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About Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Konstantin V. Chevkin
Resinous, Sub-Metallic
5 - 5½
Crystal System:
Named in 1839 by Gustav Rose in honor of Konstantin Vladimirovich Chevkin (Константина Владимировича Чевкина) (26 April 1803, Kamianets-Podolsk, Ukraine - 3 November 1875, Nice France), Chief of Staff of the Russian Corps of Mining Engineers.
Easily confused with perrierite-(Ce).

Classification of Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Approved, 'Grandfathered' (first described prior to 1959)

9 : SILICATES (Germanates)
B : Sorosilicates
E : Si2O7 groups, with additional anions; cations in octahedral [6] and greater coordination

56 : SOROSILICATES Si2O7 Groups, With Additional O, OH, F and H2O
2 : Si2O7 Groups and O, OH, F, and H2O with cations in [4] and/or >[4] coordination

Physical Properties of Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Resinous, Sub-Metallic
strong sub-metallic to waxy
red to orange-brown inner reflections
5 - 5½ on Mohs scale

Optical Data of Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Biaxial (-)
RI values:
nα = 1.967 - 1.973 nβ = 2.020 nγ = 2.050
Max Birefringence:
δ = 0.083
Image shows birefringence interference colour range (at 30µm thickness)
and does not take into account mineral colouration.
Surface Relief:
Very High

Chemical Properties of Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

IMA Formula:
Idealised Formula:
Common Impurities:

Crystallography of Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Crystal System:
Class (H-M):
2/m - Prismatic
Space Group:
Cell Parameters:
a = 13.370(3) Å, b = 5.660(2) Å, c = 11.280(3) Å
β = 100.87(3)°
a:b:c = 2.362 : 1 : 1.993
Unit Cell V:
838.29 ų (Calculated from Unit Cell)
Twin plane {001}.
Some material is metamict.

X-Ray Powder DiffractionHide

Powder Diffraction Data:
4.58 Å(40)
3.46 Å(40)
3.17 Å(100)
3.14 Å(100)
2.71 Å(100)
2.16 Å(50)
1.961 Å(50)
Close to perrierite.

Type Occurrence of Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

General Appearance of Type Material:
Crystals up to 5 cm.
Geological Setting of Type Material:
Aegirine-quartz-feldspar pegmatites.
Associated Minerals at Type Locality:

Synonyms of Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Other Language Names for Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Varieties of Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

NiobochevkiniteNamed in 1959 by B. A. Makarochkin as niobian variety of chevkinite. Originally from fenitised granitic pegmatite of Mine #378 of Ilmen Mineralogical Reserve. The material contain up to 7.40 wt.% of Nb2O5.

Relationship of Chevkinite-(Ce) to other SpeciesHide

Other Members of this group:
Chevkinite-(Nd)(Nd,REE)4(Fe2+,Mg)(Fe2+,Ti,Fe3+)2(Ti,Fe3+)2(Si2O7)2O8 ?
Christofschäferite-(Ce)Ce3CaMnTiFe(3+)Ti2(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : P21/m
Delhuyarite-(Ce)Ce4Mg(Fe3+,W)3□(Si2O7)2O6(OH)2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
Dingdaohengite-(Ce)(Ce,La)4Fe2+(Ti,Fe2+,Mg,Fe2+)2Ti2(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : P21/b
Maoniupingite-(Ce)(Ce,Ca)4(Fe3+,Ti,Fe2+,◻)(Ti,Fe3+,Fe2+,Nb)4(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : B2/m
Polyakovite-(Ce)(Ce,Ca)4(Mg,Fe2+)(Cr3+,Fe3+)2(Ti,Nb)2(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : B2/m

