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Bushveld Complex, South Africa
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The Bushveld complex is a (65,000 km2) layered intrusive. It contains many magmatic ores, pegmatitic and hydrothermal ore deposits and has metamorphosed the floor rocks of the intrusive. The major deposits are of platinum group elements, chrome, nickel, vanadium and uranium.
It is a large complex covering a major area of the province formerly known as the Transvaal which has since been divided up and the Bushveld Igneous Complex now occurs in the following Provinces: North West, Gauteng, for the western limb and Limpopo and Mpumalanga for the eastern limb.

Mineral List

Maghemite (TL)
'Unnamed (Ir-Ni alloy; no. 1)'
'Unnamed (Ir-Os-Rh-Pd-Cu-Fe-Ni Sulphide)'
'Unnamed (Ir-Os Sulphide; no. 3)'

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