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Zeolite Group

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A group name for a large number of framework alumosilicates (and, rarely, beryllosilicates, zincosilicates, beryllophosphates) which are built of corner-linked tetrahedra and contain exchangeable cations; several of these minerals have important technical applications.
Several subgroups are distinguished (e.g. Natrolite Subgroup).

The current IMA-approved nomenclature is reported in Coombs et al. (1997).

Note: Tvedalite may also belong to the Zeolite Group (presently uncertain since the crystal structure of the mineral has not been determined yet).

Other minerals often found associated with zeolites include:
Apophyllite, calcite, cavansite, prehnite, epidote, quartz, pyrite, clay minerals etc.

Classification of Zeolite Group

Group Name
First Published:

9 : SILICATES (Germanates)
G : Tektosilicates with zeolitic H2O; zeolite family
0 :

Relationship of Zeolite Group to other Species

Group Members:
Alflarsenite NaCa2Be3Si4O13(OH) · 2H2O
Amicite K2Na2Al4Si4O16 · 5H2O
Ammonioleucite (NH4,K)(AlSi2O6)
Analcime Na(AlSi2O6) · H2O
Barrerite (Na,K,Ca0.5)2[Al2Si7O18] · 7H2O
Bellbergite (K,Ba,Sr)2Sr2Ca2(Ca,Na)4[Al3Si3O12]6 · 30H2O
Bikitaite LiAlSi2O6 · H2O
Boggsite Ca8Na3(Si,Al)96O192 · 70H2O
Brewsterite-Ba (Ba,Sr)[Al2Si6O16] · 5H2O
Brewsterite-Sr (Sr,Ba,Ca)[Al2Si6O16] · 5H2O
Chabazite-Levyne Subgroup 
  Chabazite-Ca (Ca,K2,Na2)2[Al2Si4O12]2 · 12H2O
  Chabazite-K (K2,Ca,Na2,Sr,Mg)2[Al2Si4O12]2 · 12H2O
  Chabazite-Mg (Mg0.7K0.5Ca0.5Na0.1)[Al3Si9O24]·10H2O
  Chabazite-Na (Na2,K2,Ca,Sr,Mg)2[Al2Si4O12]2 · 12H2O
  Chabazite-Sr Sr2[Al2Si4O12]2 · 12H2O
  Lévyne-Ca (Ca,Na2,K2)[Al2Si4O12] · 6H2O
  Lévyne-Na (Na2,Ca,K2)[Al2Si4O12] · 6H2O
Chiavennite CaMnBe2Si5O13(OH)2 · 2H2O
  Clinoptilolite-Ca Ca3(Si30Al6)O72·20H2O
  Clinoptilolite-K K6(Si30Al6)O72·20H2O
  Clinoptilolite-Na Na6(Si30Al6)O72·20H2O
Cowlesite CaAl2Si3O10 · 6H2O
Dachiardite-Ca (Ca,Na2,K2)5Al10Si38O96 · 25H2O
Dachiardite-K K4(Si20Al4O48)·13H2O
Dachiardite-Na (Na2,Ca,K2)5Al10Si38O96 · 25H2O
Direnzoite NaK6MgCa2(Al13Si47O120) · 36H2O
Edingtonite Ba[Al2Si3O10] · 4H2O
Epistilbite CaAl2Si6O16 · 5H2O
  Erionite-Ca (Ca,K2,Na2)2[Al4Si14O36] · 15H2O
  Erionite-K (K2,Ca,Na2)2[Al4Si14O36] · 15H2O
  Erionite-Na (Na2,K2,Ca)2[Al4Si14O36] · 15H2O
Faujasite Subgroup 
  Faujasite-Ca (Ca,Na2,Mg)3.5[Al7Si17O48] · 32H2O
  Faujasite-Mg (Mg,Na2,Ca)3.5[Al7Si17O48] · 32H2O
  Faujasite-Na (Na2,Ca,Mg)3.5[Al7Si17O48] · 32H2O
  Ferrierite-K (K2,Na2,Mg,Ca)3-5Mg[Al5-7Si27.5-31O72] · 18H2O
  Ferrierite-Mg (Mg,Na2,K2,Ca)3-5Mg[Al5-7Si27.5-31O72] · 18H2O
  Ferrierite-Na (Na2,K2,Mg,Ca)3-5Mg[Al5-7Si27.5-31O72] · 18H2O
Ferrochiavennite Ca1-2Fe[(Si,Al,Be)5Be2O13(OH)2] · 2H2O
Flörkeite (K3Ca2Na)[Al8Si8O32] · 12H2O
Garronite-Ca Na2Ca5Al12Si20O64 · 27H2O