Common AssociatesHide

Associated Minerals Based on Photo Data:
7 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with Bastnäsite-(Ce)Ce(CO3)F
6 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with Aluminocerite-(Ce)(Ce,La,Ca)9(Al,Fe3+)(SiO4)3(HSiO4)4(OH)3
6 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with QuartzSiO2
5 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with IlmeniteFe2+TiO3
5 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with ZirconZr(SiO4)
4 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with MicroclineK(AlSi3O8)
3 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with AlbiteNa(AlSi3O8)
3 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with Ferro-ferri-katophoriteNa(NaCa)(Fe2+4Fe3+)(Si7Al)O22(OH)2
3 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with Epidote{Ca2}{Al2Fe3+}(Si2O7)(SiO4)O(OH)
3 photos of Chevkinite-(Ce) associated with Fergusonite-(Y)YNbO4

Related Minerals - Nickel-Strunz GroupingHide

9.BE.05HennomartiniteSrMn3+2(Si2O7)(OH)2 · H2OOrth.
9.BE.05LawsoniteCaAl2(Si2O7)(OH)2 · H2OOrth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Cmcm
9.BE.05NoelbensoniteBaMn3+2(Si2O7)(OH)2 · H2OOrth.
9.BE.05ItoigawaiteSrAl2(Si2O7)(OH)2 · H2OOrth.
9.BE.07IlvaiteCaFe3+Fe2+2(Si2O7)O(OH)Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m)
9.BE.07ManganilvaiteCaFe2+Fe3+Mn2+(Si2O7)O(OH)Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.10SuoluniteCa2(H2Si2O7) · H2OOrth.
9.BE.12JaffeiteCa6(Si2O7)(OH)6Trig. 3 : P3
9.BE.15FresnoiteBa2Ti(Si2O7)OTet. 4mm : P4bm
9.BE.17CuspidineCa4(Si2O7)(F,OH)2Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.17Hiortdahlite(Na,Ca)2Ca4Zr(Mn,Ti,Fe)(Si2O7)2(F,O)4Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.17Janhaugite(Na,Ca)3(Mn2+,Fe2+)3(Ti,Zr,Nb)2(Si2O7)2O2(OH,F)2Mon. 2/m : P21/m
9.BE.17Låvenite(Na,Ca)2(Mn2+,Fe2+)(Zr,Ti)(Si2O7)(O,OH,F)2Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.17NormanditeNaCa(Mn,Fe)(Ti,Nb,Zr)(Si2O7)OFMon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.17WöhleriteNaCa2(Zr,Nb)(Si2O7)(O,OH,F)2Mon. 2 : P21
9.BE.17Hiortdahlite INa4Ca8Zr2(Nb,Mn,Ti,Fe,Mg,Al)2(Si2O7)4O3F5
9.BE.17MarianoiteNa2Ca4(Nb,Zr)2(Si2O7)2(O,F)4Mon. 2 : P21
9.BE.20Mosandrite-(Ce)(Ca3REE)[(H2O)2Ca0.50.5]Ti(Si2O7)2(OH)2(H2O)2Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.20Nacareniobsite-(Ce)NbNa3Ca3(Ce,REE )(Si2O7)2OF3Mon.
9.BE.22GötzeniteNaCa6Ti(Si2O7)2OF3Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.22Hainite-(Y)Na2Ca4(Y,REE)Ti(Si2O7)2OF3Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.22RosenbuschiteNa6Ca6Zr3Ti(Si2O7)4O2F6Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.22KochiteNa3Ca2MnZrTi(Si2O7)2OF3Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.23DovyreniteCa6Zr(Si2O7)2(OH)4Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Pnnm
9.BE.25EricssoniteBaMn2+2Fe3+(Si2O7)O(OH)Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.25NabalamprophylliteNa3(Ba,Na)2Ti3(Si2O7)2O2(OH,F)2Mon. 2/m
9.BE.25GrenmariteNa4MnZr3(Si2O7)2O2F2Mon. 2/m : P2/b
