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7½ - 8
Member of:
Named after Sergei Mikhailovich Stishov, Crystallographer, Institute of Crystallography, Academy of Sciences, Moscow (Russia) who synthesized the compound.
Rutile Group.

A high-pressure polymorph of SiO2. Found as microscopic grains in impact craters and in ultra-high pressure rocks.

Classification of Stishovite


4 : OXIDES (Hydroxides, V[5,6] vanadates, arsenites, antimonites, bismuthites, sulfites, selenites, tellurites, iodates)
D : Metal: Oxygen = 1:2 and similar
A : With small cations: Silica family

4 : AX2

7 : Oxides and Hydroxides
8 : Oxides of Si

Physical Properties of Stishovite

Diaphaneity (Transparency):
Hardness (Mohs):
7½ - 8
Hardness (Vickers):
VHN100=1700 - 2800 kg/mm2
Synthetic; 2080 parallel to [001], 1700 perpendicular [001]
4.35 g/cm3 (Measured)    4.29 g/cm3 (Calculated)
Synthetic material

Optical Data of Stishovite

Uniaxial (+)
RI values:
nω = 1.799 - 1.800 nε = 1.826 - 1.845
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.027
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness) and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
Very High

Chemical Properties of Stishovite

Elements listed in formula:

Crystallography of Stishovite

Crystal System:
Class (H-M):
4/mmm (4/m 2/m 2/m) - Ditetragonal Dipyramidal
Space Group:
Cell Parameters:
a = 4.1772(7) Å, c = 2.6651(4) Å
a:c = 1 : 0.638
Unit Cell Volume:
V 46.50 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Aggregates of submicron particles.
Synthetic material

Occurrences of Stishovite

Type Occurrence of Stishovite

Relationship of Stishovite to other Species

Member of:
Other Members of Group:
4.DA.Carbon Dioxide IceCO2
4.DA.10OpalSiO2 · nH2O
4.DA.20MogániteSiO2 · nH2O
4.DA.25MelanophlogiteC2H17O5 · Si46O92
7.8.7SilhydriteSi3O6 · H2O
7.8.8OpalSiO2 · nH2O
7.8.9MogániteSiO2 · nH2O

Other Names for Stishovite

Name in Other Languages:

Other Information

Thermal Behaviour:
Forms at > 1200C and ~100 kilobars. Metastable, alters above 300C.
Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

References for Stishovite

Reference List:
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Localities for Stishovite

map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
(TL) indicates type locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) indicates first recorded locality for everything else. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
  • Sahara Desert
Shohei Kaneko, Eiji Ohtani, Masaaki Miyahara, Takeshi Sakai, Masahiro Kayama, Hirotsugu Nishido, Yasuo Oishi, Naohisa Hirao (2011) Dynamic event recorded in a lunar meteorite NWA 4734. Japan Geooscience Union Meeting Makuhari, Chiba Japan.
  • Mato Grosso
    • Juína
Cid, J. P., Nardi, L. V. S., Cid, C. P., Gisbert, P. E., & Balzaretti, N. M. (2014). Acid compositions in a veined-lower mantle, as indicated by inclusions of (K, Na)-Hollandite+ SiO 2 in diamonds. Lithos, 196, 42-53.
  • Matruh Governorate
    • East Uweinat Desert
Gian Paolo Sighinolfi, Chiara Elmi, Romano Serra, and Gabriele Contini (2014): High density silica phases as evidence of small-scale hypervelocity impacts: the Gebel Kamil Crater (Egypt). Periodico di Mineralogia 83, 299-312.
  • Baden-Württemberg
    • Nördlinger Ries Crater
      • Unterschneidheim
        • Zipplingen
Stähle, V., Altherr, R., Koch, M., and Nasdala, L. (2008): Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 155, 457-472.
  • Bavaria
    • Swabia
      • Nördlinger Ries Crater
        • Nördlingen
Stähle, V., Altherr, R., Koch, M., and Nasdala, L. (2008): Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 155, 457-472.
  • Maharashtra
    • Buldhana District
Handbook of Mineralogy - Anthony, Bideaux, Bladh, Nichols
  • Souss-Massa Region
    • Tata Province
Baziotis, I. P., Liu, Y., DeCarli, P. S., Melosh, H. J., McSween, H. Y., Bodnar, R. J., & Taylor, L. A. (2013). The Tissint Martian meteorite as evidence for the largest impact excavation. Nature Communications, 4, 1404.
  • ZZZ_localities_to_be_precised_in_Morocco
Barrat, J. A., Gillet, P., Sautter, V., Jambon, A., Javoy, M., Göpel, C., ... & Petit, E. (2001). The basaltic shergottite North West Africa 480: Petrology and geochemistry. Meteoritics and Planetary Science Supplement, 36, 14.
  • Katsina State
Zhidong Xie et al. , Lunar and Planetary Science XXXVI (2005), 1216.pdf
  • Yobe State
    • Bogga Dingare
Garvie, L. A. J.; Németh, P.; Buseck, P. R. (2011). Diamond, Bucky-Diamond, Graphite-Diamond, Al-Silicate, and Stishovite in the Gujba CB Chondrite. 74th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, held August 8-12, 2011 in London, UK. Published in Meteoritics and Planetary Science Supplement, id. #5227.
  • Far-Eastern Region
    • Koriak Autonomous Okrug
      • Koryak Upland (Koriak; Koriakskhiye)
        • Iomrautvaam Massif
          • Chetkinvaiam tectonic melange
            • Khatyrka river
              • Listvenitovyi stream
Bindi, L., Steinhardt, P.J., Yao, N., Lu, P.J. (2011) Icosahedrite, Al63Cu24Fe13, the first natural quasicrystal. American Mineralogist, 96, 928-931.
South Africa
  • Free State Province
    • Fezile Dabi District
Cairncross, B. and Dixon, R., (1995) Minerals of South Africa. The Geological Society of South Africa.
  • Norrbotten
    • Pajala
      • Kitkiöjärvi
Holtstam, D., Broman, C., Söderhielm, J., Dan; Broman, C.; Söderhielm, J.; Zetterqvist, A. (2003): First discovery of stishovite in an iron meteorite. Meteoritics & Planetary Science (Meteoritical Society). 38 (11): 1579–1583
  • Arizona
    • Coconino Co.
      • Winslow
Anthony, J.W., et al (1995), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed.: 383; Chao, E.C.T., et al (1962), Stishovite, a very high pressure new mineral from Meteor Crater, AZ, Jour. Geophys. Res.: 67: 419-421; Fahey, J.J. (1964), Recovery of coesite and stishovite from Coconino Sandstone of Meteor Crater, AZ, Am.Min.: 49: 1643-1647; Bohn, E. & W. Stöber (1966), Coesit und Stishovit als isolierte natürliche Mineralien, Neues Jahrb. Min.: 89-96; Gigl, P.D. & F. Dachille (1968), Effect of pressure and temperature on the reversal transitions of stishovite, Meteorites: 4: 123-136; J. Geophys. Res. 67 (1962), 419.
  • Indiana
    • Newton Co.
      • Kentland (Kent)
  • New Mexico
    • Colfax Co.
Minerals of New Mexico 3rd ed.
  • Oklahoma
    • Johnston Co.
  • Texas
    • Randall Co.
Zhidong Xie et al. , Lunar and Planetary Science XXXVI (2005), 1216.pdf
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