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A variety of Quartz

Originally, the varietal name "prase" was applied to a dull leek-green colored quartzite (a rock, not a mineral); but over the years it has been also applied to other materials, particularly a green colored jasper of similar color. For perhaps more than a century it was restricted to granular micro-crystalline varieties of quartz and the original quartzite; but in recent years euhedral crystals of quartz having a similar leek-green color have had the term applied to them as well, expanding the definition beyond micro-crystalline forms. Now it is simply a color descriptor for quartz: If it is leek-green, it is called "prase" - whether it is micro- or macro-crystalline, and no matter what causes the color. Basically, the term no longer has any scientific rigor - it has become a general term; it can't even truely be called a varietal name any longer - since it covers more than one material.

Compare also plasma.

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Classification of Prase

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References for Prase

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    Localities for Prase

    The map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump to that position on the map.
    (TL) indicates type locality. ? indicates mineral may be doubtful at this locality. All other localities listed without reference should be considered as uncertain and unproven until references can be found.
    • New South Wales
      • Parry Co.
        • Nundle
    • Western Australia
      • Coolgardie Shire
        • Spargoville
      • Menzies Shire
        • Comet Vale
    Grguric, B. A., Pring, A., Bevan, A. W. R. and Downes, P. J. (2006): The minerals of Comet Vale, Western Australia. Austral. J. Mineral. 12, 9-23.
    • Carinthia
      • Hohe Tauern
        • Ankogel group
    R. Exel: Die Mineralien und Erzlagerstätten Österreichs (1993)
    R. Hasler Collection
    • Salzburg
      • Hohe Tauern
        • Gastein valley
          • Anlauf valley
    R. Exel: Die Mineralien und Erzlagerstätten Österreichs (1993)
    • Tyrol
      • East Tyrol
        • Virgen valley
          • Prägraten
    R. Exel: Die Mineralien und Erzlagerstätten Österreichs (1993)
      • North Tyrol
        • Sellrain valley
    R. Exel: Die Mineralien und Erzlagerstätten Österreichs (1993)
    R. Exel: Die Mineralien und Erzlagerstätten Österreichs (1993)
    • Guizhou Province
      • Qianxi'nan Autonomous Prefecture
        • Qinglong Co.
          • Dachang Sb ore field
    Baiwu Hao (2010): Geology and Exploration 46(4), 741-750
    Yu Chen, Xiucheng Liu, and Qihou Zhang (1984): Mineral Deposits 3(3), 1-12; Yong Xia, Qihou Zhang, and Huabin Huang (1993): Geology and Prospecting 29(10), 48-53
    • Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
      • Ulanhad League (Chifeng Prefecture)
        • Hexigten Banner (Keshiketeng Co.)
          • Huanggang Fe-Sn deposit (Huanggangliang Mine; Huanggang Mine)
    Ottens, B. and G. Neumeier (2012) The Huanggang Mine, Inner Mongolia, China. Mineralogical Record 43:529-563
    • Guayas Province
      • Guayaquil Canton
        • Guayaquil
          • Pascuales
            • La Germania
    Alejandro Félix Gutiérrez
    • Auvergne
      • Haute-Loire
        • Monistrol-sur-Loire
          • Saint-Ferreol-d'Auroure
    BRGM (1980) - Fiche BSS 07684X4001/GT
    • Bavaria
      • Franconia
        • Franconian Forest
          • Bad Berneck
    F. Müller: "Bayerns steinreiche Ecke", 2nd ed., Oberfränkische Verlagsanstalt und Druckerei GmbH (Hof), 1984
    • Brandenburg
      • Großräschen
        • Saalhausen
    A. Wittern: "Mineralfundorte in Deutschland", Schweizerbart (Stuttgart), 2001
      • Lübbenau
        • Calau
          • Plieskendorf
    A. Wittern: "Mineralfundorte in Deutschland", Schweizerbart (Stuttgart), 2001
    • Hesse
      • Odenwald
        • Bensheim
          • Hochstädten
    Weiss: "Mineralfundstellen, Deutschland West", Weise (Munich), 1990
    • Saxony
      • Erzgebirge
        • Breitenbrunn District
          • Breitenbrunn
    Wittern: "Mineralfundorte in Deutschland", 2001
        • Schwarzenberg District
          • Beierfeld
    Wittern: "Mineralfundorte in Deutschland", 2001
      • Vogtland
        • Reichenbach
          • Neumark
    J. Müller, Werdau, Saxony
    • Aegean Islands Department (Aiyaíon)
      • Kykládes Prefecture
        • Cyclade Islands (Cyclades; Kikladhes; Nomos Kikladhon)
    Hyrsl, J.; Niedermayr, G. (2003); Magic Worlds - Inclusion in Quartz - Geheimnisvolle Welt - Einschlüsse im Quarz
