Specimen ID: X99-6JY

Quartz : SiO2
Mindat locality:
57mm x 42mm x 36mm

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Beautiful skeletal quartz coming from the famous locality Rio Maggiore, close to Porretta Terme. This specimen is perfectly intact with no damage, which is pretty incredible for such a complicated quartz with this structure full of smaller new growth crystals laying like towers of a castle on the major crystal. The skeletal structure is caused by a fast growth of the mineral where the crystal faces do not have the time to be completed because the edges grow faster than the center of the faces, this type of crystal growth might be characteristic of an environment with rapidly falling temperature and/or pressure. The voids inside the crystals are filled with clay or enhydro/gas inclusions.
Orlando Olivieri - 18th April 2017

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Small detail of a second-generation crystal grown on top of the major crystal with a skeletal structure characterised by negative crystals and clay inclusions.
Orlando Olivieri - 29th July 2017
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