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Mineral Name Search - names containing 'group'

Search returned: 557 items. Only items listed in bold are recognised mineral species.

Acanthite Group
Adelite-Descloizite Group
Adelite Group
Aenigmatite Group
Aeschynite Group
Aikinite Group
Aleksite Group
Allactite Group
Allanite Group
Allanite Subgroup
Alluaudite Group
Alluaudite Supergroup
Alnaperbøeite Group
Alum Group
Aluminite Group
Alunite Group
Alunite Subgroup
Alunite Supergroup
Amblygonite Group
Amphibole Supergroup
Ancylite Group
Apatite Group
Apatite Supergroup
Apophyllite Group
Aragonite Group
Ardennite Group
Argyrodite Group
Arrojadite Group
Arsenic Group
Arsenopalladinite Group
Arsenopyrite Group
Arthurite Group
Åskagenite Group
Astrophyllite Group
Astrophyllite Supergroup
Atacamite Group
Atelestite Group
Aubertite Group
Auricupride Subgroup
Autunite Group
Axinite Group
Baddeleyite Group
Bafertisite Group
Barringerite Group
Baryte Group
Bastnäsite Group
Batisite Group
Belovite Group
Benitoite Group
Beraunite Group
Berthierite Group
Beryl Group
Berzelianite-Umangite Group
Berzeliite Group
Betafite Group
Betpakdalite Group
Betpakdalite Supergroup
Beudantite Group
Birnessite Group
Bismuthinite-Aikinite Group
Bitikleite Group
Bjarebyite Group
Blödite Group
Bobfergusonite Group
Boracite Group
Bornhardtite Subgroup
Bottinoite Group
Bournonite Group
Brackebuschite Supergroup
Braunite Group
Bridgmanite Subgroup
Britholite Group
Brownmillerite Subgroup
Brucite Group
Bukovite Group
Byströmite Group
Calcite Group
Calcium Amphibole Subgroup
Cancrinite Group
Carminite Group
Carnotite Group
Carpholite Group
Carrollite Subgroup
Catapleiite Group
Cerchiaraite Group
Cerite Group
Cervantite Group
Chabazite-Levyne Subgroup
Chalcanthite Group
Chalcoalumite Group
Chalcocite-Digenite Group
Chalcophanite Group
Chalcopyrite Group
Chalcostibite Group
Chevkinite Group
Chevkinite subgroup
Chlorargyrite Group
Chlorite Group
Chloritoid Group
Chlorocalcite Subgroup
Chukhrovite Group
Claudetite Group
Clinopyroxene Subgroup
Clinozoisite Group
Clinozoisite Subgroup
Cobaltite Group
Cohenite Subgroup
Columbite Group
Copiapite Group
Copper Group
Coquimbite Group
Cordylite Group
Coronadite Group
Corundum Group
Coulsellite Group
Crandallite Group
Crichtonite Group
Cryolite Subgroup
Cryptomelane Group
Cualstibite Group
Cuspidine Group
Cyanotrichite Group
Cylindrite Group
Dalyite Group
D'Ansite Group
Datolite Group
Datolite Subgroup
Deerite-Howieite Group
Delafossite Group
Descloizite Group
Devilline Group
Devitoite Group
Diaboleite Subgroup
Diaspore Group
Djerfisherite Group
Dollaseite Group
Dollaseite Subgroup
Dolomite Group
Donnayite Group
Dresserite Group
Drugmanite Subgroup
Dufrénite Group
Dugganite Group
Dumortierite Group
Dumortierite Supergroup
Dundasite Group
Dussertite Group
Edingtonite Subgroup
Ellestadite Group
Elsmoreite Group
Epidote Group
Epidote Supergroup
Epistolite Group
Epsomite Group
Ericssonite Group
Ettringite Group
Euchlorine Group
Eudialyte Group
Euxenite Group
Fairfieldite Group
Fedorite Group
Feldspar Group
Fibroferrite Group
Fillowite Group
Fleischerite Group
Florencite Group
Fluorite Group
Foordite Group
Fougèrite Group
Fougerite Group
Francevillite Group
Franckeite Group
Franconite Group
Freieslebenite Group
Gadolinite-Datolite Group
Gadolinite Group
Gadolinite Subgroup
Gadolinite Supergroup
Gainesite Group
Galena Group
Galkhaite Group
Ganophyllite Group
Garnet Group
Garnet Supergroup
Gatelite Group
Gatelite Supergroup
Germanite Group
Gersdorffite Group
Gillespite Group
Glaucocerinite Group
Gold Group
Gordaite Group
