerro Blanco pegmatite district
Mr. Nelson Valenzuela.
  • Northern Territory
    • Coomalie Shire
      • Batchelor
        • Rum Jungle
D.A.Berkman (1968) The Geology of the Rum Jungle Uranium Deposit. Symposium on Uranium in Australia pg. 12-31
  • South Australia
    • Flinders Ranges
      • North Flinders Ranges
        • Arkaroola Region (Arkaroola Station)
          • Mt Painter area
2003, Brugger, J., Ansermet, S. & Pring, A. ' Uranium minerals from Mt Painter, Northern Flinders ranges, South Australia' Australian Journal of Mineralogy, vol. 9, n°1, pp 15-31
  • Tasmania
    • Northern Midlands municipality
      • Rossarden district
Bottrill & Baker (in prep) Catalogue of minerals of Tasmania
  • Northwest Territories
    • Mackenzie District
L. I. Cowan (1962): Cuprosklodowskite, kasolite and schoepite from Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada. Can. Mineral. 7, 331-332.
  • Nova Scotia
    • Cumberland Co.
A.K. Chatterjee, "Uranium Mineralization at McLean Point, Cumberland County", Nova Scotia Dept. Mines Report 77-1, 1977.
  • Ontario
    • Haliburton Co.
      • Cardiff Township
Reiner Mielke and Travis Olds
  • Guangdong Province
    • Shaoguan Prefecture
      • Wengyuan Co.
Long Lu, Fanrong Chen, and Rucheng Wang (2006): Geological Review 71(4), 562-569
Czech Republic
  • Bohemia (Böhmen; Boehmen)
    • Central Bohemia Region
      • Příbram
        • Háje
Plášil, J. et al.: Supergenní mineralizace z haldy šachty č. 16 Příbram - Háje. Bulletin mineralogicko-petrografického oddělení Národního muzea v Praze, 2008, vol. 16, 1, 43-55.
(Pavel Škácha coll.)
    • Karlovy Vary Region
      • Krušné Hory Mts (Erzgebirge)
        • Jáchymov District (St Joachimsthal)
Lapis 2002(7/8), 63-65
            • Svornost Mine (Einigkeit Mine)
Plášil, J., Veselovský, F., Hloušek, J., Škoda, R., Novák, M., Sejkora, J., Čejka, J., Škácha, P., Kasatkin, A.V. (2014): Mathesiusite, K5(UO2)4(SO4)4(VO5)(H2O)4, a new uranyl vanadate-sulfate from Jáchymov, Czech Republic. American Mineralogist, 99, 625-632.
    • Ústí Region
      • Krušné Hory Mts (Erzgebirge)
        • Klášterec nad Ohří
No reference listed
- Hyrsl, J. & Korbel, P. (2009): Tschechien & Slowakei, Mineralien und Fundstellen. Page 60-75.
Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre)
  • Katanga (Shaba)
    • Katanga Copper Crescent
      • Kolwezi District
        • Kamoto
        • Kolwezi
No reference listed
Rob Lavinsky specimen
      • Shinkolobwe
Am Min 50 (1965), 235; Can Min 34 (1996), 1071
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    • Loire
      • Saint-Just-en-Chevalet
        • Saint-Priest-la-Prugne
Le Règne Minéral, Hors Série IV, 1998
J.-J. Périchaud: "Où trouver les minéraux d'Auvergne", Vol. 1, Editions l'Instant Durable (Clermont-Ferrand), 1985, p. 92
    • Puy-de-Dôme
      • Puy-Guillaume
        • Lachaux
Le Règne Minéral, Hors Série IV, 1998
  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine
    • Corrèze
      • Davignac
Patrice Queneau Collection
    • Deux-Sèvres
      • La Chapelle Largeau
Le Cahier des micromonteurs, 2002, N°75, pp 8-25
      • Saint-Amand-sur-Sèvre
Le Cahier des micromonteurs, 2002, N°75, pp 8-25
    • Haute-Vienne
      • Compreignac
Le Règne Minéral, Hors Série IV, 1998
Le Règne Minéral, Hors Série IV (1998)
  • Occitanie
    • Hérault
      • Lodève
Le Règne Minéral, Hors Série IV (1998)
[Le Cahier des Micromonteurs, 1998, 2, p.13-26]
[Le Règne Minéral 1997, 13, p.5-18]; Bariand, P., Bachet, B., Brassy, C., Medenbach, O., Deliens, M., Vautier, R., & Piret, P. (1993) A New Uranium Mineral from the Talmessi Mine, Iran, and Rabejac, France. Mineralogical Record: 24: 463-467
Le Règne Minéral, Hors Série IV (1998)
  • Haut-Ogooué Province
    • Franceville
Janusz Janeczek (1999) Mineralogy and geochemistry of natural fission reactors in Gabon. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, MSA, v. 38, p. 321-392
  • Baden-Württemberg
    • Black Forest
      • Baden-Baden
        • Müllenbach U deposit
K. Walenta: "Die Mineralien des Schwarzwaldes", Weise (Munich), 1992
      • Menzenschwand
Walenta: "Die Mineralien des Schwarzwaldes", Weise (Munich), 1992
      • Wolfach
        • Oberwolfach
          • Rankach valley
Walenta, K. (1992): Die Mineralien des Schwarzwaldes. Chr. Weise Verlag, München, 336 pp. (in German)
  • Bavaria
    • Upper Palatinate
      • Wölsendorf Fluorite Mining District
        • Wölsendorf East District
          • Schwarzach bei Nabburg
            • Wölsendorf
No reference listed
  • Rhineland-Palatinate
    • Hunsrück
      • Birkenfeld
        • Ellweiler
Aufschluss 69/(7+8), Lapis 79/(7+8)
  • Saxony
    • Erzgebirge
Lapis 30(7/8):78-80 (2005)
  • Baranya Co.
    • Mecsek Mts
Szakáll & Jánosi: minerals of hungary, 1995
Szakáll & Jánosi: Minerals of Hungary, 1995
  • Lombardy
    • Bergamo Province
      • Seriana Valley
        • Valgoglio
Daniele Ravagnani - I giacimenti uraniferi italiani - Gruppo Min. Lombardo - Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milani, 1974
    • Sondrio Province
      • Valchiavenna
        • Novate Mezzola
          • Codera Valley
De Michele V., Zezza U. (1979) - Le pegmatidi dell'alta Val codera (Sondrio) nell'area di Punta trubinasca - Atti Soc. Ital. Sc. nat., Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano, Vol. 120, n. 1-2, pp. 180-194
  • Piedmont
    • Cuneo Province
      • Roburent
        • San Giacomo
          • I Cardin
Piccoli, G.C., Maletto, G., Bosio, P., Lombardo, B. (2007): MInerali del Piemonte e della Valle d'Aosta. Associazione Amici del Museo " F. Eusebio" Alba, Ed., Alba (Cuneo) 607 pp.
    • Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Province
      • Ossola Valley
        • Antrona Valley
          • Montescheno
Piccoli, G.C., Maletto, G., Bosio, P., Lombardo, B. (2007): Minerali del Piemonte e della Valle d'Aosta. Associazione Amici del Museo "F. Eusebio" Alba, Ed., Alba (Cuneo) 607 pp.
  • Sardinia
    • Cagliari Province
      • Capoterra
luigi chiapino
  • Trentino-Alto Adige (Trentino-Südtirol)
    • Trento Province
      • Giudicarie Valleys
        • Chiese Valley
          • Condino
Campostrini, I., Demartin, F., & Gramaccioli, C. M. (2006). Rio Giulis. Minerali secondari del giacimento uranifero presso Condino, Trento. Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, 30(3), 152-165.