9.BE.25SchülleriteBa2Na(Mn,Ca)(Fe3+,Mg,Fe2+)2Ti2(Si2O7)2(O,F)4Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.25LileyiteBa2(Na,Fe,Ca)3MgTi2(Si2O7)2O2F2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.25EmmerichiteBa2Na(Na,Fe2+)2(Fe3+,Mg)Ti2(Si2O7)2O2F2Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.25Fluorbarytolamprophyllite(Ba,Sr)2[(Na,Fe2+)3(Ti,Mg)F2][Ti2(Si2O7)2O2]Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.27MurmaniteNa2Ti2(Si2O7)O2 · 2H2OTric.
9.BE.30EpistoliteNa2(Nb,Ti)2(Si2O7)O2 · nH2OTric.
9.BE.37SoboleviteNa13Ca2Mn2Ti3(Si2O7)2(PO4)4O3F3Mon. m : Pb
9.BE.40InneliteNa2CaBa4Ti3(Si2O7)2(SO4)2O4Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.42YoshimuraiteBa2Mn2Ti(Si2O7)(PO4)O(OH)Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.47PolyphiteNa5(Na4Ca2)Ti2(Si2O7)(PO4)3O2F2Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.50BornemaniteNa6BaTi2Nb(Si2O7)2(PO4)O2(OH)F Tric. 1 : P1
9.BE.50ShkatulkaliteNa5(Nb1−xTix)2(Ti1−yMn2+y)[Si2O7]2O2(OH)2·nH2O (x + y = 0.5; n <= 10)Mon. 2/m : P2/m
9.BE.55HejtmaniteBa2(Mn2+,Fe2+)4Ti2(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2F2Tric. 1
9.BE.55Bykovaite(Ba,Na,K)2(Na,Ti,Mn)4(Ti,Nb)2(Si2O7)2O2(H2O,F,OH)2 · 3.5H2OMon. 2/m
9.BE.55Nechelyustovite(Ba,Sr,K)2(Na,Ti,Mn)4(Ti,Nb)2(Si2O7)2O2(O,H2O,F)2 · 4.5H2OMon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.60Delindeite(Na,K)2(Ba,Ca)2(Ti,Fe,Al)3(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2 · 2H2OMon.
9.BE.65BusseniteNa2Ba2Fe2+Ti(Si2O7)(CO3)(OH)3FTric. 1 : P1
9.BE.67JinshajiangiteBaNaFe2+4Ti2(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2FTric. 1 : P1
9.BE.67PerraultiteBaNaMn2+4Ti2(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2FMon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.67SurkhobiteNaCaBa2Mn8Ti4(Si2O7)4O5F5Mon. 2 : B2
9.BE.70Karnasurtite-(Ce)(Ce,La,Th)(Ti,Nb)(Al,Fe)(Si2O7)(OH)4 · 3H2OAmor.
9.BE.70Perrierite-(Ce)Ce4MgFe3+2Ti2(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.70Polyakovite-(Ce)(Ce,Ca)4(Mg,Fe2+)(Cr3+,Fe3+)2(Ti,Nb)2(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.70RengeiteSr4ZrTi4(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.70MatsubaraiteSr4Ti5(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.70Dingdaohengite-(Ce)(Ce,La)4Fe2+(Ti,Fe2+,Mg,Fe2+)2Ti2(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.70Maoniupingite-(Ce)(Ce,Ca)4(Fe3+,Ti,Fe2+,◻)(Ti,Fe3+,Fe2+,Nb)4(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.70Perrierite-(La)(La,Ce,Ca)4(Fe,Mn2+,Mg)Fe3+2(Ti,Fe3+)2(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.70UKI-2008-(SiO:SrTiZr)Sr4ZrTi4(Si2O7)2O8Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Pbca
9.BE.70Hezuolinite(Sr,REE)4Zr(Ti,Fe3+)4(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : B2/m
9.BE.80KentrolitePb2Mn3+2(Si2O7)O2Orth. mmm (2/m 2/m 2/m) : Pbcm
9.BE.80MelanotekitePb2Fe3+2(Si2O7)O2Orth. 2 2 2 : C2 2 21
9.BE.87Stavelotite-(La)(La,Nd,Ca)3Mn2+3Cu(Mn3+,Fe3+,Mn4+)26(Si2O7)6O30Trig. 3 : P31
9.BE.90Biraite-(Ce)Ce2Fe2+(Si2O7)(CO3)Mon. 2/m : P21/b
9.BE.92Cervandonite-(Ce)(Ce,Nd,La)(Fe3+,Fe2+,Ti,Al)3O2(Si2O7)(As3+O3)(OH)Trig. 3m : R3m
9.BE.95BatisiviteBaV3+8Ti6(Si2O7)O22Tric. 1 : P1