Götzenite Group
Graftonite Group
Gutkovaite Group
Gypsum Supergroup
Gyrolite Group
Hagendorfite Group
Halite Group
Halotrichite Group
Haradaite Group
Hauchecornite Group
Hausmannite Group
Hedyphane Group
Hellandite Group
Helvine Group
Hematite Group
Hematolite Group
Hematophanite Subgroup
Henritermierite Group
Herderite Group
Herderite Subgroup
Heulandite subgroup
Hewettite Group
Hexahydrite Group
Hilgardite Group
Högbomite Group
Högbomite Supergroup
Hollandite Group
Hollandite Supergroup
Holtite Group
Hopeite Group
Howardevansite Group
Humboldtine Group
Humite Group
Hureaulite Group
Huréaulite Group
Hyalotekite Group
Hydrocalumite Group
Hydrotalcite Group
Hydrotalcite Supergroup
Ilmenite Group
Imandrite subgroup
Inderite Group
Iranite Group
Iron Group
Iron group meteorite
Isomertieite Group
Ivanyukite Group
Jahnsite Group
Jahnsite Subgroup
Jarosite Group
Jarosite Subgroup
Jinshajiangite Group
Joaquinite Group
Kamiokite Group
Kaolinite-Serpentine Group
Kaolinite Subgroup
Kësterite Subgroup
Kesterite Subgroup
Kieserite Group
Klebelsbergite Group
Koashvite subgroup
Koechlinite Group
Koritnigite Group
Krautite Group
Kupletskite Group
Kuzmenkoite Group
Labuntsovite Group
Labuntsovite Supergroup
Lamprophyllite Group
Langbeinite Group
Lapieite Group
Latiumite Group
Laueite Group
Laueite Supergroup
Laumontite Subgroup
Lavendulan Group
Lawrencite Group
Lawsonite Group
Lazulite Group
Leifite Group
Lemmleinite Group
Leonite Group
Leucophoenicite Subgroup
Leucophosphite Group
Linarite-Chenite Group
Lindackerite Group
Lindackerite Supergroup
Linnaeite Group
Linnaeite Subgroup
Lithidionite Group
Lithium Amphibole Subgroup
Lithium-Calcium Amphibole Subgroup
Lithium-(Magnesium-Iron-Manganese) Amphibole Subgroup
Litidionite Group
Löllingite Group
Lomonosovite Group
Lovozerite Group
Ludwigite Group
Macedonite Subgroup
Maghrebite Group
Magnesium-iron-manganese Amphibole Subgroup
Magnetoplumbite Group
Main-group pallasite
Malachite-Rosasite Group
Manasseite Group
Marcasite Group
Matildite Group
Matlockite Group
Mayenite Supergroup
Melanterite Group
Melilite Group
Mendozavilite Group
Meta-autunite Group
Metatorbernite Group
Metavariscite Group
Mg-Fe-Mn-Li Ortho-Amphibole Subgroup
Mg-Mn-Fe-Li Clino-Amphibole Subgroup
Mica Group
Microlite Group
Milarite Group
Minasragrite Group
Mitridatite Group
Mixite Group
Molybdenite Group
Monazite Group
Montgomeryite Group
Montmorillonite Group
Montmorillonite-Vermiculite Group
Mückeite Group
Murmanite Group
Nabimusaite Group
Nadorite Group
Natrolite Subgroup
Natrotantite Group
Neighborite Subgroup
Nenadkevichite Group
Neptunite Group
Nickelalumite Group
Nickeline Group
Nigerite Group
Nordite Group
Northupite Group
Obradovicite Group
Olivenite Group
Olivine Group
Ondrušite Group
Organovaite Group
Orthopinakiolite Group
Orthopyroxene Subgroup
Osbornite Group
Oskarssonite Subgroup
Osumilite Group
Overite Group
Oxyspinel Group
Palermoite Group
Palygorskite Group
Paralabuntsovite Group
Paratsepinite Group
Paravauxite Group
Pascoite Group
Pearceite Group
Pearceite-Polybasite Group
Pentlandite Group
Perhamite Group
Periclase Group
Perovskite Subgroup
Perovskite Supergroup
Perrierite Group
Perrierite subgroup
Pharmacoalumite Group
Pharmacosiderite Group
Pharmacosiderite Supergroup
Phenakite Group
Phosphoferrite Group
Phosphuranylite Group
Picromerite Group
Pinakiolite Group
Plagionite Group
Platinum-Group Elements
Plumboferrite Group
Plumbogummite Group
Plumbogummite Subgroup
Polybasite Group
Preisingerite Group
Priderite Group
Proustite Group
Pumpellyite Group
Pyrite Group
Pyrochlore Group
Pyrochlore Supergroup