          • Daone
            • Daone Valley
              • Limes
Campostrini, I., Demartin, F., Gramaccioli, C.M. (2005): Val Daone. Minerali secondari del giacimento uranifero presso Limes, Daone (TN). Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, 4/2005, 228-240.
        • Rendena Valley
          • Bocenago & Spiazzo
- Ravagnani D.(1974): I giacimenti uraniferi italiani e i loro minerali. Gruppo Mineralogico Italiano Ed., Milano (pagg.188).
  • Honshu Island
    • Chugoku Region
      • Okayama Prefecture
Akira Kato (1973) Sakurai Koubutsu Hyohon, 34.
  • Chihuahua
    • Mun. de Aldama
      • Peña Blanca District
        • Sierra Peña Blanca
Murphy (2006)
New Zealand
  • South Island
    • Buller River
Christie & Brathwaite, (2000) NZ Mineral Commodity Report 19 - Beryllium, Gallium, Lithium, Magnesium, Uranium and Zirconium
  • Aust-Agder
    • Evje og Hornnes
Neumann, H. (1985): Norges Mineraler. Norges geologiske Undersøkelse Skrifter 68, p. 89
Neumann, H. (1985): Norges Mineraler. Norges geologiske Undersøkelse Skrifter 68, p. 89
  • Eastern-Siberian Region
    • Transbaikalia (Zabaykalye)
      • Chitinskaya Oblast'
        • Krasnokamensk
Pavel M. Kartashov data
  • Northern Caucasus Region
    • Stavropol'skiy Kray
      • Pyatigorsk
Pavel M. Kartashov data
  • Grischun (Grisons; Graubünden)
    • Bregaglia Valley (Bergell)
      • Albigna Valley
Stalder, H. A., Wagner, A., Graeser, S. and Stuker, P. (1998): "Mineralienlexikon der Schweiz", Wepf (Basel), p. 364.
  • Wallis (Valais)
    • Le Trient Valley
      • Les Marécottes
- Meisser, N. (2012): La minéralogie de l'uranium dans le massif des Aiguilles Rouges. Matér. Géol. Suisse, Sér. géotech. 96, 183 p.
  • Viloyati Sogd (Viloyati Sughd; Viloyati Khodzhent; Viloyati Leninabad)
    • Khodzhent (Leninabad)
Pekov, I. (1998) Minerals First discovered on the territory of the former Soviet Union 369p. Ocean Pictures, Moscow
  • Scotland
    • Dumfries & Galloway
      • Dalbeattie
Livingstone, 2002, p. 182
      • Needle's Eye
BMS Database; R. S. W. Braithwaite and J. R. Knight (1990) Rare Minerals, Including Several New to Britain, in Supergene Alteration of U-Cu-As-Bi-Co Mineralisation Near Dalbeattie, South Scotland. Mineralogical Magazine 54:129-131.
  • Kiev Oblast' (Kyiv Oblast'; Kyivshchyna)
    • Ivankiv Raion
      • Pripyat
Burakov, B.E., Strykanova, E.E., Anderson, E.B. (): Secondary Uranium Minerals on the Surface of Chernobyl “Lava”. MRS Proceedings: 465; :
  • Arizona
    • Apache Co.
      • Navajo Indian Reservation
        • Monument Valley
          • Yazzi Mesa
            • Monument No. 2 channel
Anthony, J.W., et al (1995), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed.: 364; Frondel, C. (1956), Mineral composition of gummite, Am.Min.: 41: 539-568; Frondel, C. (1958), Systematic mineralogy of uranium and thorium, USGS Bull. 1064: 78.
    • Coconino Co.
      • Cameron District
Bollin, E. M., & Kerr, P. F. (1958). Uranium mineralization near Cameron, Arizona. In Guidebook of the Black Mesa Basin, northern Arizona: New Mexico Geological Society, 9th Field Conference Society Guidebook (Vol. 9, pp. 161-168).
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    • Yavapai Co.
