Tremolite Specimen & Photo


Tremolite Specimen & Photo

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This was my first showcase ever! These are specimens from my personal collection, accompanied by my photos of them. The prospect of colour-matching prints to specimens under unknown lighting conditions was a little terrifying, I don't mind saying, but I was very happy with the results (and after all that worry, there was very little intervention necessary I might add!).

Tremolite from Minden, Ontario. 12cm high.

This is the one that I did have to tweak a little. Greens seem to be a real problem in digital, and although my camera (Pentax K20D) does a good job with dioptase, it didn't quite get this one right. I did manage to get it pretty darned close, but there was a greater apparent difference in the case than under my proofing light because the specimen and the print reacted differently under the cool white fluorescent.

On display at the 2011 Bancroft Gemboree.

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