            • Avissalos (Avyssalos; Avessalos; Aghriomelisa Mountain)
    Fritz Schreiber collection and field observations
    Christos Spiromitros specimens
    L. Rantos collection
    • Macedonia Department
      • Dráma Prefecture
        • Kato Nevrokopi basin
          • Kato Vrontou
    Christos Spiromitros Collection
    • Co. Wicklow
      • Croghan Kinshela Mountain
    Henwood, W.J. (1871): Transactions of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall 8(1), 627-634
    • Piedmont
      • Torino Province
        • Canavese District
          • Léssolo
            • Cálea
    Campostrini, I. (2001): Le miniere di Brosso. Monografie XXIX Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali - Torino, 185 pp.
    • Trentino-Alto Adige
      • Bolzano Province (South Tyrol)
        • Sarentine Alps (Sarntal Alps)
    Exel, R. (1987): Guida mineralogica del Trentino e del Sudtirolo. Athesia, Bolzano, 204 pp.
      • Trento Province
        • Fassa Valley
          • Buffaure Group
    De Michele, V. (1974). Guida mineralogica d'Italia. Istituto Geografico De Agostini, Novara, 2 vol.
    • Tuscany
      • Livorno Province
        • Elba Island
          • Capoliveri
            • Cape Calamita Mine (Calamita Mine)
    no ref. in literature
          • Rio Marina
    Ref. Orlandi, P., & Pezzotta, F. (1997). Minerali dell'Isola d'Elba. Edizioni Novecento Grafico, Bergamo.
            • Rio Mine (Rio Marina Mine)
    L. Rossato, M. Benvenuti, 2002 - Guida al sentiero geo-mineralogico attraverso la Miniera di Rio Marina - Regione Toscana, Firenze
    De Michele, V. (1974). Guida mineralogica d'Italia. Istituto Geografico De Agostini, Novara, 2 vol
    • Meknès-Tafilalet Region
      • Er Rachidia Province (Errachidia Province)
    A.M.I. Martins collection
    • Bagmati Zone
      • Dhading District
    António Manuel Ináçio Martins
    • Far-Eastern Region
      • Primorskiy Kray
        • Kavalerovo Mining District
    [John Betts; Rob Lavinsky]; Dmitriy I. Belakovskiy (2003): New Data on Minerals: 38: 101-112.
    • Basque Country
      • Álava
        • Zuia
          • Lukiano
    Personally collected by Roberto Galcerán
    • Catalonia
      • Girona (Gerona)
        • Ripollès
          • Molló
            • Espinavell (Espinabell)
              • Costabona Mtn
    Mata i Perelló, J.M. (1990). Els minerals de Catalunya. Institut d´Estudis Catalans
    • Murcia
      • La Unión
        • Sierra Minera de Cartagena-La Unión
          • Sancti Spiritu
    FMF Forum
    • England
      • Cornwall
        • Camborne - Redruth - St Day District
          • Camborne
            • North Roskear
    Hall, T.M. (1868): Edward Stanford (London), 168 pp., Collins, J.H. (1892): "A Handbook to the Mineralogy of Cornwall and Devon", 2nd ed., D. Bradford Barton Ltd. (Truro, UK), 108 pp.
        • St Just District
          • St Just
            • Cot Valley
    Carne, J. (1822): Transactions of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall 2, 290-358; Hogg, T. (1825): A Manual of Mineralogy. Polyblank Publishers (London), p. 190
    • California
    Pelletier, 1962. Mineral Species & Localities of Marin County
      • Napa Co.
        • Knoxville area
    Murdoch, Joseph & Robert W. Webb (1966), Minerals of California, Centennial Volume (1866-1966): California Division Mines & Geology Bulletin 189: 282.
    • Colorado
      • Costilla Co.
    Mineralogy of Michigan (E. W. Heinrich & G. W. Robinson)
    • Massachusetts
      • Essex Co.
    William Prescott (1852) Journal of the Essex County Natural History Society: containing various Communications to the Society pp 78-91
    • New York
      • New York City
    Kunz, 1892. Gems & Precious Stones of N. America, p. 120.
    • North Carolina
      • Macon Co.
    Pratt,Joseph Hyde.,(1933) Gems and Gem Minerals of North Carolina; American Mineralogist,Vol.18,No.4,April,1933
    • Pennsylvania
      • Chester Co.
        • Newlin Township
          • Unionville
    Gordon, S.G. (1922) The Mineralogy of Pennsylvania. 255 pp., Philadelphia.
      • Lancaster Co.
        • State Line Chromite District
          • Fulton Township
    Lapham & Geyer, 1965. Mineral Collecting in Pennsylvania
    Collected April of 2012- David S. Bernstein
    • Rhode Island
      • Providence Co.
    AmMin 11:334-340
    Samuel Robinson (1825) A Catalogue of American Minerals, with their localities. Boston
    • Utah
      • Beaver Co.
        • Mineral Range
    UGMS Bull 117 Minerals and Mineral Localities of Utah
    • Virginia
    Minerals of Virginia 1990 by R. V. Dietrich
        • Leesburg
    Dana 6: 1072.
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