      • Bradshaw Mts (Bradshaw Range)
        • Castle Creek District
Anthony, J.W., et al (1995), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed.: 364; Granger, H.C. & R.B. Raup (1962), Recon. Study of Uranium deposits in AZ, USGS Bull. 1147-A: A44-A46.
  • Colorado
    • Fremont Co.
      • Devils Hole Area
Minerals of Colorado (1997) E.B. Eckels
Minerals of Colorado (1997) E.B. Eckels
    • Gunnison Co.
      • Marshall Pass District
Minerals of Colorado (1997) E.B. Eckels
    • Mesa Co.
Minerals of Colorado (1997) Eckels, E. B.
    • Moffat Co.
      • Maybell District
        • Maybell Mines
Minerals of Colorado (1997) Eckels, E. B.
Minerals of Colorado (1997) Eckels, E. B.
    • Park Co.
      • Lake George (Badger Flats) Area
Minerals of Colorado (1997) Eckels, E. B.
    • Saguache Co.
      • Marshall Pass District
Minerals of Colorado (1997) Eckels, E. B.; Am Min 50:909-923; Am Min 50:909-923
  • Maine
    • Androscoggin Co.
      • Poland
King, V. T. and Foord, E. E., 1994, Mineralogy of Maine, Descriptive Mineralogy, volume 1, Maine Geological Survey, Augusta, Maine, USA, pp. 418 + 88 plates.
    • Oxford Co.
      • Albany
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King, V. (ed.), 2009, Maine feldspar, Families, and Feuds
      • Buckfield
Fred Davis discovery specimen and photograph
      • Newry
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King, V. T., 2006, Minerals of Halls Ridge and Plumbago-Puzzle Mountain, Newry, ... Maine, Mineral News, v. 22(6): p. 1-3.
      • Peru
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    • Sagadahoc Co.
      • Topsham
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  • New Hampshire
    • Grafton Co.
      • Grafton
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      • Groton
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    • Sullivan Co.
      • Acworth
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  • New Mexico
    • Cibola Co.
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NMBMMR Memoir 15 Geology and Technology of the Grants Uranium Region
  • North Carolina
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      • Spruce Pine District
        • Spruce Pine
Curt segeler
  • Texas
    • Karnes Co.
Smith, A.E. (1991), Texas Mineral Locations Index, Rocks & Min.: 66(3).
  • Utah
    • Emery Co.
      • San Rafael District (San Rafael Swell)
        • Delta
UGMS Bull 117 Minerals and Mineral Localities of Utah; Page, L. R.; Stocking, H. E.; Smith, H. B. (1956) Contributions to the geology of uranium and thorium by the United States Geological Survey and Atomic Energy Commission for the United Nations International Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Geneva, Switzerland, 1955. USGS Professional Paper 300 pp263-279
        • Green Vein Mesa
UGMS Bull 117 Minerals and Mineral Localities of Utah
    • San Juan Co.
UGMS Bull 117 Minerals and Mineral Localities of Utah
        • Red Canyon
UGMS Bull 117 Minerals and Mineral Localities of Utah
        • White Canyon
          • Deer Flat
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Min News 16:1 p1
    • Wayne Co.
      • Fremont District
        • Fruita
UGMS Bull 117 Minerals and Mineral Localities of Utah
  • Wyoming
    • Fremont Co.
      • Gas Hills District
Am Min 51:1567-1578
  • Namangan Viloyati
    • Chatkal-Kuraminskii Range
      • Pap
Frost, R. L., Cejka, J., & Dickfos, M. J. (2009). Raman spectroscopic study of the uranyl minerals vanmeersscheite U (OH) 4 [(UO2) 3 (PO4) 2 (OH) 2]. 4H2O and arsenouranylite Ca (UO2)[(UO2) 3 (AsO4) 2 (OH) 2].(OH) 2.6 H2O. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 71(5), 1799-1803.
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