Gaultite Na4Zn2Si7O18 · 5H2O
Gismondine-Ba Ba2Al4Si4O16 · 4-6H2O
Gismondine-Ca CaAl2Si2O8 · 4H2O
  Gmelinite-Ca Ca2(Si8Al4O24] · 11H2O
  Gmelinite-K K4(Si8Al4O24) · 11H2O
  Gmelinite-Na Na4(Si8Al4O24] · 11H2O
Gobbinsite Na5(Si11Al5)O32 · 11H2O
Goosecreekite Ca[Al2Si6O16] · 5H2O
Gottardiite Na3Mg3Ca5Al19Si117O272 · 93H2O
Harmotome (Ba0.5,Ca0.5,K,Na)5[Al5Si11O32] · 12H2O
  Heulandite-Ba (Ba,Ca,K)5(Si27Al9)O72 · 22H2O
  Heulandite-Ca (Ca,Na)5(Si27Al9)O72 · 26H2O
  Heulandite-K (K,Ca,Na)5(Si27Al9)O72 · 26H2O
  Heulandite-Na (Na,Ca,K)6(Si,Al)36O72 · 22H2O
  Heulandite-Sr (Sr,Na,Ca)5(Si27Al9)O72 · 24H2O
Hsianghualite Ca3Li2(Be3Si3O12)F2
Kirchhoffite Cs(BSi2O6)
Laumontite CaAl2Si4O12 · 4H2O
Lovdarite K2Na6Be4Si14O36 · 9H2O
Maricopaite Pb7Ca2(Si,Al)48O100 · 32H2O
Mazzite-Mg (Mg,K,Ca)5(Si26Al10)O72 · 28H2O
Mazzite-Na Na8[Al4Si14O36]2 · 30H2O
Merlinoite (K,Na)5(Ca,Ba)2Al9Si23O64 · 23H2O
Montesommaite (K,Na)9Al9Si23O64 · 10H2O
Mordenite (Na2,Ca,K2)Al2Si10O24 · 7H2O
Mutinaite Na3Ca4Si85Al11O192 · 60H2O
Nabesite Na2BeSi4O10 · 4H2O
Natrolite Subgroup 
  Gonnardite (Na,Ca)2(Si,Al)5O10 · 3H2O
  Mesolite Na2Ca2Si9Al6O30 · 8H2O
  Natrolite Na2Al2Si3O10 · 2H2O
  Paranatrolite Na2Al2Si3O10 · 3H2O
  Scolecite CaAl2Si3O10 · 3H2O
Offretite KCaMg(Si13Al5)O36 · 15H2O
Pahasapaite Li8(Ca,Li,K)10.5Be24(PO4)24 · 38H2O
Parthéite Ca2(Si4Al4) O15 (OH)2•4H2O
Paulingite-Ca (Ca,K,Na,Ba,◻)10 (Si, Al)42O84•34H2O
Paulingite-K (K2,Ca,Na2,Ba)5[Al10Si35O90] · 45H2O
Paulingite-Na (Na2,K2,Ca,Ba)5[Al10Si35O90] · 45H2O
Perlialite K9Na(Ca,Sr)[Al2Si4O12]6 · 15H2O
  Phillipsite-Ca (Ca0.5,K,Na,Ba0.5)4-7[Al4-7Si12-9O32 . 12H2O
  Phillipsite-K (K,Na,Ca0.5,Ba0.5)4-7[Al4-7Si12-9O32] . 12H2O
  Phillipsite-Na (Na,K,Ca0.5,Ba0.5)4-7[Al4-7Si12-9O32] · 12H2O
Pollucite (Cs,Na)2(Al2Si4O12) · 2H2O
Roggianite Ca2Be(OH)2Al2Si4O13 · 2.5H2O
Stellerite Ca4(Si28Al8)O72 · 28H2O
Stilbite-Ca NaCa4[Al9Si27O72] · nH2O
Stilbite-Na (Na,Ca,K)6-7[Al8Si28O72] · nH2O
Terranovaite (Na,Ca)8(Si68Al12)O160 · 29H2O
Thomsonite-Ca NaCa2[Al5Si5O20] · 6H2O
Thomsonite-Sr Na(Sr,Ca)2[Al5Si5O20] · 7H2O
Tschernichite (Ca,Na2)[Al2Si4O12] · 4-8H2O
Tschörtnerite Ca4(Ca,Sr,K,Ba)3Cu3[(OH)2|Al3Si3O12]4 · nH2O
Wairakite Ca(Al2Si4O12) · 2H2O
Weinebeneite CaBe3(PO4)2(OH)2 · 4H2O
Wenkite (Ba,K)4(Ca,Na)6[(SO4)3|(Si,Al)20O39(OH)2] · 0.5H2O
Willhendersonite KCa[Al3Si3O12] · 5H2O
Yugawaralite CaAl2Si6O16 · 4H2O

Other Names for Zeolite Group

Name in Other Languages:
Simplified Chinese:沸石族

Other Information

Health Risks:
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

Zeolite Group in petrology

An essential component of (items highlighted in red)
Common component of (items highlighted in red)

References for Zeolite Group

Reference List:
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Localities for Zeolite Group

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