Related Minerals - Dana Grouping (8th Ed.)Hide,La,Ce,Ca)4Fe2+(Ti,Zr)2Ti2(Si2O7)2O8Mon. 2/m : P21/b,La,Ca,Na,Th)4(Fe2+,Mg)2(Ti,Fe3+)3Si4O22Orth.

Other InformationHide

Health Risks:
Very often is radioactive.

References for Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Reference List:
Sort by Year (asc) | by Year (desc) | by Author (A-Z) | by Author (Z-A)
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Internet Links for Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

Localities for Chevkinite-(Ce)Hide

This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.

Locality ListHide

- This locality has map coordinates listed. - This locality has estimated coordinates. ⓘ - Click for further information on this occurrence. ? - Indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. - Good crystals or important locality for species. - World class for species or very significant. (TL) - Type Locality for a valid mineral species. (FRL) - First Recorded Locality for everything else (eg varieties). Struck out - Mineral was erroneously reported from this locality. Faded * - Never found at this locality but inferred to have existed at some point in the past (eg from pseudomorphs.)

All localities listed without proper references should be considered as questionable.
  • British Columbia
    • Golden Mining Division
      • Ice River Alkaline Complex
Caudle, Dana; Jan Cempírek, Lee A. Groat, Leo J. Millonig (2016) Mineralogy, geochemistry and geochronology of allanite pegmatites on the KIN property, eastern British Columbia. in Second Eugene E. Foord Pegmatite Symposium July 15-19, 2016 Colorado School of Mines campus, Golden, Colorado.
  • Nova Scotia
    • Cumberland Co.
Papoutsa, A.D. and Pe-Piper, G. (2013) The relationship between REE-Y-Nb-Th minerals and the evolution of an A-type granite, Wentworth Pluton, Nova Scotia. American Mineralogist: 98: 444-462.
  • Ontario
    • Thunder Bay District
Mitchell (1991)
  • Inner Mongolia
    • Baotou City (Baotou Prefecture)
      • Bayan Obo mining district
        • Bayan Obo
Qingchang Meng (1981): Geology and Prospecting 17(3), 10-17
  • Jiangxi
    • Ganzhou
      • Longnan Co.
Yunhuai Lin and Shiyang Chen (1985): Geology and Prospecting 21(3), 23-31
      • Xunwu Co.
Yunhuai Lin (1986): Geology and Prospecting 22(4), 22-28
  • Sichuan
    • Liangshan
      • Mianning County
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      • Xichang County
        • Taihe intrusion
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    • Panzhihua
      • Yanbian County
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  • Xinjiang
    • Akesu Prefecture (Aksu Prefecture; Aqsu Prefecture)
      • Baicheng Co. (Bay Co.)
Jingwu Yin, Guowu Li, Guangming Yang, Xiangkun Ge, Haiming Xu and Jun Wang (2015) Fluornatropyrochlore, a new pyrochlore supergroup mineral from the Boziguoer rare earth element deposit, Baicheng County, Akesu, Xinjiang, China. Canadian Mineralogist. 53,455-460
Czech Republic
  • Moravian-Silesian Region
    • Frýdek-Místek District
Matýsek D., Jirásek J., Skupien P, Thomson S.N.: The Žermanice sill: new insights into the mineralogy, petrology, age, and origin of the teschenite association rocks in the Western Carpathians, Czech Republic. International Journal of Earth Sciences, doi: 10.1007/s00531-018-1614-x.