Pyromorphite Subgroup
Pyrophyllite-Talc Group
Pyrosmalite Group
Pyroxene Group
Pyrrhotite Group
Quintinite Group
Ralstonite Group
Ramdohrite-Lillianite Group
Ramsdellite Group
Reddingite Group
Retzian Group
Reyerite Group
Rhabdophane Group
Rhodonite Group
Rhönite Group
Rinkite Group
Rinneite Group
Rockbridgeite Group
Roméite Group
Rosasite Group
Roscherite Group
Roselite Group
Rosenbuschite Group
Rossite Group
Routhierite Group
Rozenite Group
Ruizite Group
Rutile Group
Samarskite Group
Sanjuanite-Destinezite Group
Sapphirine Group
Sapphirine Supergroup
Sarcopside Group
Sartorite Group
Sborgite Group
Scapolite Group
Schapbachite group
Scheelite Group
Schoenfliesite Subgroup
Schoepite Group
Schoonerite Group
Schorlomite Group
Seidozerite Supergroup
Seleniospinel Group
Sepiolite Group
Serpentine group
Serpentine Subgroup
Shcherbakovite Group
Silver Amalgam Group
Sklodowskite Group
Skutterudite Subgroup
Smectite Group
Smolyaninovite Group
Sodalite Group
Sodium Amphibole Subgroup
Sodium-Calcium Amphibole Subgroup
Sodium-(Magnesium-Iron-Manganese) Amphibole Subgroup
Söhngeite Subgroup
Sphalerite Group
Spinel Group
Spinel Subgroup
Spinel Supergroup
Spiroffite Group
Stannite Group
Staurolite Group
Steacyite Group
Steenstrupine Group
Stibnite Group
Stilbite subgroup
Stilpnomelane Group
Stoichiometric Perovskites Group
Stottite Subgroup
Straczekite Group
Strunzite Group
Struvite Group
Sulphohalite Subgroup
Sulphur Group
Svabite Group
Symplesite Group
Synchysite Group
Szklaryite Group
Taaffeite Group
Talnakhite Group
Tapiolite Group
Tarbuttite Group
Telargpalite Group
Tengerite Group
Tetradymite Group
Tetrahedrite Group
Thiospinel Group
Thomsonite Subgroup
Thortveitite Group
Tilasite Group
Titanite Group
Tobermorite Group
Tobermorite Supergroup
Torbernite Group
Tourmaline Group
Tourmaline Supergroup
Triphylite Group
Triplite Group
Trippkeite Group
Tsumcorite Group
Tuhualite Group
Tundrite Group
Turquoise Group
Ulvöspinel Subgroup
Umbite Group
Ungrouped Achondrite meteorite
Ungrouped C1/2 chondrite meteorite
Ungrouped C1 chondrite meteorite
Ungrouped C2 chondrite meteorite
Ungrouped C3.0 chondrite meteorite
Ungrouped C3/4 chondrite meteorite
Ungrouped C3 chondrite meteorite
Ungrouped C chondrite meteorite
Ungrouped chondrite meteorite
Ungrouped enstatite-rich achondrite meteorite
Ungrouped IAB iron meteorite
Ungrouped iron meteorite
Ungrouped pallasite meteorite
Unnamed (Ag-Fe endmember of Routhierite Group)
Unnamed (Ba-dominant member of dickinsonite group)
Unnamed (Ce member of the Betafite Subgroup)
Unnamed (Ga-dominant member of the epidote group)
Unnamed (Pb-dominant member of dickinsonite group)
Unnamed (Ti-rich member of Eudialyte Group)
Upalite Group
Uraninite Group
Uranophane Group
Valleriite Group
Vapnikite Subgroup
Variscite Group
Västmanlandite group
Veatchite Group
Vesuvianite Group
Vicanite Group
Vivianite Group
Volborthite Group
Voltaite Group
Vuoriyarvite Group
Wadalite Group
Wagnerite Group
Walpurgite Group
Wardite Group
Warwickite Group
Wavellite Group
Welinite Group
Wermlandite Group
Whiteite Subgroup
Whitlockite Group
Whitmoreite Group
Wicksite Group
Wodginite Group
w(O)-dominant Amphibole Group
w(OH, F, Cl)-dominant Amphibole Group
Wöhlerite Group
Wolframite Group
Wollastonite Group
Woodwardite Group
Wurtzite Group
Wyllieite Group
Xenotime Group
Yavapaiite Group
Zemannite Group
Zeolite Group
Zero valent dominant member of Pyrochlore Group
Zero valent dominant member of the Microlite Group
Zippeite Group
Zircon Group
Zirsinalite-Lovozerite subgroup
Zorite Group

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