  • Greenland
    • Kujalleq
      • Narsaq
        • Nunarssuit Island
Parsons, I. and Butterfield, A. W. (1981): Sedimentary features of the Nunarssuit and Klokken syenites, S Greenland. Journal of the Geological Society. 138 (3), 289-306.
  • Northern Red Sea Region
    • Alid volcanic center
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  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine
    • Pyrénées-Atlantiques
      • Aramits
        • Ance
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  • Rhineland-Palatinate
    • Mayen-Koblenz
      • Mayen
        • Ettringen
          • Bellerberg volcano
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      • Mendig
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        • Wingertsberg
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    • Tosashimizu City
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  • Diana
    • Ambanja
      • Antsirabe
Ganzeev, A.A. and Grechishchev, O.K. (2003): A new genetic type of rare-metal alkali granites of Madagascar. Russian Geology and Geophysics Vol. 44, No. 6, pp. 539-553; G. Estrade/University of Toulouse personal communication to W.Hampel, 2011; Gilbertson, J. (2011)
  • Itasy
David Garske
  • Vakinankaratra
    • Antsirabe II
      • Ibity
        • Sahatany Valley
Lefevre, M. & Thomas, L. (1998): Les pegmatites de la vallée de la Sahatany, Madagascar. Le Règne Minéral no 19, 15-28
  • Khovd Province
    • Myangad District
      • Khaldzan Buragtag massif
        • Mount Ulyn Khuren
Kartashov P.M., Voloshin A.V., PakhomovskiiYa.A. On the zonal crystaline gadolinite from the alkaline granite pegmatites of Haldzan Buragtag (Mongolian Altai), - Zapiski VMO, 1993,N3,p. 65-79.
Pavel M. Kartashov data; Econ Geol (1995) 90:530-547; Kovalenko, V. I., Yarmolyuk, V. V., Sal nikova, E. B., Kartashov, P. M., Kovach, V. P., Kozakov, I. K., ... & Yakovleva, S. Z. (2004). The Khaldzan-Buregtei Massif of peralkaline rare-metal igneous rocks: structure, geochronology, and geodynamic setting in the Caledonides of Western Mongolia. Petrology c/c of Petrologiia, 12(5), 412-436.
North Korea
  • Kangwon Province
    • Pyonggang County
Pavel M. Kartashov data
  • Akershus
    • Nittedal
EDS NHM Oslo 20.02.2020
  • Oppland
    • Lunner
Werner, R. (2003). Vinteren '92/'93- Et lite tilbakeblikk. STEIN 30 (3), 24-27
      • Øståsen
Kvamsdal, L.O. (1993): Noen mineraler fra nordmarkitten mellom Roa og Maura. STEIN 20 (1), 30-45
  • Oslo
    • Grorud
      • Bånkall
SEM-EDS Mineralogical Museum, Oslo, Norway 2018.09.13
  • Telemark
    • Porsgrunn
      • Bjørkedalen
Segalstad, T.V. & Larsen, A.O.(1978): Chevkinite and perrierite from the Oslo region, Norway. American Mineralogist 63,499-505
Knut Eldjarn
Larsen, A. O. (ed.) (2010): The Langesundsfjord. History, geology, pegmatites, minerals. Bode Verlag Gmbh, Salzhemmendorf, Germany, 240 p
      • Slevolden
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    • Skien
Larsen, A.O. (1993): Gruver og skjerp i Skien. Stathelle 1993. 72p
  • Vestfold
    • Larvik
      • Hedrum
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    • Polar Yakutia
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South Korea
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Mineral and/or Locality  
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